Chapter 1

---Edwards POV---

Life was perfect. I sat on the floor (which was covered in blankets and pillows) of the Cullens' lounge with my siblings and my amazing girlfriend on my lap. We were watching Dracula, the movie and we all couldn't stop laughing. It was the furthest thing from the truth.

"Oh come on!...How old does that guy look?"

That was Emmett, he was on the couch with Rosalie lying in front of him. He had an arm around her waist, pulling her against his chest. Rosalie looked like she was bored, and occasionally, she would grunt or laugh at the film.

"Sorry put I am more distracted by his hair!" That was Jasper. He was lying on the floor as well, holding Alice's hand.

"And three wives ...come on!!!! This just makes us look ridiculous."

Emmett again he was enjoying this. He usually liked watching these types of films, just to make fun of how wrong they were, and he didn't spare people's feelings either.

I didn't really watch the movie. I was playing absentmindedly with Bella's chocolate-brown hair. She would ocasionaly laugh at one of Emmett's comments or at just how ridiculous this movie was. I loved to watch her smile; it made me smile. Carlisle and Esme had gone hunting tonight; they wanted to leave us to do our own thing seeing as Bella was staying with us tonight. Alice had convinced Charlie to let her stay with us (well Alice, apparently I wasnt here). Alice was taking Bella shopping tommorow, much to Bella's dismay. She wanted to stay here' or anywhere as long as it wasn't at a mall with Alice and LOTS of money. I didn't know why she hated people spending money on her. I would love to spoil her: she deserved to be spoiled. She snuggled closer to my chest and her warmth engulfed me. It was like when you have been in the shadows and then you walk out into the sun. In this case, Bella was my sun, my warmth. We carried on watching the movie and Bella and my family kept laughing. I could never get enough of the sound of her laugh, I adored this part of Bella.

Then everything changed: Alice had the vision.

Alices' face went blank and she sat up abruptly.

"Bella." She sounded petrified, and her thoughts were in too much of a mess to have any idea of what was going to happen. But I didn't need to: Bella fell back, her face blank and Alice screamed.

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