The King of Street Fighters

A SF/KoF fanfic

Written by Zero-Sennin

Chapter 1- China Vox: Blood on the Asphalt

As the many pedestrians and bikers made their way down the Hong Kong sidewalks, the sound of footsteps and bike bells mingled with the loud cries of vendors and the honks of cars caught in the mid-morning traffic. Any inhabitant of the city was used to this discordant symphony, and, in a strange way, expected it. However, one woman seemed to be a bothered by it, and as she strode down the streets, carefully examining a piece of paper with an address written in Chinese characters, she looked up occasionally, her cool blue eyes combing her surroundings thoroughly; anyone that met that gaze, even for a moment, momentarily shivered before looking away as fast as possible.

Aside from that frosty stare, the woman in question was fairly attractive. Her blond hair was tied into two thin, plaited pigtails that trailed down her back. A long, semi-thick forelock hung down in front of her right eye, moving slightly as she strode down the sidewalk; a smaller, thinner strand of hair hung above her left eyebrow. A thin scar ran from the left side of her jawline to the middle of her left cheek. She was dressed in a simple, white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, with plain white sneakers finishing up her wardrobe.

After walking for quite some time, the woman stopped, sighing as she pinched the bridge of her nose. She'd been looking for the address on her paper for quite some time, and was rather irritated that she couldn't seem to find it after the better part of an hour. She knew for sure that she had written it down properly after first looking it up, and yet... Mumbling a string of curses, she rolled her shoulders and let her eyes wander around, making sure that she hadn't missed her target; once she was finished, she grumbled glumly, "I guess I did miss it after all."

Then, rather suddenly, she felt a hand on her back, and she turned her head sharply to see who had touched her; to her surprise, she found herself staring into the brown eyes of Chun-Li Chung, one of Interpol's most decorated officers.

"Where'd you come from?" she asked, her voice tight and irate. "I've been looking for your place all day..."

Chun-Li chuckled lightly, brushing her cleanly-cut brunette bangs away from her eyes and lifting her hand from the blond's shoulder. "I'm surprised, Cammy," she replied breezily. "I didn't know that you had such a poor sense of direction."

Cammy humphed noisily and folded her arms, tilting her head slightly as she looked over her old rival. Instead of the blue qipao she was known for, Chun-Li was bedecked in a loose blue jogging suit, with yellow trim on the sleeves. Her running shoes were colored to match, and her normal spiked armbands had been swapped for two plain blue wristbands.

"What's with that outfit? Don't tell me you gave up street fighting and your Interpol career to run track..."

"Not quite... I take care of children now, and we jog in the morning. Keeping pace with them in my usual garb isn't all that fun. Plus, I figured it was time for a wardrobe change; it helps to keep me motivated these days."

Cammy smiled wryly and fingered her scar with her thumb, one of her eyebrows lifting slightly. "So... do you want to share the reason for this reunion? I don't get many vacations now that I'm one of MI6's most active officers, and getting here ate up a good chunk of my free time."

Chun-Li let off a chuckling sigh, and adjusted the silk covering on one of her twin "ox-horn" hair buns before saying, "There's a big tournament coming up...bigger than the World Warrior tournaments. I need the prize money to keep taking care of these children, especially since my local police work only gets me a bit of money. I would've been allowed to enter alone, but so much is riding on this that I would rather not risk it. So I called up the world's second-strongest woman to propose a team-up, and here you are. Now...the only question is whether you'll accept or not. Are you in?"

"I bet you're really into this because Ryu might show up," Cammy teased. "But what the hey...I'll play along."

"Whether Ryu is going to be there or not has nothing to do with this," Chun-Li stated quickly, trying to hide the blush in her cheeks. "Now let's figure out who our third member's going to be..."

"Hang on a minute... didn't you just mention those sweet little kids you were taking care of? If you and I enter this thing, who's going to take care of them?"

"I' on...some favors. No problem."

Cammy snorted derisively and pulled Chun-Li into a headlock, twisting her middle finger's knuckle on the brunette's skull. "Some responsible mother you are! 'I'll call in a few favors,' indeed! What the bloody hell are you thinking?"

"I'm not a child," Chun-Li retorted, suppressing a giggle or two as she tried to free herself from Cammy's grip. "So quit it with the noogie and let's get back to the matter at hand!"

Smirking, Cammy let go of Chun-Li's head, put her hands up in a gesture of mock surrender, and walked off quickly, humming a cheery tune as Chun-Li sped to catch up with her.

"You're not funny, you know that?! Slow down, damn it! We seriously need to think about our third teammate; prelims for the tournament start in a week!"

"That's more than enough time. Just be cool...everything will work out."

"Not if we don't actively do something to make things work out..."

"You really haven't aged're twice as bossy as you used to be."


And so, the steady stream of banter between the British MI6 agent and the Chinese supercop continued as the latter pursued the former down the street, neither permitting the other to have the last word...yet, despite the ferocity of their exchange, they sounded less like bitter rivals, and more like old friends reunited after years of painfully boring separation.


Author's Note (10/10/07): Well, this is the first serious fanfic I've written. And though the "crossover" promised in the description hasn't come yet, I assure you that it will be established. Personal issues, however, are keeping me from actively updating as I would like. So R&R for what you can, please, and hang in there.