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Author's note- This is just a little May x Stu oneshot that came into my head and wouldn't leave me alone. It's very short, I know, but it's kind of meant to be. I hope everyone enjoys it! And if you do read please take the time to review as feedback is very much appreciated.

The Years Of Love

When he was just six years old Stu told his best friend May that he loved her. They were at the wedding of Jack the farmer and his bride Karen, when Stu piped up that he wanted May to be his wife. The guests all cooed and ruffled his hair affectionately for being a 'sweetie', but May just laughed. She tossed her dark, shining locks and skipped away, the skirts of her posh pink dress flowing around her ankles.

Two years later, when they were eight, he said it again. This time they were playing house on a cool, Spring day on Mother's Hill. Popuri was watching them from a distance, as Stu said it proudly in a way that suggested he wanted some sort of award. "You're a good husband," May replied happily, carrying on with the game.

"Are you going to be a good wife, then, and say the same?" Stu insisted.

After a moment of hesitation, May nodded. She stepped forward, beaming widely, and opened her mouth. "Tag!" she screamed instead, hitting his arm and tearing away across the grass. Stu bounded after her, determined not to be outdone, and the whole conversation was forgotten.

Many years later when they were thirteen, it cropped up a third time. However, Stu was now a self-conscious teenager and the term 'love' was not to be thrown around without some severe embarrassment attached. "I - er - really like you May!" he said all in one big rush, pressing a cookie into her hand and rushing off before she could see his flushed cheeks.

"I know!" May called out at his retreating back. He couldn't see her face, but she was blushing just as much as him, if not more. And not to mention beaming from ear to ear.

At sixteen, Stu thought he'd blown it. That was the year they'd gone to see the Fireworks together and stayed out until the sun rose again the next morning. Once again those three little words spilled out of Stu's mouth. This time though, May was furious; she pushed him away from her and leapt up angrily.

"Stop it, Stu!" she cried, as she ran off. "Don't say it if you don't mean it!"

The words 'but I do' never left Stu's lips. He just didn't understand it at all. She was crying because he loved her? Did she hate him that much? Of course he was wrong, but his confused, all-over-the-place teenage brain just couldn't figure it out.

The year Stu turned eighteen was by far the best. That was the year cookies became Blue Feathers.

That was the year May said 'I love you too."