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Disclaimer; OBVIOUSLY.
Warnings; Raep, abuse, and gays, OH MY! (Plus language and stuff, but I was trying to be clever.)
A/N: I had this idea while discussing Date Rape in Family Studies. I started thinking so hard my friends had to physically grab me to get my attention. It's gonna or four chapters, I think. Short ones. I have low self esteem! Anyway, if you read my other know I love the fluff. This is not gonna be fluff. Oh, and part will be Craig's POV, although he's DEAD. HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN!?

Sour Raspberries

It's such a nice day for a funeral. It'd be nice weather for just about anything. Allover, highly inappropriate feelings overwhelm me. The nip of cold on my raw pink nose. The scent of air untainted by tobacco fumes and the stink of cramped, constant living conditions. How it's started to snow...

And just what brought me here? Twenty three year old Tweek Tweak, standing in the brisk, watching the coffin recede into the Earth and enjoying small things around me? No thermos is cupped in my hands, no thoughts of when my next hit will come. A slight twitching and shaking, but that could just be the cold. And in all this, crying my eyes out. Because I loved--love--him. And I hate him. And I wanted him to die, and I dreaded seeing him leave the room. Because he was a drug to me, and now, I'm quitting. Cold turkey. And because he's dead. His body disappearing under the mound of dirt means nothing to me; he wasn't leaving, he had left. There was none of him left inside that place. Where he went, I don't know. He could make a perfect angel or a perfect...well...whatever someone in hell is called. And goddammit, I miss him so much. And I'm fucking glad he's gone.

I feel slightly dizzy.

So the question is, what brings me here? I suppose Token's sixteenth birthday party.

A/N: motivates meeee...

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