Chapter One: Harry/Ginny

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Summary: Harry and Ginny are in a broom closet, they get into an argument, but make up, have a snog, something weird happens, then they're interrupted, and those people get into a fight. The First chapter is H/G, but with R/Hr in background.

"Ginny, can I have a word, please?" Harry asked Ginny. It was barely an hour after the last battle ended, and there was a party being held in the great hall already. Ginny didn't want to attend and was very happy when Harry pulled her aside.

"Ginny," Harry whispered. Once they were in a broom closet, "I- I'm so glad you're alive…"

"I'm pretty happy about it to." Ginny said with a trace of a smile. Harry grinned and took a deep breath, he looked pretty confused. "I just wanted to- you were great tonight, fighting and all…"

"Um, thanks."

"I just wanted to say… is that a new dress? It looks stunning on you!"

"Oh you think so? Thank you, yes it is new. Just bought it last year never wore it. You know… Not that you'd know about the dress, or wearing it, it's just…. what were you saying?"

"Um, your hair looks nice! Did you um, wash it?" Harry silently kicked himself for being so stupid.

"Yeah, actually I do that a lot. Especially with you gone and all, I've got almost nothing to do! I mean last year, near the end of school, I was really busy and all."


"So, what exactly is it you wanted to tell me?"

By this time Harry seemed to loose all the nerve he had, and he hated himself for it, "I-um your teeth look nice, they're really white."

Ginny hadn't had the time to brush her teeth for the last day because she was so worried about Harry. There was something fishy about what he was doing, and she said so.

"Harry if you just wanted to compliment me, you could have done so in front of my family! I know it could be a bit awkward, but none of them would have made fun of you or anything! Just say what you want to say and get done with it!" Ginny said slightly angry at his stalling.

Harry looked anywhere but at Ginny as he said, "okay, okay. Well I just wanted to tell you that whatever happened between us is gone now, so you don't have to feel guilty about it."

He chanced a look at the girl standing next to him and found her looking dumbstruck. "What??"

"I, I, if you don't like me anymore, then stop flirting with me! I'm confused enough as it is, I don't need-" but he was cut off by a slap in the face from Ginny. She suddenly figured out what was going on. Before Harry went out to the final battle she took him aside and told him not to get killed or she would have to go out with Dean again. She had meant it as a joke to try and keep him alive! She hadn't been serious! She would never love any one other than Harry!

"Harry, you are such an idiot! I was kidding what I said before! I still love you and always will! I cannot believe you! Thinking I was actually planning to go out with some one else! All those other times I went out with other people, I was just trying to get over you! Harry, don't you see? I still love you!" and with that she pulled the front of his robes and kissed him. But then Harry put his arms around her and kissed her back so she felt it was safe to put her arms around his neck. Something simple soon turned, very romantic.

Had anyone else been in that broom closet, they would have seen a faint golden mist around them like a twister, the winds picked up around them, and it was a pretty good thing that they were both preoccupied, because they would probably be freaking out.

As they pulled reluctantly apart, eyes still on each other, the winds and gold light vanished. Neither of them noticed anything they were so lost in each other. When they pulled together again the light was back, only this time it wasn't mist, it was light. It started at their feet and the two lights swirled around both of them and after a while it reached the top of their heads and connected. From the connection, there came a little ball of light and energy, and then sunk into both of their chests (which were very close together).

Hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, eternities later they broke apart. "Wow" they both said under their breath. They stared into each other's eyes and leaned into another one, but they were an inch apart when the broom closet door opened, why hadn't they locked it?

"Hey!" Harry said angrily, at the door opener, which turned out to be Ron, pulling Hermione along with him. The new couple stopped laughing as soon as they saw Harry and Ginny so close. Then Hermione started giggling. Harry realized how close they were and took a step back, and removed his hands, but Ginny didn't seem to care about the situation they were found in and took a step closer and put her arms around him.

To Ron, who had his mouth open a foot, she said, "don't you know how to knock? If we weren't blood I'd knock you into the next century! In fact…" She grinned and took out her wand, playfully. Ron seemed to get over dumb founded. "I thought you two broke up!"

"Yeah, well, people come to their senses sooner or later." Said Ginny, her attention on stroking Harry's nose making him grin, "Can you please leave, we have plans."

Hermione was now shaking with laughter, and Ron turned brick red. Harry saw a row coming on and knew how to end it. "So, you guys look kind of busy too," He glanced at their intertwined hands and went on, "so we'll just leave this closet to you. And go easy on her mate; she's like a sister to me. Come on Ginny." When Hermione hugged him he whispered in her ear, "keep him busy for a minute, and we'll be gone." Hermione nodded, and turned to Ron, who still looked a little angry.

"Oh, Ronny, you look so cute when you're angry!" and she kissed him, by the time they broke apart, Ron was scarlet (though for a different reason) and Harry and Ginny were enjoying a moonlight walk around the lake.

Fin. (at least for this chapter)

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