Summary: You're never too old to dress up for Halloween. NejiTen

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dreaming.sapphire: This is for the new October theme going on at tensquared. XP Hope you all enjoy it!


Team Gai: 17

Rookie Nine: 16

-Dress Up-


"What are you doing?" Neji looked over at his going-for-two-years girlfriend who was dressed up… In spandex… That revealed much more than he liked.

"I'm going trick or treating!" Tenten grinned, her buns braided before they were tied by golden ribbons. The sleeveless blue spandex she wore clung to her figure like water with a golden line running down the sides. A blue qipao was over her breast and stopped at her bust line; decorated in gold embroidery. She wore a pair of studded bracelets and blue/yellow sneakers.

"…" Tenten stared at him. "You know? Trick or treating."

"We are seventeen, on the verge of eighteen Tenten. We don't dress up for useless holidays such as Halloween." Neji replied simply. Tenten gaped at him, "Come on Neji! I bet you haven't ever dressed up before!" When she received no answer, she grinned triumphantly. "Which is why I bought you this!" From out of no where, she pulled out a black kimono top with black hakama.


"Come on!! Wear it!!" She insisted. He glared at her. "If you don't wear it, you're sleeping on the couch!"

"… You'd join me on it later in the evening anyways." He smirked. She face faulted before she sent her own glare at him.

"You know what? Fine! I'll just go trick or treating with Kiba then." Sticking her tongue out at him, she stomped out the door; the costume tossed on the couch near by. His eyes widened and when he heard a wolf whistle and familiar bark he grabbed the outfit, "Wait! Tenten!"




Neji was supposed to dress up as Byakuya and Tenten is Chun Li. XDD Short, I know, but deal with it. XP I hope you all liked it. Leave moi a review plez. :) It'll make me very happy. Happy Halloween!!