So as you can tell, I don't update. Like, at all. Why? Well, the main reason would be writer's block, but the other reason is that this fic, Issues, is something that I sort of thought of and wrote it on the spur of the moment. This continued for the rest of the chapters really, as I began writing more. Each chapter is really something that I thought of, couldn't fit into another story or be made into a new story, so I stuffed it into here.

Plus, since this was one of my first few fics, I had assumed I could take on more than one couple. Well, I kind of failed at that because I didn't really care for any of the other couples.

And also, the first dozen or so chapters, I realize that Sakura's and Sasuke's relationship was basically stupid. It wasn't, I guess, fluid? I don't know what other word to describe it. Constant. Yeah, that's the word. Because I had them blushing like heck, and tried to add in all this fluff, blah blah blah, yeah. I just got really bored of that.

SO, I'm considering a rewrite. Well, not considering cause I already have the first chapter written, so I'm deciding to rewrite it.

It's called: Close Your Eyes, which will be posted a few minutes after I post this. Technically, it'll still be the same storyline: Drinking. Sex. Baby. Troubling parents. Love. Also, some of the chapters will still sorta be the same, but I'm going to be tweaking it a bit, adding other things, removing some things.

What I'm taking out: Definitely the Shikamaru, Ino, and Temari thing. Like, I don't even know what I was thinking when I did that. I think I was like, in the midst of watching too many historical dramas. Oh, and the Naruto death part. Yeah. Definitely didn't like that. Again, this was during my "I can so totally take on the other pairings without being bored of them." Well, I got bored. I like Sakura and Sasuke. Just them. I'll probably subtly mention the others, but won't make them the main focus of chapters like I did with this one.

However, if there is something that you remember reading (which I doubt, since I never update this, you're probably going to have to reread this anyway to remember what it's about) something that you liked, like, a scene or a problem/situation, PM me to tell me that you would like to see it in the rewritten version. I'll consider it.

Um. That's really it.

Thank you guys so much for your support with this fic though. I really appreciate it.

P.S. I'll try to update the new one as much as possible.