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Sam opened bleary eyes, and looked around a familiar room. Breathing a sigh of relief that he wasn't still trapped on that other hellhole of a world, Sam rolled himself into a sitting position.

He hissed as the bruises and scratches that ran the whole of his body were pressed and caught, but forced himself to take stock of himself and everything that had happened. Aches made themselves pronounced as he thought about them, and Sam shuddered at the memories of being held by those monsters.

"Shit," he cursed after touching a particularly painful bruise. Lifting his shirt gently, he peered at the molted bruising that lined his lower abdomen and sighed.

That was going to hurt for a while.

"Dean," he breathed the name, as, for the first time, he noticed the absence of his brother.

Just as he made the observation, he noticed a tall figure standing in the corner, eying him critically. Tension shot through his shoulders, and Sam felt his hackles rise in fear and anticipation. Almost as soon as he felt the tension and fear it dissipated, leaving him sagging in relief as he noticed the figure was Niko.

"Dean?" He said, asking the name as a question this time, knowing the man would understand what he meant.

"Sleeping in the next room over," Niko answered simply, never moving his gaze.

Seeming to almost ripple, the man pushed himself from the corner and glided over to Sam, his feet barely skimming the floor, and making no sound.

"How do you feel?" He asked simply, roughly, as he stopped in front of the youngest Winchester.

"Better," Sam answered truthfully. He did feel better than he had when he had first gotten back with Cal and Promise. That wasn't to say that he was one hundred percent, or even that he felt like moving, but he didn't feel the constant burn in his chest, and the fatigue he had felt was now a dim tugging in the back of his mind.

"Good." Niko looked him over, seeming to stare into his soul, searching for answers Sam wasn't giving verbally. "Need anything?" He asked, raising his eyebrow as Sam coughed, a dry, harsh grating sound that ripped through his chest and throat.

"Water?" He asked, looking sheepishly at the oldest Leandros.

"Give me a moment," Niko's voice didn't lose the rough quality, but Sam could hear the underlying concern in the tone, years of listening experience from Dean, leaving him able to hear the slight waver.

"Thanks," he breathed even as the man walked out the door.

Niko returned a few moments later, a glass of water in one hand, Extra Strength Tylenol clenched tightly in the other. Handing the glass to Sam first, he waited for the man to take a drink, and then shook out two of the pills and handed them to Sam, watching the younger man intently and waiting for him to take the offered pills.

Sam tossed the pills in his mouth, and grimacing at the taste as they sat on his tongue, he lifted the half full glass to his lips. The pills slid down his throat, scraping against the raw and painful sores that lined it. Sam winced, and looked up at Niko, who looked at the glass and then back at him pointedly.

Without a word, Sam finished the water and handed the glass back to the man, all the while silently complaining about the injustice of it all.

Does it look like I need another Dean?

Sighing he shook his head and looked back up, startled to find Niko no longer there. He heard the soft sounds of water running and the clinking of glass on marble countertop, and resigned himself to the fact the man was in the kitchen probably washing the cup.

And Dean thinks I'm a clean freak!

Feeling the pressing need of a bathroom, Sam raised himself on shaky legs and sucked in a deep breath as vertigo swept through him and the aches and pains that had dulled, flared back to life with a passion.

Within seconds a strong hand had clamped itself to just above his elbow and Sam opened bleary eyes to find Niko standing there, his face set in grim determination as he steadied him. "Bathroom?" Niko asked simply, and Sam nodded, feeling heat creep to his cheeks and throat.

Without a word, both men made their way to the small adjacent bathroom. Sam stopped dead in his tracks just two feet from the room, his attention drawn to the plastic covered window opening. The same window the creatures had come through before dragging him through the portal, kicking and screaming.

Sam shuddered and stared.


"C'mon," Niko urged after Sam had stared for a moment. He felt bad for the younger Winchester, knowing that it must have been hard on him. He knew it had hit Cal hard, his younger brother becoming unusually quiet after his second trip to the home of his father. He felt his heart clench tightly for the man standing in front of him. It was a feeling, almost kin to the protectiveness he felt for Cal, a feeling that he knew Dean felt for Sam, that Dean felt for Cal.

That all older brothers feel for their pain in the ass little brothers.

Niko sighed and dragged a hand through his hair, scrunching a handful in his fingers, and closing his eyes. He dropped his back against the wall beside the bathroom door, and sighed. He didn't know how to deal with the concern he felt for the younger Winchester, the protectiveness.

He had only ever felt that way about Cal. The gripping fear of everything he did, the clenching of his heart when he saw him get hurt.

Niko felt bad for all the older brothers in the world. To have that feeling rip you apart every time you let your little brother or sister out of your sight, every time you saw them get hurt. Niko didn't know what he would do if he had a little sister… Cal was enough, but a girl?

Niko shuddered.

Now that he had to deal with the feeling of watching over two little brothers… Especially two little brothers that seemed to be accident prone, and attract every supernatural or human evil known… A look of plaintive horror grasped his features. The only thing that kept him standing was the fact that he knew Dean felt the same way he did.

If I fall you're going down with me. Niko thought to himself with a rueful grin. Dean had already proven a protective streak when it came to Cal and an urge to placate every bad action, word, or look that happened to him.

And Niko knew the man was ten times worse when it came to Sam.

Hearing the door creak open, his eyes snapped to the man wobbly making his way through the bathroom door.He gripped the man just above his elbow and Sam looked at him.

"You need to get some rest, or you and your brother'll never get back on the road." Sam looked confused, but let himself be guided to the bed none the less.

As he walked through the door, Niko fought the urge to check on Sam, and instead made his way towards Cal, wanting to make sure everything was alright with him.

What did I get myself into?


Three days later, Sam and Dean were ready to hit the road. Neither man liked being cooped up, and after two days they had been packing and preparing to get back to the hunt. Which led to them now standing on their respective sides of the car.

After shaking hands with both Leandros', and receiving a crushing hug from Robin that sent him reeling back, Sam backed his way to the car and grabbed the handle firmly.

"You guys both watch your backs. If you find anything about why the auphes want you and Cal, call. If you need help on a hunt, call." Niko said, ignoring the incredulous looks of both Robin and Cal. He knew it wasn't often he showed emotion, or said more than one or two words, but the occasion called for it.

Dean and Sam both nodded, opening their doors simultaneously. "We'll do that," Dean replied with a salute, starting to slide into the car before thinking better of it and popping his head back over the top. "You do the same." Niko nodded, both Cal and Robin laughing behind him.

With that, Dean slid into the Impala and started the engine in one smooth motion.

"You ready?" He asked, looking over to Sam.

"More than," Sam replied, clicking his seatbelt into place.

"Let's go."



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