Chapter 5

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The peacefulness, the bliss, the dreams, all suddenly came to a stop, and the pain returned to his head. Looking around his surroundings, Harry realized two things: one, he was alone, and two he was alone in the Gryffindor dorm. Wondering how he got there for one second, swung his legs over his bed so he was in a sitting position and buried his face in his hands. Then it all came back to him. This morning—Harry checked the clock—Yesterday morning…

Tears actually leaked from his eyes this time as he remembered all the brave souls who had died fighting, and everyone who had suffered, and who was suffering now. Teddy would have to grow up without parents; Harry knew only too well how horrible that was. Denis' child would never have an uncle now; Winky would have no one to tell her to stop drinking; the Weasleys must be hear-broken. That's when Harry suddenly felt ashamed of himself, sitting up here alone in his room when he should be downstairs comforting someone. But did they want to see him at all? He wouldn't blame them if they didn't.

A sudden burning desire to see Ginny overtook him, and he let it lead him down the spiral steps. The few people in the common room smiled slightly and cheered half-heartedly before returning to the shoulder they were crying on. Everyone but three people, one of whom had just entered through the portrait hole.

Neville said, as Harry walked over, "…Couldn't find her anywhere. Checked the owlery, the pitch, the kitchens…"

"Well we've got to find her!" Ron said.

It was at this point that Harry managed to make himself heard by saying, "have to find whom?" No one else could go missing could they?

The three other people looked around at him; Hermione took a breath and said, "Harry, Ginny went missing." The boy blinked, and chocked out a few breaths, but couldn't breath in or form words, and sat down, at the closest place. Seeing how worried she made him, Hermione went on, "She's okay! But today she wanted to go see you, but someone put a shielding charm around your room: no one can get in. She came running down those stairs crying her head off, shouting about something, and we haven't seen her since."

Harry was still silent, staring at the opposite wall, his mouth hanging open, still taking those weird breaths. To fill the silence, Neville said, "She's been different this year. I've walked in on her crying more than once, and I've caught her sleeping in your bed dozens of times. She didn't want anyone to see, but she…she really missed you Harry."

Harry gulped. All the happy memories they shared, out on the pitch, secluded corners of the school, around the lake, in the common room…Suddenly, Harry sat up strait, heart racing. Standing up he said, "I know where she is," and ran out, racing out of the castle, and sprinting across the dead looking grass, finally coming to a stop when he saw what he was looking for halfway around the lake. The sight of her nearly gave him a heart attack she was so beautiful.

Harry walked slowly over to her, and sat down. Ginny looked up, her eyes having some brightness that he hadn't really seen so close in months, and threw her arms around him. He returned the pressure gently rocking her back and forth. Neither of them had to say anything that was just how it was.

After he finally managed to control his voice at any length of time later, he whispered, "I'm so sorry." Ginny's response came so muffled that Harry couldn't hear it, but had a pretty good idea of what she said.

"I missed you so much," her first audible sentence was.

"I missed you more," he whispered back.

There was another muffled reply from deep within his shirt, "Please don't talk right now. Just hold me."

And he did.

The sun, which was over the castle by this point, drew shadows in the ground, growing longer and longer. Then it sunk into the horizon and stars came out, but neither Harry nor Ginny took any notice.

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