October 8th

Author's Notes: I love Halloween. And I've been watching RL Stein stuff; the guy who introduced little, Elementary School me to horror. So, I present you with this fic. I do not own Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

"Come and get your costumes at Ed's Costume Emporium!" Eddy yelled from behind the cardboard counter. A cardboard sign had the store's name written sloppily on it in red paint. A pile of ragtag, slipshod costumes was behind Eddy and Double D, who manned the store.

"Ain't it a little early to be selling Halloween costumes, dorks?" Kevin asked angrily. "Hey, do you wanna wait till the last minute like usual and not even have a costume?" Eddy asked, tired of Kevin's attitude towards his ventures. "I have more fun throwing eggs at you guys than I would Trick-or-Treating." Kevin responded, turning to walk away.

"COSTUME!" Ed suddenly yelled as he popped out of the pile of costumes, wearing a green, ragtag ballerina costume. Kevin stopped, turned around, saw Ed, and laughed. "You dorks get dorkier every day, I swear!" He yelled in hysterics, walking away from the scam.

"I don't believe it!' Eddy yelled angrily. "He's just going to wear his normal clothes and egg us on Halloween; doesn't he even care about costumes?" "Are costumes really that important?" Double D asked.

"Look, Mr. Psychic-Pants, costumes are part of what make Halloween what it is!" Eddy responded shrilly while Ed spun around in his tutu. "But, you wouldn't know that; your costumes always suck."

"My costumes don't suck!" Double D responded, shocked. "I find them very frightening!" "Yeah; says the germa… Jeremiah… uh… G-Germanphobe?" "That's 'germaphobe', Eddy." Double D corrected patiently. "And germs are quite frightening! Your costumes, however, are usually boring and unimaginative."

"What?!" Eddy yelled. "My undead Elvis costume was great!" "As was your undead Abe Lincoln costume, your undead Bill Gates costume, and, let's not forget, your undead zombie costume." "You're just jealous of my style!" "Your style is boringly repetitive!" "I'll show you repertoire!" Eddy yelled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out fifty cents.

"I bet you fifty cents that I can come up with a better costume than you!" Eddy declared, slamming the money on the table. "Oh, what are you going to be; an undead Psychonaut?" Double D asked sarcastically. "I accept your wager, my friend!"

Eddy smiled as he put the fifty cents back in his pocket. "There's a dance on Halloween at school." Eddy reminded his friend. "Whoever has the best costume by then wins. The other kids will judge on our costumes."

Double D nodded in acceptance of the rules and the two shook on it. They walked off to their houses to prepare, leaving Ed spinning in his tutu, quite oblivious to what was going on.

11:30 PM:

Double D had a dream that night. In it, he stood atop a tower in a strange, black and white world. The tower was black and twisted up to the heavens. Spikes emerged from the sides of the ball-shaped top of the tower which had large, white windows. A lightning rod came out of the top and it had a jack o' lantern perched precariously on top.

"Where am I?" Double D asked, confused. He rubbed his arms, as he was suddenly overcome by a strange… yet not unpleasant cold. "Home. You are home." A voice seemed to answer.

"I'm home?" Double D repeated, confused. The eyes of the jack o' lantern suddenly lit up with a strange, black flame. "The candle burns out on the 31st; you come home and leave your prison."

"What is this?" Double D asked. "Your world is terrifying. Things will begin happening as the candle burns out; things that will terrify you. By the 31st you will be begging to come home. You will be begging for the cold. The cold is home; let it claim you. The cold… cold…"

Double D woke up in the middle of the night, no memory of the dream in his mind. Yet still, he felt a strange sensation in the back of his mind… was it a Flashback? No, this was strange… strange and cold…




"Well, buddy, are you ready to carve our jack o' lantern?" Jonny asked his wooden friend happily as they sat in front of the pumpkin. "I guess so." Plank answered.

Jonny happily took up the carving knife and began carving the desired face into the pumpkin. Unlike most pumpkins, he was carving the face into the bottom of the pumpkin. He carved the eye… and hair… and, for added effect, carved the pumpkin's lines so it looked like an orange mask.

"How's it look?" Jonny asked happily. "It looks strangely familiar…" Plank answered, trying to remember where he had seen the face. "Tobi is a good boy!" The pumpkin suddenly blurted out.

Author's Notes: Well, that was a nice short, eh, Deidara.

Deidara: Yes; nothing quite brightens up a room like Tobi's severed head, un.

Author's Notes: Anyways, get ready for more stuff to start happening; creepy stuff. I don't know if it'll scare you, but it should be fun! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go make a Tobi mask. You guys should go review.