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Some spoilers for season 4, written post-series four so forgive anything that doesn't make sense.

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Martha Jones sat down at her computer. She signed into a random chat room the Doctor had shown her.


--MJ09 has just signed in--

--BigHair42 has just signed in--


She shifted in her seat uncomfortably. The Doctor was on. She hadn't expected that.


MJ09: heyy

BigHai42: Hello, Martha!

MJ09: wats up?

BigHair42: Right now we're ready to visit Pompeii.


The phone rang. She sighed.


MJ09: nice. brb-phone


She went to pick up the phone and hurriedly argued with the operator. When she came back, she quickly read the messages she'd missed. Martha sighed.


BigHair42: What does brb mean?

BigHair42: Hello? Martha?

BigHair42: Martha?

BigHair42: MARTHA?


Grumbling, she sat down and began typing furiously.


MJ09: wat? i was on the phone! somethin about xtra txtin charges i'm not covered for!

BigHair42: Oh. That.

MJ09: wat in the world have u been doin to my phone?

BigHair42: Well, Donna found it and she had forgotten her phone.

BigHair42: And I have lots of dangerous things in my pockets.

BigHair42: And I decided to let her take care of it.

BigHair42: Besides, it might come useful someday.

BigHair42: We might be trapped and have to use your phone.

BigHair42: And I don't know if she understood 'do not use it unless it's an emergency'.

BigHair42: So, I'll pay you back.

Big Hair42: Sorry.

BigHair42: Really Sorry.

BigHair42: Really extremely sorry.

BigHair42: Really extremely immensely sorry.



Martha laughed, tears in her eyes. She missed him. She missed the Doctor and his babbling, his smiling face as he talked on and on.


BigHair42: What does that mean?

MJ09: just shut up

MJ09: and who is this Donna person?

BigHair42: Just someone.

MJ09: who??

BigHair42: Just someone I picked up somewhere.


She grabbed a tissue.


--Donna has just signed in--

MJ09: are you going through some obsessive phase about not telling people about other companions?

MJ09: hi.

BigHair42: Oi! I thought you were changing?

Donna: oh, gosh. thought i could get a break from u fer a second. guess i was rong!

BigHair42: Well, get changed and ready! Now!

Donna: No.

BigHair42: Now.

Donna: No.

BigHair42: Please, get ready!

Donna: NO.

BigHair42: At least hurry up!

Donna: NO.

BigHair42: Please! It's just the ancient Romans!

Donna: NO!


Donna: NO!



Martha laughed again. She still missed him.


MJ09: u can really babble.

BigHair42: You're one to talk.


She did a double take on the screen. Donna? Was this the Donna that supposedly stolen her phone? All that stress from school, and on top of it, she had to worry about some stranger ruining her budget. Sometimes she wondered if the Doctor was worth it.


MJ09: now i can get a word in! are u the donna that's been runnin up my phone bill?!

Donna: it's not my fault the martian didn't tell me i couldn't txt!!

BigHair42: How many times do I have to tell you, Donna?! I'M NOT FROM MARS!!

BigHair42: People from mars have ginger hair, anyways.

BigHair42: Why can't I be ginger!

BigHair42: You either of you see a reason I shouldn't have ginger hair?

BigHair42: I promise you, next time I will be ginger.

BigHair42: At least I'll try.

BigHair42: Really, Really, Really try.

BigHair42: I'm serious here.

BigHair42: Hello?

BigHair42: Did you leave me again?

BigHair42: Hello?

BigHair42: H-E-L-L-O!!

BigHair42: Martha?

BigHair42: Donna?


BigHair42: Wonder if I could sonic this chat room from here! That "rate limiting" is getting so darn annoyin!

MJ09: lol.

Donna: wat's up with the hair thing? do u have some kinda OCD about hair?

MJ09: lol

BigHair42: Hey! Just cos Sarah Jane said it doesn't mean you can!


Sarah Jane? Her cheeks burned with jealousy.


Donna: who's this Sarah Jane?

MJ09: yea! just wat haven't u been tellin us?

BigHair42: Umm, long story. Just, an old friend.

Donna: rite.

--Tevanka has just signed on--

BigHair42: Oh, no.

Tevanka: hello, dr!

MJ09: hoo r u?

Donna: lemme, guess. U've traveled with the dr B4?

Tevanka: yea. Tegan Javanka. u?

Donna: i'm donna an this is- wow, idk her name!

MJ09: martha jones. and we've both traveled with the doc, yeah

Tevanka: really?

BigHair42: Girls, It's not that bad, nothing to be complaining about, being 3 of 36...


Thirty six? Thirty six? She almost banged on the keyboard.


MJ09: 36?!

BigHair42: More or less, yeah.

BigHair42: I should've kept my mouth shut, probably.


Probably? Martha smiled again.


Donna: what are we, collectable cereal box tops?

Tevanka: i've met others, but 36?

BigHair42: Yeah, I have to, erm, go. Rome awaits!

Donna: I thought u said Pompeii!


Martha snorted. There he was again, the Doctor, stressed and messing up. He was surrounded by people he loved, and the fact that they knew him so well scared him.


MJ09: i heard he went to Rome with someone, idk

MJ09: Rose, i think

Donna: maybe he has more than one OCD

Tevanka: wat's that? ocd?

Donna: well- i'll let the dr xplain

BigHair42: Martha, you're the doctor here. I mean, officially.

MJ09: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

MJ09: mean's hes obsessed with his hair. Not really, tho, we were just kidding. We don't hav anything against people with ocds or whatever. But the dr is kinda obsessed with his hair…

Donna: ginger hair, mostly.

BigHair42: Just cos the hairdye didn't work!

Tevanka: hairdye? Lol!

BigHair42: Like I said, Pompeii!

--BigHair42 has signed off--


She sighed. He was there, now he was gone. Martha reached for the phone. Her hand came down. She couldn't call him. Not now. Not now, when her exams were almost finished and she had barely had enough time to see her family. She wanted to be a doctor. She also wanted to be with one.


MJ09: 3 of 36. can't believe him!

Tevanka: and I've known him soo long, and he still surprises me.

MJ09: we should start a club, Companions United!

Donna: i only know you guys.

Tevanka: Oh, I've met a few.

Donna: back 2 the rose person then

MJ09: lol. no, i think shes in a parallel universe or somethin.


Poor Doctor. How hard it must've been for him to lose someone. How hard would it be to know you could see them anytime, but have to hold back. Time travel could suck sometimes.


Donna: oh i have to go. I think the dr's come to spy on us

MJ09: ttyl

Tevanka: see ya.

--Donna has signed off--


Martha typed in a furious goodbye, but only clicked the "Appear offline" button. She wanted to see what would happen next.


MJ09: i better go, 2. exams. ttyl

--MJ09 has signed off--

Tevanka: S'pose it's just me then

--Harold Saxon has just signed on--

Tevanka: Hello, hoo might u be?

Harold Saxon: i am your lord and master.


No! It couldn't be!


Tevanka: oh no, not that quack again

--Tevanka has signed off--

Harold Saxon: Now who's supposed to keep me company?

--Dalek Caan has just signed on--


Harold Saxon: shut up!

Harold Saxon: bi-bi!

--Harold Saxon has signed off--

--rtyler007 has signed on--

Rtyler007: hello?


Rtyler007: sigh

--rtyler007 has signed off—


Martha, laughing, turned off her computer and began studying for her last few exams. As she smiled, a tear ran down her cheek.

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