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NoDrogs created the twins, whose origins I altered. This story is set when they are sixteen.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

"Honestly," Shego complained as the family sat down to dinner, "I think I used to see more of you when you broke in to stop Drakken's plans every week in the old days."

"Don't start on that," Kim warned as she served herself rice and passed the bowl to Kasy. "You knew I was a hero when you married me."

"Well I certainly didn't realize that being a hero precluded a personal life."

"What's precluded?" Jane asked.

"Interferes with," Sheki explained to the eight year old, "keeps it from happening. Like when Kasy throws away the bag of frozen Brussels sprouts instead of just feeding them to Smaug under the table during a meal. It precludes all of us from eating them for supper."

Kasy tried to kick her twin under the table. Sheki had already moved her legs to the side and Kasy managed to kick Shego. Her Eemah glared at the red haired teenager, "We will be talking after supper," she warned. If Kim hoped the topic had been dropped in the momentary confusion her hope proved unfounded when the green woman turned back to her, "Now I understand why Ron dumped you."

Kim rolled her eyes in exasperation, "He didn't dump me!" Then Kim noticed the little smirk on Shego's lips and smiled herself, "Is this going to be one of those nights when I have to 'make it up to you' for 'neglecting you' so badly?"

"I don't know why some people think your Mommy is a bit slow," Shego told their daughters. "She got it on the first guess."

The twins looked unhappy. "Another night when we're left babysitting Jane?" Sheki asked.

Kim nodded her head yes.

"Another night when you slip in your bedroom window at, like, one in the morning, and we have to pretend we don't hear you?" Kasy continued.

Shego's eyes opened wide, "What do you mean, pretend you don't hear us?"

The twins and Kim all turned red as Kasy stammered, "Ah, I, uh, mean when you and Mommy areā€¦ talking."

Jane looked curious, "I hear them sometimes. It doesn't sound like talking."

"You'll understand when you're older," Sheki warned her little sister.

Kasy added another thought, "Aunt Bonnie says that back in college, when she lived in the dorm with Mommy, that sometimes-"

"Drop it, just drop it everybody," Kim ordered, "and that isn't true." Most people were happy to comply with Kim's orders and limited dinner conversation to how everyone's day had gone at work or school.

As they finished dinner Sheki remembered what night it was, "Hey, we've got everyone coming over tonight for TV!"

Kim looked over at Shego, who shrugged and told the twins, "You're big girls, we trust you." She looked at the younger girl, "Rat them out if there are any problems."

Hana appeared in the kitchen as Kim loaded the dishwasher. The college freshman helped with the cleanup. It irritated Shego tremendously that the girl penetrated the best security system in Middleton as easily as walking through an unlatched screen door. Smaug, as usual, tried to hide when Hana arrived. Since he had long outgrown the ability to hide under most furniture he ran to the library to hide under the desk.

Kim and Shego went upstairs to change as Sheki plugged in the hot air popcorn popper and Kasy complained about the soda selection.

"What do you mean, we trust them," Kim asked as they got dressed. "I'm not sure I trust Kasy. I know I don't trust Jason."

"And not even those two will get in trouble with everyone else around. We can't watch them twenty-four seven."

"We could if you let me chip them."

The green woman laughed, "You should listen to yourself. Your mother always trusted you."

"And then you usually say, 'and look how I turned out'. Maybe I do feel guilty about being gone so much. My mom was always there for me when I was growing up. I do feel like I miss a lot with them."

"A wonderful, heartwarming response, Princess. But let's put your resolution into effect another night."

"What is that program they like so much, anyway?"

Shego paused, "I'm not sure what the name is. Ask them as we leave."

Jason and Jessica rang the doorbell as Kim and Shego came downstairs.

"Remember to go to bed when this program is over," Shego reminded Jane.

"And you need to leave by ten at the latest," Kim said to Tara and Josh's children.

Hana and Sheki brought in bowls of popcorn from the kitchen as an organ began to play the doleful theme music and Kim and Shego left the house.

Hana sat cross-legged on a mat on the floor. To Sheki's disgust Kasy once again got the center spot on the couch, with Jessica and Jason on either side. The dark haired girl wished her sister would figure out which of the siblings she was interested in, because if it was Jessica that held Kasy's interest Sheki wanted to do more about getting Jason's attention for herself. But Jessica showed no sign of interest in Kasy beyond basic friendship, so the red head wouldn't give up her option on the older brother - now a senior in high school. Sheki sat on a large pillow on the floor, with Jane on her lap.

Hana glanced at the trio on the couch, then down to Sheki. "It is easier when siblings are not close in age," she observed.

"Yeah," Sheki admitted, giving Jane a big hug. "Hey, when will Ron be in town?"

"I do not know. I think he tells your Mom and Eemah before he tells us."

Helen glided into the room as the theme ended and opening commercials began, "Sorry, I'm late," she apologized as she headed for the chair which had been left vacant for her.

"No problem," Hana replied, "the show hasn't started."

"Who are you talking to? Wasn't Helen here already?" Jessica demanded.

"She just got here," Sheki explained, "was apologizing for running late."

"What made her late?" Jason wondered. Like his sister he had never seen Helen. "It's not like she had to wash her hair. And we're the only people around to haunt."

"That's not nice," Sheki warned. Smaug, meanwhile, who had been at Kasy's feet by the couch took offense at Helen's presence and, seeing Hana as the lesser of the two evils, went over laid his head on her lap.

"I wish he liked me," Helen said sadly as Hana fed him a little popcorn.

"He is a very odd creature," Hana observed. "I think-"

"Shhh!" Jessica warned, "the show is starting."

"Constructed in nineteen twenty-six as the premier hotel in Kansas City the Senator saw its share of history, including the 'twenty-eight Republican Party convention that nominated Herbert Hoover for his first presidential run," the announcer's voice intoned. Images of the hotel's exterior and interior, from old photos and present video played on the screen as the voice continued. "Less known to local history is a gangland massacre in the hotel restaurant and other tales of murder and suicide in the grand old landmark. It stood empty for twenty-five years, but re-opened in two-thousand six as a boutique hotel. Since the reopening some guests have complained of noises which can not be explained. Ghostly dancers can sometimes be seen on the floor of the old Drum Room. And a man dressed as an elevator operator may be seen as the doors open on the elevator, despite the fact no elevator operator has worked there for more than half a century. Today the Spook Chasers go to Kansas City to hunt ghosts in the Hilton Senator."

The camera went to Yvonne and Mike as the announcer extolled their background in the field of paranormal investigations. Jessica, the blond high school sophomore, hugged the pillow on her lap. "This is so creepy."

Her brother, on the other end of the couch laughed at her, "It's all bogus. I don't know why you always say it's creepy."

"The producers are very effective in creating an air of suspense through lighting techniques and camera angles," Hana pointed out. "Your sister responds as they desire us all to respond."

"But do you think they really see the ghosts they claim?" Helen asked.

"I don't know," Sheki answered.

"You don't know what?" Kasy asked.

Hana answered, "Helen asked if we really think the Spook Chasers can see ghosts."

"See!" Jason insisted, "even a ghost thinks the show is fake."

"That's not exactly what I-" Helen began, then stopped as Yvonne and Mike started their journey through the Senator, explaining the history of several grisly murders and suicides which had taken place over the decades. Old photos of the hotel, pictures of newspaper headlines and even occasional newsreel footage illustrated the tour of the building's history.

The pair described the presence of ghostly visitors they sensed as they toured the building. The editors inserted old photos of the dead which fit the descriptions given by the Spook Chasers.

During the final credits Kasy announced, "I agree with Jason, I think they're fake. If there were that many ghosts around we'd be up into our armpits with them."

"Oh yeah," Sheki sneered. "Like, you can't even see Helen all the time any more, and you never could hear her."

Kasy turned defensive, "Doesn't matter. I'm not saying ghosts don't exist. I'm saying the show is fake."

"Can someone go up to bed with me?" Jane interrupted. "I'm scared."

"Would it help if I went up with her?" Helen asked.

Hana turned to Jane, "Helen asks if she may go up with you. Would that be good with you?"

"Sure," Jane smiled.

After Jane left Jessica asked, "Did Helen go with her?"

Sheki nodded yes.

"Isn't that kinda weird, even for a little sister?" Jason asked. "She's scared of ghosts so the house ghost will go up to bed with her to help her feel safe."

"Little sisters aren't weird," Jessica protested.

"Helen isn't a ghost to us, she's a friend," Sheki explained.

"All I know," Kasy said, "is that with Eemah's little snitch up in bed we should talk about asking the Spook Chasers to come here and film an episode."

"No way," Sheki protested. "Mommy and Eemah would never agree to that."

"I am certain your sister is correct," Hana told the red head.

"Well, duh, I never said ask them. You two think they're real. Get Yvonne and Mike here and see if they can see Helen."

"But how can you do that without asking your parents?" Jason wanted to know. "I'm sure there are contracts to sign, or permission, or something before they can film at a house."

"I can do Eemah on the phone," Kasy offered. "Sheki can forge her name if they send a contract."

"This does not seem like a wise plan," Hana protested.

"Yeah," Sheki continued, "even if they pick a day when Mommy is on some mission overnight Eemah isn't going to like it."

"I'll figure out some way to delay Eemah if they come! We can do this! We know we have a ghost living here. Can the Spook Busters see her or not?"

Sheki and Hana looked at each other, "We'd better run this by Helen."