A/N: Sorry I haven't updated for so long, school etc…

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated for so long, school etc…

I wasn't even panicking, oh no, I was just to tired and emotionally drained to be angry, after all, I had been taken as a real girl by some of the best agents in Russia, bonked on the head, passed out cold twice now, so why should I even show the slightest piece of worry when a raving lunatic bursts into the room, threatening everyone with a gun?

Maybe God will actually be kind to me and let the nutter shoot me, yeah right…

And yet…that voice sounded so familiar…it couldn't be…

"Back against the wall!"

…It was. Oh DAMN!!!! Without another word to the men against the wall, my "nutter" untied my bonds, slung me over his shoulder and marched out, me pounding his shoulders and screaming "PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!! I MEAN IT!! THIS IS SO HUMILIATING!!"

He didn't say a word until we were in the car, me strapped into the passenger seat and sulking like hell. "OK Duo, who were they? What did they want and why didn't you radio me immediately you became conscious?"

I rolled my eyes, remaining mutinously silent for a couple of seconds, before glaring at him and saying. "Listen baka, I was knocked out, tied up, and only came round about five minutes ago, so I would love to know how I was meant to radio you with my hands tied, and me out cold…care to tell me how hmm?"

Heero, for it was he, (A/N: Come on, how many people saw that coming? Kinda obvious wasn't it?) Didn't reply, merely started the engine and drove away in silence.

We reached the flat in silence, went in, in silence, sat down, in silence. We did a lot in silence. I stared at the ceiling for a while, seated in the large armchair opposite Heero, funny, I never noticed how many cracks there were.

Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, a pair of arms enveloped me, lifting me up, and plonking me on the sofa. "Wha…?" I began, only to realise it was Heero.

He was leaning over me, a strange and completely unfamiliar look in his eyes. "Duo…"

"Heero what on earth is the matter with you?" I asked, worried he was coming down with something. But before I could say more than that my lips were attacked by his.


Gasping we broke apart. "Geez Heero, what the hell is the matter?!" He sat down next to me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"You have no idea how worried I was." He hissed into my ear, his breath tickling my cheek. "I was scared silly I'd never see you again."

"So how did you find me?" I prodded his arm with an accusatory finger, "Don't tell me you've bugged me…eesh, talk about possessive…"

"No." he broke through my non-stop babbling, "I used common sense, if Zechs was who he said he was, then he would have taken you back to the HQ, which he did."

"Aaaah, right, I get it now…" sorta.


Relena's face filled the screen, pink hair clips on either side of her head, but this wasn't what annoyed me, oh not by a long shot, (although granted she wound me by just existing…) What annoyed me on this bright, well ok foggy and cold morning was that she was once more commanding me to wear the evil dress, and worse yet my friends, She was flirting with Heero…my Heero.

All the while she was talking I stood in the background behind Heero as he watched the telecommunication screen, glowering darkly. It was only when the talking became twenty minutes long that I started to imagine her being tortured by faceless assassins. It was a very nice image, revenge, no matter how imaginary, is sweet.

Finally "that woman" got off the com link, and I realised just too late that Heero was speaking to me.

"…Against them." Was all I heard.

Blinking I smiled up at him, "Sorry Hee-chan, I was thinking, can you repeat that?"

He gave me a look that quite plainly said, "Baka" before repeating the sentence. "Relena said that because the Russian government are now convinced we're not true agents and she also is part of a conspiracy, we've got to work on our own to find out what we can."

I sighed, suddenly feeling depressed, "Great, so we're not only trying to find the bad guy, but we're working against the biggest government secret service agency in the world, and if we're caught we could be imprisoned for life or worse."

"That's the long and short of it." Heero smiled, "But things could be worse."

I glowered at him, not dignifying that with and answer.

Why does life like torturing me so much?


Of course the first thing to do was move out of the apartment provided for us by Zechs, and we ended moving into an awful three room apartment in the lower part of the city.

Our first welcome to our new home was a prostitute sitting on our doorstep, begging for food and money, of course Heero being the kind-hearted person he is beneath all that rough exterior gave her about what is the equivalent of twenty pounds.[1]

Inside paint was peeling of the bare walls, and water dripped through the ceiling, the smell of mould and mildew hung in the air.

"Oh, well this looks just peachy." I said. Let me tell you something, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but hey, even if it's bad humour, you've got to laugh when life kicks you in the teeth.


Ok, I will not go into details of the first day in our new home, it was a simple day of unpack, eat, sleep, and pray the mould didn't get the idea to become alive and eat us. Sorry, but there was so much of the damn stuff it became intolerable.

Instead we are going to skip straight ahead to day two…


[1] Sorry, I'm English, I would convert it into dollars for American people, but I have no idea which currency is stronger.

A/N: Sorry it's so short.