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The walls of the dungeon were seeping with muddy water; the floor was cold and hard. However, it didn't matter to Hermione Granger; time was a flowing river of pain, the darkness of her prison giving her no light of hope. In the battlefield she had seen how five Death Eaters had stunned Harry, then Stupefied her and from then on, all she could remember was this dark cell. Every day she wondered why she wasn't killed, time passed by and her captors hadn't done a lot of harm to her, except a few kicks in her ribs if she didn't wake up in time for her meal- a few slices of dry, hard bread and a cup of water.

Once again, the door screeched and someone stepped in. A steel tray rattled and she felt a kick in her side.

''Wake up, bitch. Your meal's ready.'' She heard the voice of her usual servant.

She slowly crawled to the tray and took the cup in her trembling hands. Her visitor was about to exit as she asked ''Why…why am I here? Why don't you just kill me?'' Her voice was trembling, she coughed hard a few times and then regained her breath.

''I'll tell you why…you're going to be a pet for one of the high masters…that's why we have to take care of you.'' he shuddered and laughed hoarsely.

''A…a pet?'' she asked, not understanding the meaning.

''Well, he'll own you…he'll torture you…rape you…Merlin, I wish I could rape you, but I am not allowed to. Your Master would Avada me instantly…'' he gulped, picturing that in his mind. ''Consider your days here as if in a recreational home. Here you'll get the best food, sleep, and clothing you'll ever have…'' he said, drooling over her legs.

''Do you like Crucio?''

''No…'' she breathed out in fear. It had felt terrible when she was hit by it in the battles.

''I'll tell you what to do…as you're such a pretty piece of meat I'd loved to have for myself…keep your head down and always address him as 'Master'. That might spare you a few Crucios.'' he chuckled again, knowing that nothing could spare her from torture. ''Do not worry, the longest a pet has been alive with a Master was a year...the shortest-a week. I wish you to be the later one,'' he whispered.

She curled up in the corner on the dirty flock of hay and cried. Why can't they kill me now instead? Why…

''Your Master is coming tomorrow, by the way.'' She heard evil laughter as the door slammed shut.

Tomorrow…tomorrow the torture begins…I wish I were dead now…

''Meeting dismissed!'' Lord Voldemort's voice rang through the hall and the Death Eaters immediately began to leave. The Masters of the high Inner Circle, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, kept standing by their chairs, awaiting some special orders as usual after the general meeting.

''Lucius, you can leave now.'' The order was clear and doubtless. Lucius bowed and slowly exited the room.

''And now to you, Severus…'' Severus shrugged off the creeping fear and bowed, awaiting his Lord's next words. ''You have been very useful to me all these years and, for these last months, almost irreplaceable. So, I have decided to reward you.'' The Dark Lord held a dramatic pause, ''I give you your own pet.''

He wanted a young, willing and intelligent woman, not a weeping wreck. He had seen the state other Death Eater's pets were in, and it didn't appeal to him at all. He wanted, even if he knew that it would be impossible, that the woman worship him. Of course, Lucius had a wagon load of new admirers each day, but it was never the case for Severus. And a pet would never worship me…I'd be lucky to limit her attempts to kill me, he thought grimly, letting his memories wander to the one woman he had ever really lusted after-- Hermione Granger. She had been the brightest Potions student he'd ever seen and, to add to that, she'd become quite attractive in her fourth year and had blossomed into such a nice body in her sixth year. Because of that, he had had a hard time keeping calm in the classes. He wished he could've given her a special detention--one which involved her being naked and tied to his desk.

He was lost in elaborating on this fantasy that he only faintly registered his Master's voice. ''You go and have some fun. You've time until you depart for your mission. She's in the dungeon prison,'' the voice was laced with evil laughter.

''Yes, Sir.'' Snape bowed and hurried to the exit. Not because he wanted to get faster to his pet, no, but to be able to rest his mind on that juicy fantasy involving his ex-student, undisturbed from Voldemort's constant leglimency.

Entering the dungeons he could feel dampness and horror lingering in the air.

A sly looking man greeted him, deeply bowing down, almost falling to the ground.

''Master, I am Illich, I am the guard of this prison. How can I serve you?''

''Just take me to my pet, that's all.'' Snape sneered. Merlin, he hated those ass-crawling, lower rank workers.

''She is a real jewel. I've never seen such a pretty pet…long legs…big boobs…'' the guard gushed, gulping so no drool would run down his face.

Snape's temper was rising. Sure, he wasn't too content with the idea of having to be responsible for a creature which used to be a female, but hearing a low-life gushing about his property made him angry.

''Shut up, you idiot, or else I'll curse you into oblivion,'' he threatened, making the guard shudder and shut up instantly.

After a few more steps, they stopped at a heavy metal door. The still trembling guard opened the cell's door, gave the keys to Snape and ran away.

The first thing Severus noticed was the coolness of the chamber as it made him shudder even through his heavy robes. The two little torches at the walls gave only light enough for him to recognize a tiny figure crumpled in the corner. Silent sobs mixed with rough coughs were the only signs she was alive. Perfect…another sobbing wreck…what am I going to do with it? he sighed in frustration.

''Stand up and face your master!'' he ordered harshly. He didn't want to be here now. He wished he was in his house, relieving himself and still having his fantasy. But Voldemort's orders are to be fulfilled. ''No'' is an unacceptable answer. Always complying with any order had brought him a high position in this organization and he was not going to lose it only because he didn't wish to have a personal slut.

He watched as the woman slowly got up, gripping the wall for stability. Even from afar he could see that the idiot prison guard was right-she was very beautiful. Long legs and brown hair falling over her back, to the waist. Of course, her figure was a lot on the skinny side and the hair tangled, but if she looked almost acceptable being here, in a cell, she would look even better if she'd get a bit cleaned up, he reasoned.

''Now step closer to me...'' he bellowed, but this time in a bit softer tone. Bellowed in a softer tone?!

The woman slowly stepped closer, shaky on her legs. Her breathing was uneven; she was trying to suppress a cough, fearing she'd get punished for it. Finally she stood a step away from him, her eyes lowered to the ground.

He roughly pulled her chin up to face him, he was pleased with her well-mannered behaviour, but he wished to see her face. He wiped away a few strands from her face, looking into her deep brown eyes. A familiar feeling struck him, but he ignored it.

For a brief moment the girl looked at him and then stuttered, ''Prof…professor Snape? Is it really you?'' she took in a sharp breath and began to fall.

His reaction was fast as lightning and he managed to catch the girl before her fragile body hit the ground. Her pulse was still existent, her breathing weak, but she was still alive. He let out a sigh of relief. It would not have been too good for him if his pet had died on the very first day under his ownership.

Examining the face of the girl he gasped. He thought it was impossible, so he looked at her again and again. His pet was the girl of his dreams--Hermione Granger.

Unconscious, helpless…