Due to moving around a lot, I unfortunately have not been able to update. Yes, I am doing what I said I wouldn't do in a previous chapter and… apologising. I'm SORRY. You are sooooo not getting me to say that again.

Good news- I will be updating soon…just have to refresh my memory and get myself into the story again. Hopefully have another chapter before Friday.

Plus, I have had a few people mention they are willing to Beta for me…though it humiliates me that I need someone to check my English….please bear in mind I'm English myself (you see why it's galling) and Yes my own use of grammar and punctuation is appalling.

What I'm trying to say, in a roundabout way is that anyone who still feels like they would be willing to beta for me should PM me. Please don't feel slighted if I don't reply, I can be irritating that way.

I understand that you would probably have been happier if this had actually been a chapter....HAHAHAHA....couldn't resist. I'm going to leave you squirming.

Later my darling!! That means you…yes…you reading this right now! I'm watching you! Muwahaha

Lupa xxxxxxxxxxxxx