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It had been a calm weekend for Hermione. She hadn't turned on the TV again, though. It wasn't that she was getting docile, she told herself. Just right now, there was nothing she could do. What was the merit of vandalising Snape's estate? Or doing something similar to that, like fighting him? She knew that without a wand, she'd have no chance of winning, plus she didn't want to stand another bit of torture. Yes, it was selfish, but on the other hand- could one little witch with no wand and freedom fight for the good in the world?

She'd be dead before she could say 'jigglypuff'. No, a different tactic had to take action. Severus was the Minister now; he had a lot of power. And, the good thing, he was quite attached to her already. Maybe she could make him promise to issue her a wand? Her mother used to say that man was controlled easiest by his other head. That would be a good, subtle manipulation. She could gain power in this new world this way.

Another interesting occurrence was the constant presence of Voldemort's bird. The menacing eagle had been so gentle with her, almost as if he was a canary, always perched on her shoulder, but his talons never grazing her skin. The bird was cooing something in his own language and preening her hair and looked almost heartbroken when she told him to go away on Sunday evening, but the bird finally left after she reminded him how Snape would fry his feathers, no matter who the bird's master was.

Sometimes it felt like it wasn't just the bird present, but something more. She shrugged it off thinking it was just a kind of Voldemort's magical signature to protect his familiar. Hermione didn't think Voldemort was intending to kill her, just yet. He had had a lot of chances and it would've not been really his style to send a bird to kill her. Unless the Dark Lord was a fan of Hitchcock movies…

She had moved, if one could say so, the Severus' bedroom and adjoining bath. Why should she use the other dressing room and bath if the elves had so conveniently placed everything she needed here? Her fourteen-year-old S.P.E.W founder self would've been outraged. Now, she understood how the Wizarding world worked. It was quite similar to the Muggle world, really. It was about gaining power and reining the masses. Even though it might sound unsavoury and pessimistic, it was true. And the elves, at least in this Estate, seemed happy and well treated, if their happy smiles and clean clothes were any indicators.

Dabbing a bit of the wonderful peach and strawberry scented body cream on her hand and smoothing it over her body; she wondered where the elves had gotten this. No Muggle or magical substance had such properties. The shampoo, with the same distinctive scent, was making her hair tameable, making it fall in nice ringlets and not a wild bush. The bottles were plain, unbreakable glass with calligraphically written label of content. No company name on there. Well, this wasn't the most important thing for her to know now.

She noticed that a long, silver silk robe was hanging at the door. Definitely, the elves had a thing for Slytherin colours. It didn't bother though. The garment was of supreme quality, so who was she to complain? Most of the pets or slaves were surely clad in rags, so who was she to complain about colours?

Dropping the robe on a chair she fetched a nightgown from the bed,. It seemed that it had come in a set with the robe, the intricate embroidery and beading astounding her. A Muggle would wear this as an evening dress. Slipping into the down covers, she quickly fell asleep. Her body needed to recover the sleep lost during captivity.

Severus was utterly exhausted from babysitting the stupid Muggle Heads of state. It was bad enough to administer several potions to those idiots, but what was worse when he had been dragged to go to that stupid, illogical game of golf. He just couldn't understand the idea behind running in a field and hitting a tiny ball with a stick.

Now his suffering was over, or so he hoped. He entered his house, checking for any traps or other malicious things, but none were to be found. He sighed in relief, calling his elves and questioning them about Hermione's behaviour. After his servants had reported that the young miss had been brewing a lot in the lab, he went here to check the results of her weekend, and if she had managed to destroy his lab using first-year level ingredients.

The lab was clean and tidy, three rows of small vials lined on a table. Severus quickly cast a potion detection charm to see if it had been brewed properly and not botched. All was fine, there was no tampering. Of course, it might seem paranoid to think she could've made something deadly out of generally harmless ingredients, but this was the smartest witch of her age, so caution was never amiss.

Content that his home was just as he had left it, he strode to his bathroom to have a quick, invigorating shower before going to bed where, hopefully, his witch was sleeping.

Severus threw his black silk robe on a chair, his gaze not looking where the robe fell, but at the wondrous picture of his witch sleeping. Her face looked ethereal in the moonlight, the silk fabric straining over her ample bosom made his breath hitch. He had always known that she was beautiful; but that she was truly a goddess in flesh had never come to his mind. Sneaking like a panther, he crept into the bed and gently snuggled next to the witch, inhaling the sweet fruity scent from her hair. When he had brewed the shampoo he had been thinking of her. And that had been when she had been just in her fifth year. Well, he had began to experiment with cosmetic potions before getting obsessed with her, but her image in his mind had given him just the right spark to find the right balance of ingredients…

'Severus?' he heard her murmur sleepily.

'Yes, I'm back,' he whispered, gently cradling her closer to his bare chest. 'whom else did you expect?'

'The cookie monster?' she chuckled, snuggling into his chest and loving the warmth of his body.

'I am sure this creature cannot get into this estate, don't worry' he said soothingly, running his long fingers through her soft hair.

'You're always so serious, Severus?' she asked a little mischievously, and then started raining kisses to his collarbone.

'I am always taking things seriously. Go to sleep, pet. We have to be at the Ministry sometime tomorrow.' He murmured, trying to ignore how wonderful her body felt moulded against his. He would not request sex from her. It would be crude and just not fitting. He liked when she begged for it from him. It made him feel more masculine and powerful, than just taking her like an unwilling victim.

Soon, both of them were asleep in each other's arms, sleeping soundly like babies.

Could she really wear this? Hermione eyed herself critically in the mirror. The outfit which had been laid out was much different from what she expected it to be. The brown plaid skirt was far too short for her liking; the white blouse would've been fine if there were buttons at the top to close it properly, but there weren't, and the cream coloured sweater didn't help one bit as it was tight and clingy around her curves. That morning, Severus had told her that her office attire and all she needed was waiting in her dressing room just two doors down the hall.

The morning had been perfect. Little kisses and breakfast in bed had been just the perfect romantic thing for a witch. It had been very nice; she hadn't thought Severus had such a tender and romantic streak under his harsh nature. Bu then again, this was him in private, where no one else could see him.

'There are a few rules you'll need to know whilst at the Ministry. Firstly, you take orders only from me.'

'But what if someone wants s me to do something for them? Am I not a slave?' she asked daringly, hoping that she would not be struck.

'Under my orders, which shall be circulated through all departments at the Ministry, you will be ranked as my secretary, and they shall expect the harshest punishment for disrespecting my woman,' Severus explained, wondering how she'd take this statement, 'you shall receive a registered 'household type' wand later today. I shall personally escort you to the wandmakers.'

'What kind of wand is that?' she asked, her old know-it-all-curiousity peaked.

'It is a wand capable of most ordinary home and office spells, but it cannot do dark magic or Unforgivables.'

'Thank you for being kind to me.'

'Never mind, we should get going,' he replied briskly, before he'd get too soft hearted towards her. There was something about this witch that made him act all giddy around her. Well, fine, Severus Snape couldn't act all giddy; it was more that feeling of tenderness towards her what he felt. It seemed that she was adjusting to the situation well, so it meant that he didn't need to administer any more potions.

He wanted her to understand that the new world was ruled by those in power and if she submitted to him, she would be living alongside of him soon, and not like a slave but more like a cherished partner.

Severus watched her all the time as she obediently took her coat and put it on, her eyes never leaving him, as it seemed she was waiting for more orders. He wanted them to be more at ease so he didn't say a word, but embraced her and Apparated them to the Ministry's lobby.

Security precautions he had created had prevented them to Apparate straight to the Minister's office suite as anyone entering it had to be cleared first at the entrance of the level. They had almost reached the elevator when a skinny witch stopped.

'Minister Snape, may I have a word with you?' the hag-like woman cooed sweetly.

'I am too busy for small talk,' Severus answered, glaring at the woman who used to be his secretary. Griselda Truehagley was not someone he would ever want in his bad, actually, nowhere near him was a much better word. He snaked his arm tighter around his gorgeous pat's body, making sure that Griselda saw his every movement, especially when his arm went lower to touch his pet's round bottom.

'I must show my new secretary her workplace, if you'd excuse me,' severus said smoothly, enjoying the bewilderment in the hag's face.

'But that slut…she's the traitor's Mudblood!' Griselda exclaimed as she finally recognised the young woman who was leaning comfortably against the Minister.

'From now on, she will be my secretary, and she shall be addressed formally as Miss Granger .Is that clear now?'

'Yes, sir,' Griselda answered almost grovelling. Severus didn't pay anymore attention to her and guided his pet to the private elevator which could only be accessed by him and select guests on special clearance.

When the elevator doors closed Severus pulled Hermione closer.

'You behaved perfectly,' he purred, his hands sliding under her skirt to caress her bottom.

'It wasn't that difficult,' she answered, letting him kiss her neck in ghosting kisses.

'That's my girl,' he said huskily and pressed his lips against hers in a fiery kiss. It had been so great to show the other hag what he really wanted. How could he resist this sweet mouth of his pet?

It was so difficult for Severus to let go, but he had to report to the Dark Lord right away, and so a nice quick interlude with Hermione would have to wait. Well, at least for a little moment.

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