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Chapter one: Encounter

She stumbled while walking. Her sight was hazy and she wasn't sure whether the black spot over the horizon was a village or an illusion. Her chakra was dissipating rapidly and her right arm held onto the wound on her abdomen. Her hair, just above her shoulders, was a mess, sticking in every direction and covering her face that (also) was covered in blood and scratches from her battle.

Maybe it was a bad idea to accept an A-ranked assassination mission. Of course, she was smart enough. Her teacher–Tsunade, the fifth hokage of her village – had told her that she should be able to find the ninja within two weeks. She found him within five days. But the man was tough to kill. He started off fleeing from the pink-haired girl, leading her to a distance. Although she's now in an unfamiliar distance from her home, she was capable of killing the man with the remaining chakra.

Unfortunately, Sakura gained many injuries. She needed to find a shady place to rest for the sun there was like the sun in the sand village. It was killing her. The rays of the sun made her more fatigue but she continued to walk towards that dark spot she had just witnessed.

'Just a bit longer,' she thought as the black dot grew larger and larger. She had just a bit of chakra left. With it, while standing there in the never-ending fields of who knows where, she stopped the bleeding of her abdomen.

Planning everything out, she knew that once she reached the village, she could get some help with her injuries. She had barely enough chakra to heal them all at once and the injury on her belly-- despite the fact that it's no longer bleeding-- was severe.

But when she got there, it wasn't a village. Just a worn down building with its front wall blown down, revealing the rooms inside.

Still, Sakura figured she could rest there; just a bit. It was shady and within a few hours, she would have enough chakra to heal herself and therefore, have a good night's sleep allowing her to find her way back home tomorrow. Sakura planned everything out.

As she took a few steps closer, she could feel her eyelids drooping; Sakura was very tired. She soon heard a noise within the building. She could feel someone's powerful presence, having sense their large amount of chakra.

"Who's there?" she yelled out, getting ready into a fighting position. The sun rays distracted her, causing her to squint, but she looked at the man who stepped out of the building. Her eyes widened but she remained in her fighting position.

"You," she spat the word out and tried her best to remain still, but she knew that at her current condition, she was weak and could feel her legs were trembling.

He on the other hand, stood there, staring at her. He wore a lose white shirt that showed his chest, but didn't have the purple rope around his waist like their last encounter a few years ago. After a few moments, he put his hand behind his back and drew out his katana; the blade sparkled in the sunlight.

She clenched her fists and he took a step forward. With a blink of an eye he was right in front of her.

Before he managed to attack though, she got out of the way. She panted heavily. Barely three minutes had past yet she was worn out. She was going to die and she knew it, but she was determined and will fight to the end.

"Hn," he grunted, amazed that she was able to dodge the blade. He eyed her movements carefully, but before he could attack again, she had muttered the words: "Sasuke...kun.." and lost consciousness.

Her wound had opened again and she had lots a tremendous amount of blood just by dodging his attacks. There was even a trail of the crimson blood along the dead grassy fields visible.

He stood there, looking at the motionless body. He could easily kill her now. One less annoying thing in the world. Or just leave her there to die. Taking a few steps forward, the seventeen year old criminal glanced at his former team-mate.

Slightly opening her eyes, she could hear the sounds of the flames flickering and crickets chirping. Funny, she was sure that this place was pretty much dead, why were there crickets? Soon enough, Sakura wondered how she got there in the first place. Sakura shifted her eyes which wandered around the familiar room; she was inside the abandoned building. Sakura slowly got up and moaned at her pain. Holding onto the wound, she noticed that her shirt had been slightly lifted up – she blushed at that – and the wound was neatly bandaged. In fact, all her cuts were treated.

'Who would...' Her eyes quickly widened and Sakura's head shot up. The adolescent boy sat there staring back at her.

"Sasuke...Y-you.....bastard!" With the chakra that she had just gained back from her rest, she summoned it all through her fists and punched the ground, sending rocks flying everywhere. The flames immediately died and the beams supporting the building shook– some fell, but the building didn't collapse.

Sasuke merely jumped out of the way silently, shocked by her immense strength.

"Do you want to die that badly?" he yelled out.

She knew what he meant. If she had used up anymore chakra, the building would've came to the ground, killing her weak self and allowing him to easily get away.

He then tossed her a kunai. "Knock yourself out," he suggested coldly.

She stared at him. 'No, I don't want to commit suicide. It's just that every time I see you, it's an automatic reflex!' she muttered. "Hmph," She turned away from him. "...Did you treat these wounds, Sasuke?"

No reply.

"Thanks..." But when she turned back to him, he was already gone. 'Dammit, he's gone already? I lost my chance to bring him back! She sighed, Oh well, its not like he'll come back anyway.' True, it was unlike her to give up easily but over the years, as much as she and her team– Naruto and sensei: Kakashi – wanted, she had learned that no matter how much they begged or beat the shit out of Sasuke Uchiha, he would never be convinced. It was his own choice whether he wanted to or not. Besides, if they forced him back home, he'd probably be faced with death. And even if he wasn't, Sakura's realized over the years that if she truly loved him, she should let him be happy and bringing Sasuke home would make him unhappy.

As it got dark, Sakura observed the building. It was dusty, spider webs everywhere. The blanket she was laying on was the only thing that was clean. She looked over to the side near the pile of rocks that she'd created earlier. It was a bag.

'Has Sasuke been staying here?' she wondered and got up. It was hard for her to walk so she crawled over to the bag. Reaching her hand out, she was about to grab for the bag when she heard a footstep. She turned over and saw the black haired man with a pouch in his hand.

He glared at her. His glaring eyes told her to keep away from his belongings. She did as she was told. Sasuke then tossed the pouch over to her and she opened it.

In there were some food.

The two sat quietly, eating and Sakura would often glance over to him. 'He's..changed...again.' She remembered how he drastically changed since he left for Orochimaru, but now, with him in the same room as her, Sakura felt as if he'd changed again.

That's when it hit her. Tsunade had said that there had been reports that Uchiha Itachi was presumed dead. 'I guess this is why he saved my life instead of ending it. He even offered me food. He's finished his quest. He's...getting softer. Maybe I should...just..ask-'

"Don't think about asking me to go home with you." It was as if he read her mind.

She chewed on her food then looked around for something to drink. "Say...Sasuke...Do you have anything to —

She saw him take the last gulp from his bottle. "No."

'Dammit, there's no way he's gotten softer!'

She then got up and looked around the building, wondering if there was any access to water in the place. Glancing over the dusty shelves, she noticed that there were many bottles of alcohol 'I guess this will do. Only if I don't drink too much,' she told herself, remembering back to the time when she and her friends went out for drinks at a local bar.

"I'm thirsty. Get me one too," she heard Sasuke demand. Sakura rolled her eyes but didn't say anything. She grabbed a couple bottles and walked back. Sitting down, she handed the man the bottle and opened hers, washing her throat with the liquid as he did the same with his bottle. The feel of the liquid soaring down her dry throat felt like heaven! Not only that, but it tasted great. She was–of course– underaged, but she had gone drinking with Tsunade plenty of times for celebrations back in Konoha.

It was silent after that and Sakura got up to get another bottle. It wasn't her fault. She knew it was bad but it wasn't as if she was going to get drunk easily. She was a great drinker and her body demanded for more; she wanted it. Each time she got up to get a few additional bottles, she'd pass another one to the Uchiha who'd gladly accept it.

He had also enjoyed the taste. He found it strange though was that he was enjoying the taste of the liquid in the same room as someone else and that someone else happened to be his former teammate. The annoying girl who was once obsessed with him! Though, she wasn't as annoying now.

"So why didn't you kill me?"

He heard her speak up, breaking the silence. Great, she'd gone back to being annoying. In fact, Sasuke had thought she was annoying each time she talked to him mainly because each time she talked to him, she'd expect him to reply back.

"Hn," he didn't say much after that, watching her move her wrist in a rotational spin, observing the liquid spinning inside the clear glass.

"So why didn't you kill me?" she repeated. She wasn't going to take a grunt for an answer and was planning to repeat the question until she was either knocked out from him-- or the alcohol-- or until he answered. She waited.

"Did you want me to?" He finally spoke.

"No but you could've left me there instead of wasting your time bandaging my wounds." She brushed her hair to the side as she grabbed yet another bottle.

"So what if I didn't feel like letting you die?" The honest truth was that he still had feelings for the girl. Not the feelings that a boy feels for a girl when they hit puberty or vise versa, but the feelings of friendship. She was a teammate of his once and the memory of the bond between teammates seemed to have come back every now and then for him, preventing him from doing anything drastic.

"...Thanks..I guess.." she mumbled and blushed a bit though it wasn't noticeable since her face had been red ever since she consumed her third bottle.

This time, it was Sasuke who got up to get another bottle, but as he got up, he swayed from side to side, feeling dizzy. He cheeks were burning and had bits of rouge on them.

"H..hey...watch out!"

He wasn't going to fall but something in Sakura's mind triggered, showing that Sasuke was going to fall.

She stood up, holding onto his arm. He didn't say anything but she followed and supported him to the shelves where there were barely any left.

Sakura placed her hand on the shelf for support as Sasuke grabbed the last bottle, but the weak ledge tipped over and Sakura falling with it, landing on top of the boy. The sounds of the liquor glass bottle smashing could be heard as Sakura looked at him.

He stared at her back and his neck moved upwards; their nose just less than an inch apart. Sasuke's recent movement caused Sakura to lean in as well and their lips crushed against each other.

For the rest of the night, the crickets' chirps weren't the only sounds heard.

When he woke up, his eyes immediately widened.

She was sleeping peacefully...Next to him- - with nothing on but his shirt covering her.

What did he do last night that got them into this situation? Oh right, Sakura offered him drinks and he accepted each time. His head hurt a lot. He could barely remember anything. That was when Sasuke heard a moan and turned over to the girl.

Soon after Sasuke's realization, Sakura slowly opened her eyes and quickly widened them too. She screamed. Very loud. In his ear. Holding onto what seemed to be his shirt against her naked body, she looked away.

"We...didn't...we..didn't..we..." she kept repeating over and over.

"We did," he told her bluntly. Sighing, he got up, looking miserable with his hair in a mess. They each turned away from each other and Sakura handed him back his shirt.

He grabbed it without turning his face and they went to search for their remaining clothes. "Think of it as if nothing happened," he said, still looking away.

She put on her shirt and walked over to the broken shelf and spotted her bra; ripped up and tattered.

"You must've been either really drunk or pretty desperate," she said, holding up the bra up to his face and he blushed.

He picked up his bag and turned right and pointed. "Just keep going straight from here and you'll hit the road that leads to Konoha. Turn right when you do." He then turned the opposite direction.

"...Thank you then. So..I guess this might be the last time I get to see you," she said, not sounding a bit tormented, but not content either.


"...I'm not going to ask you to come home with me but...if I'm pregnant, expect me to find you and beat the crap out of you! I'll be bringing you home and you have to take care of your child."

Silence. He didn't say anything but then turned around to face her. "If you're pregnant, its probably not my child."

She growled. "Do you really think that I go off on missions and have sex with every guy I see?!?"

He started walking off and she did the same in the opposite direction, not knowing that within a year, Sasuke would be back home.

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