1: The Kiss Of Death

Jacks POV

- I always knew you were a good man.

God, she's close to me now. And that way she looks at me… in some way she makes my pulse be so loud that it actually sounds thump-thump in my ears.

What the hell is she doing to me?! Just the fact that she's just inches away from me makes me fall all of the over standing plus I can't move or feel my hands.

And still I've gone so much further with so many other girls. But I haven't felt like this with any of them.

And then she kisses me.

Elizabeth Swann. She kisses me.

She engaged to Will and she kisses me. She does.


The happiness explodes in me like crazy… fireworks. I still can't move my hands, but if I could, I promise you that they would go crazy too.

Has she finally got Will of her mind? Have she finally given in for… I wont say the love, more likely the extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely strong physical attraction between us?

I can't help but hoping. It's not like I want to marry her, but when she's walking around the deck with that triangle hat and the golden blond hair flying after her I… I want to touch her. In a different way then I've wanted to touch anyone else. I don't want to grab her boobs, I want to kiss her – in that icky soft and gentle way, not with an overwhelming amount of tongue like I usually do – and… Stroke her hair and stuff. Does that not just make you sick?

Yuk. How can I even bare being myself? It's disgusting, and now she's kissing me. She kisses me more by the second. With lips and tongue. But I could honestly say that I'm not responding.

But I'm not going to say that. Because I'd be lying.

Okay, okay, I am responding. But it's not like I don't have a reason! She's beautiful. No one can say she's not. She's mind-numbingly beautiful. And she's KISSING ME! She's actually KISSING me, I can feel her sift lips and her warm tongue and all that!

Now I'm standing with my back against the mast. But that's totally not important, because her tiny hands are on my neck. SHE'S KISSING ME!

One of her hand travels down my arm. She's Elizabeth Swann and she's kissing me kissing me kissing me! I know it's getting old, but she kisses me!

I don't really get it until she pulls back. And it sounds click down at my wrist.

I don't even have to check what it is. I've used those chains so many times myself. And even if I hadn't, that harsh cold against my skin that's hot with sun and battle and lust is unmistakable.

Bloody Lizzie. Stupid sexy pirate. Only pirates come up with such genius and selfish and devilish things.

She grits her teeth. And she's so goddamn beautiful.

- It's after you, not the ship, she says. Not us. This is the only way, don't you see?

She wants to be so strong and independent. But she can't keep the trembling out of her voice.

I can't help but smile. I hate her, admire her, want to kiss her again, and am about to blow up with pride.

Now she's approaching my mouth again. Now I want to beat her up and beg her to kiss me again. My emotions are all over the place today!

- I'm not sorry, she whispers.

But the hidden meaning is obvious. No matter how much she wants to hide it.

But I am going to miss you.

I don't want to let her go. And I know she will go, but it don't want her to do before I've said something. I want to say what I think about her. I'll probably never get a chance to say it if I don't do it now. And I've been thinking it since I first met her.

So I move as close to her as I can. And then I say one single word that says everything.

- Pirate.

Soar spot. But she tries not to show me, she just let go of my shoulder and goes away.

I thought the mutiny was going to be the biggest betrayal I'd ever know. But I never really trusted Barbossa. It didn't really hurt this much. And not even then was I betrayed like this.

No one can ever have been betrayed like this. Not ever.