Edward Cullen

His flawless complexion

Is a pale snowy white

And it sparkles

Like a diamond in the harsh sunlight

His body is as cold as a huge block of ice

And as hard as marble stone

And his beautiful amber eyes turn black as night

As his thirst returns to burn through his bones

The wind plays with his messy bronze hair

Reminding me of all the times

As tendrils of copper are blown across his full pale lips

That those same icy lips were pressed against mine

And even though I know he will never leave me

It still scares me to see him walking away

Because deep down, I cannot help but harbor the fear

That he will not return to my awaiting embrace one day

And yet, even thought I know its fruitless,

I constantly pray

That he will change his stubborn mind

And take me as his immortal lover for the rest of our days.