"Sharpay, it's time for breakfast! Hurry up!" Mrs. Evans called her daughter downstairs late Saturday morning.

"Aww, mom!" But Sharpay reluctantly got up and dressed. She looked in the mirror, figuring she could do her hair and makeup later.

Of course, Ryan already looked fresh and nice. Sharpay scowled when Ryan giggled at her frizzy hair.

"Not all of us are morning people, Ryan," Sharpay said, gritting her teeth.

"Okay, okay, truce!" Ryan said. He hated it when his sister lost her temper. Sharpay grabbed a bagel and plopped herself on a chair.

"So guys, did you get your science tests back yesterday?" Mr. Evans asked.

"Oh, not me" Ryan said. Sharpay knew that a brag was on its way. She was right.

"Well, where is it, then?"

"On the wall with the rest of the A-pluses."

"That's great, Ryan!" Mrs. Evans exclaimed. "Sharpay, sweetie, what did you get on your test?"

Sharpay shrugged. "I got a C-." She was somewhat proud of it. It was the highest grade she had gotten all semester.

Mr. Evans smiled. "A C-minus? That's very good Sharpay!"

Yeah, it's good, but Ryan's test is great, she thought with contempt. Sharpay had been jealous of her twin for a very long time. She knew her parents loved her, but they were way more proud of her brother. Sharpay knew that if she told her parents how she felt, they would find the best counselor in town and take her there as soon as possible. The only one who knew about her jealousy was Ryan himself, and he just took advantage of it.

"So what are everyone's plans for today?" Mrs. Evans asked. "As for me, I'm cleaning my room, and then, Sharpay, you and I are going to go shopping together! Won't that be fun?" she squealed. Ryan fell out of his chair laughing.

Sharpay was horrified. "You're kidding," she said. As much as she sincerely wanted to go shopping with her mom, she could never live it down if anyone saw her.

"I think I'm going to pass, mom. I have an English test on Tuesday that I have to study for."

Mrs. Evans looked at Ryan in disbelief. "Ryan, is this true?" she asked.

"No, it's not. We have English together."

"Alright, Sharpay. You're going shopping with me! Where would you like to go, dear?"

"I don't know. Let me get my hair done first, and then I'll decide, okay?"

"Okay, munchkin."


As she brushed and styled her hair, she thought about a place obscure enough where no one would see her. She could always go somewhere like Gap or Target. No one she knew hung out at those stores.

As she was about to put on her makeup, she stopped. She thought she might be able to go unrecognized if she didn't wear makeup. She found it pretty smart. She looked in the mirror to see how she was.

Uggh, she thought. I look like a hideous freak without my makeup, yet I'm still recognizable! Maybe I could go as far as to mess up my hair a little bit. She undid her bun and shook her hair out until it looked just a tad sloppy, but just a tad. "Perfect," she said.

As she went downstairs, her mom said, "Hi, sweetheart. I'll be ready in a minute. Oh, um, dear, don't you think you should fix your hair a little bit before we go?"

"Aww, mom! I'll be fine!" Sharpay rolled her eyes. Why did she, of all people, have to get the most overprotective mother on the face of the Earth?

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