The Closet

Matt and Mello sat on the faded couch. Matt, playing his X-box, was pretty bored. He had already beaten this game twelve times, and he was two minutes away from beating it the thirteenth time. All he had to do now was beat the boss.

Mello was eating chocolate, so of course he wasn't at all bored. Since he had nothing else to do, he was eating it his favorite way; slowly. He would bite off half of one square, letting it roll around in his mouth till it melted. The he would eat the rest of the square. This way, he could have 24 bites of chocolate.

Unfortunately for Mello, this didn't change the fact that Matt had just beaten his game for the thirteenth time. Now, he needed something else to do. And, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He grabbed the chocolate bar from Mello, and ran in the room.

'Matt! What the hell?' Mello ran after his roommate. Matt was holding the door to the closet open. 'Where is it?'

'In the closet.'

'Really? No, that's too easy. What's the catch?'

'No catch. Just the closet.'

Mello glared at Matt for a moment, then cautiously stepped up to the closet. Matt didn't move, just stood with the door open.

When he got in the closet, he saw that his chocolate was actually in there. Taking no more time to eat it the way he enjoyed, Mello stuffed the whole thing into his mouth at once. But, when he turned around to leave, he bumped into something.

Matt had closed the door! 'Matt!!!!! I'm gonna kill you!!!!!!'

Ten minutes later, Matt opened the door. Mello burst out, and was instantly blinded by a flash of light. 'What the hell, Matt?'

Now, Matt had proof that Mello came out of the closet!!!!!!!!!!!