Alicia Spinnet and George Weasley used to be the cutest couple. But she hasn't heard from him since he ran away after his brother died, ten years ago. So what happens when she sees him again at the Hogwarts reunion?

Chapter 1: meetings, and invitations.

Disclaimer: Sadly I own nothing, I think I'm going cry.

Alicia's POV

I ran through the hallways that were being blasted apart. I jumped from duel to duel. Finally, the fighting stopped. You know who's cold heartless voice cut across the corridors. All the death eaters vanished, and people started to regroup. I decided to go help in the Great Hall.

I walked through the grand entrance over to a group of Weasleys. I starred back at Fred. Cold and motionless. Tears stung, and I had to let them go. I couldn't believe this. Where was Katie? Where was Angelina? Where was Oliver? Where were all of my friends, how hurt were they? Most importantly, where was George? I spun around, searching frantically. Katie and Oliver walked threw the door laughing. They must not know.

I ran over and hugged them both. "Alicia? Why are you clinging to us like a leach?" Katie asked me.

"Yeah, and why are you crying?" Oliver asked.

"It- it's Fred." I pointed them toward the body. The smile on both their faces faded. They both rushed over there.

"No, Fred? Wake up, this isn't a funny joke, it's just plain sick." Katie said. Of course I would like it to be a joke too. I want him to jump up and laugh with us. But I don't think that's going to happen. It didn't look promising.

"Katie, I think he's gone." Oliver told her.

"No, shut up Oliver. It's some sick joke. He's pulled worse." Katie said, trying to laugh. But I could tell there were tears that she was fighting back. "No. Fred, it can't be Fred. Not any of us. We are all supposed to survive this war! None of us are supposed to die. We're always supposed to be the unstoppable Gryffindor team!Fred I swear, if you don't get that sorry arse up this instant, I'll, I'll," I could tell that she wanted to say kill you, but that just didn't seem appropriate.

I turned her away from Fred, and brought her to the other end of the hall. I calmed her down, and we just stood there, waiting at the doors. After what seemed a long time, George's voice shattered the wall that kept me deep in my thoughts, and from the real world.

"Alicia? Why is your face all tear stained." I looked up into the identical face of the man that was now dead on the floor.

"Oh George, honey, there's something you need to know-" I started. I had totally forgot how George would take this.

"Why is everyone huddled around over there?" He started making his way over to his family.

"George wait." I trailed after him. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Why is Fred on the ground?" He asked me.

"Because honey, he's umm-"

"Why isn't he breathing? Why is everyone crying?" He kept asking the obvious questions, because he didn't want to face the reality of it.

"Because, he's, George, Fred is dead." I blurted it out. He didn't say anything. He just starred down at his twin's body. Until finally he dropped to his knees. And clutched his brother's head, and sobbed. I laid a hand on his shoulder, but he just shoved it away. I looked up to see Katie trying to stall Angelina. Oh no, Angelina. I rushed over to my friend's side.

"Where is Fred?" She demanded.

"Angelina, there's something you should know-" I started.

"I just want to see my fiancé!" She screamed at me. I stepped aside and revealed the terrible scene to her. She starred down at it in aw, before rushing out of the castle, to recollect herself..

We all just stood around Fred's body. All of us crying. Angelina finally rejoined us. After about five minutes George got up.

"George? Where are you going?" I asked him. He didn't say anything. He just kept on his quick pace. I ran to catch up with him.

"George David Weasley. Stop this instant." I demanded, but he didn't seem to care. I now had a new coat of tears. "George stop, what do you think you are doing? Are you just leaving?" I kept shooting questions at him. We were halfway to Hogsmead when he stopped. He slowly turned around to face me.

"I can't do it Alicia. I have to go. I have to get away from all of it."

"What? But what about us? We're getting married in a month. We can get through this together. You can't just leave. I can't loose two friends." I begged him.

"I'm sorry Alicia, I just can't do it." Those were his last words, he disapparated right infront of me.

I woke up thrashing in my sleep. I had had that dream night after night, for the past ten years. Yet, it all still just seemed like a dream to me. After ten years, it's still hard to believe that it's true. It's still hard to face the reality, that Fred is gone, and so is George. Well, George isn't really gone. He's just somewhere in the world, but he's gone to me.

I looked at the clock, it was 7:00 am. I decided it was time to get up for work. I worked at the prophet. I was head of the gossip collum. Every one says that's the perfect job for me, being the social butterfly that I am. But somehow, I don't feel at home there. I've changed, and most people can see that. I got up, and went to the shower in my little flat. I let the cool water wake me up. I got out and dried my hair with a charm. Going over my morning routine and putting on my clothes, going out and getting breakfast. I never had much for breakfast, just toast, and coffee.

I grabbed my brief case, and apparated to Diagon Alley. I walked along the street. I passed by all the buildings, and all the busy people, trying to get where they need to go. I accedently bumped into someone because I wasn't paying attention. I looked up and saw a face, a face so familiar. Missing his right year, flaming red hair, gorgeous blue eyes. You guessed it, the face of George Weasley. I quickly turned around and started to run away, but he grabbed my wrist.

"Alicia wait. I have to say something." He told me in his sweet voice.

"No George, I have to go."

"At least meet me for lunch. I'll be at the three broom sticks. Come if you can." He begged. I pulled my wrist away, and walked on to the prophet.

"Trish, will you please get either Angelina Johnson, Katie Wood, or Oliver Wood on the line please?" I asked my secretary.

"Sure miss Spinnet." She walked away, and I went into my office, and started sorting out quotes I got from people. There was a bursting noise, and Oliver's head was in my fire place.

"Oliver? Do you know where Katie or Angelina is?" I asked.

"Yeah, they're out with the Shawn, Sydney and Davie. Why Alicia? Is something wrong?" Oliver asked. Shawn, Sydney and Davie were Katie and Oliver's kids. And Katie was pregnant with another.

"Well, I just." I sighed. "I just saw George."

"What? Did he talk to you?"

"Well, yes. I accidentally bumped into him on the way to work, then when I saw who it was I turned around to just leave him there, and he grabbed my wrist, and said he wanted to have lunch, and told me where, and that I could come, or I didn't have to." I said.

"Are you going to go?" Oliver asked.

"I don't know. Probably not. I just don't want to give him the time of day. But, I, I don't know." I sighed again. I heard a shout from the backround.

"Oliver, we're home!" Katie's voice said.

"Good, come here! Alicia's in the fire now, she needs both your help!" Oliver yelled over his shoulder. Two more heads popped in the fire. They were the heads of my two very best friends in the world, Katie Bell, well Wood now, and Angelina Johnson.

"What's up Licia?" Angelina asked me.

"I saw George today."

"WHAT?" Katie yelled.

"Ow, Katie that was my ear." Oliver said.

"Sorry. Now go on, tell us, what happened?" Katie pleaded.

"Well I bumped into him, and then I was just going to leave without talking to him. But he grabbed my wrist, and said he wanted to have lunch at the three broom sticks. I didn't give him an answer, and just walked away." I told them my story.

"Well, I don't think you should go." Katie said.

"Yeah, that's just stupid of him to think that you would want to talk to him. I mean we all feel for him. But it's not like we didn't loose someone too. And he was just being selfish. Leaving like that for ten years, then popping up in you life again, thinking that you're just going to accept his apologie, just like that. That's just idiotic if you ask me." Angelina said.

"Thanks guys. Well I should go. I have to get to work on my collum."

"Yeah, I should get to work too." Angelina agreed. Angelina was head of the auror agency.

"And I have practice." Oliver said. Oliver was keeper for Puddlemore.

"Oh, yeah, and I don't have to do anything. Ha, while all of you are at work, all I have to do is have fun with the kids. Don't forget both of you are coming for dinner tonight." She told me and Angelina. Katie was still a little sore that she couldn't play quidditch at the present time, because she was pregnant. She used to be the star chaser for Puddlemore. But then she got pregnant, so she's on a very long leave. But they still consider her part of the team.

"Right. See you at six then." I dropped the connection and sat down at my desk, to start my collum for that day.

About 5 hours later, Trish came in to tell me it was my lunch break. I had seriously been dreading this.

"Thanks Trish." I said, and she left to her desk. I decided to go to the three broomsticks, not to meet George, just to see if he was actually there. So I apparated to the little town right off of Hogwarts. I stepped into the pub that I knew so well, from going there so many times when I was younger, and still in school.

"Well, Alicia, have not seen you here for a long time." Rosemerta greeted me.

"Yeah, well, I've been a little busy lately." I told her.

"Oh yes, I hear that you're the gossip collum at the prophet, read it every day." Rosemerta told me.

"Thanks." I said.

"Do you want a table?"


"Alicia?" George asked from behind me. I turned around to face him. I turned back to Rosemerta.

"I'm sorry Rosemerta, but I don't think that I'll be able to eat here today. I just remembered that I have a lunch date with a source. But I'll be back soon, I promise." I smiled at her and left. But George trailed after me.

"Alicia, just hear me out." I disapparated right in front of him. I appeared in my flat.

"I'm so stupid, why did I go?" I asked myself. But I think I just needed to see him. Show him what it's like to be walked out on.

I heard a tapping noise on my window. I looked up and saw a barn yard owl with a note tied to his leg. I opened the window, and he flew in. He held his leg out to me. I took the letter off, and unscrolled it with ease.

Dear Miss Spinnet,

This Friday night, will be your ten year re-union from graduating from Hogwarts. We will be having a dinner in the Great Hall. You are welcome to bring any guests that you may wish. A date is recommended, but not required. Please RSVP as soon as possible. Hope to see you there.


Head Mistress of Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardrey,

Minerva McGonagall.

I starred at the letter. I didn't know that they had re-unions. But of course I would be going. I wouldn't miss this for the world. It would be great to see some other Gryffindors that I have not gotten in touch with for a while.

I got out a piece of parchment, a quill, and ink. I scribbled down my reply.

Dear Professor,

I would be delighted to attend the re-uinion. I am excited to see old friends and professors. I can't wait to see the castle again. Will be seeing you on Friday.


Alicia Spinnet.

I rolled up the parchment and tied it to the owl, he flew out the window. I looked at the clock, and realized I would be late for Katie's weekly dinner. I went to my room, put on some semi fancy clothes. I apparated out of my flat, and to Katie and Oliver's mansion.

"Aunt Alicia!" Sydney came rushing over to hug me.

"Hey Sydney!" I bent down and gave my little six year god daughter a hug.

"Hi Alicia." Katie greeted me. "Come to the kitchen. I've made cookies."

"You made cookies? You can't cook." I laughed.

"She didn't really make them, she just took them out of the package, and put them on a tray, and enchanted the smell, to make it look like she made them." Sydney told me.

"Shh, Sydney, I told you that was between you and I." She whispered to her little girl. Sydney giggled and then skipped away. "Well, Oliver believed it." Katie told me.

"What did I believe?" Oliver stepped into the room, with a cookie in his mouth.

"Nothing honey, go get another cookie." Katie ordered him.

"These really are good." He said putting another in his mouth. I started laughing again.

"What?" He asked.

"Katie, can I tell him?" I asked. She shrugged. "Katie didn't really make the cookies, she got them out of the package, and enchanted to smell, to make it look like she made them." I said through fits of laughter. Two boys came into the room, sword fighting with two rubber swords. Both identical, with their mothers sandy blonde hair, and their father's brown eyes.

"Boys, boys. Come say hi to Aunt Alicia." Katie told Shawn and Davie. Both boys dropped their swords and hugged me.

"Hi boys. How's it going?"

"We're doing good Aunt Alicia." Shawn, at least I was pretty sure it was Shawn, told me. I ruffled both their hair, and they picked up and started playing swords again.

"Shawn, Shawn, you got something right on your face here." Katie grabbed her son's shoulder and spun him around.

"I'm Davie mum."

"Right, oh, sorry Davie." She wiped what was on Davie's face, and let him go.

"You're not Davie." His twin whispered.

"Shhh, I was tricking her." He whispered back. I smiled. There was a pop, and Angelina was in the room.

"Hi, sorry I'm late. Hi boys. Hi Sydney. Hey Katie, hey Oliver." She greeted the entire Wood family. She turned to me. "Hi Alicia."

"Hi Ange." I got up and hugged her.

"So, what's for dinner?" I asked Katie.

"Roast. Dasie is just finishing it up." Dasie was their house elf. They deffinatley needed it, Katie was a great mom, just couldn't clean a house, or cook. Dasie hobbled into the room.

"Dinner is ready." She did a little bow.

"Thank you Dasie." Oliver said. We all went over to the table. We sat down. All through dinner we just talked about quidditch, who we thought would win (besides Puddlemore of course.)

"Hollyhead Harpies." I said.

"No way." Oliver said.

"Why?" I asked.

"They have such a week keeper."

"Well, you think that every keeper is weak." Angelina said.

"Does this have to do with the keeper being a girl?" Katie asked.

"Hey, that's not like me is it? My three perfect chasers were girls. That would be something that Fred and George would say to get you mad." He must not have realized what he had just said. But everyone of us starred at him. We hadn't really mentioned Fred and George, well except for this morning. He looked up. Just now realizing what he had said.

"Why is everyone quiet all of a sudden?" Davie asked.

"No reason." Katie said. She smiled. "Anyone for dessert? We have pie." She tried to change the subject.

"I want pie!" Sydney said.

"Okay," Katie got up and got the pie and ice cream.

"Yum, this is good pie." I said. "Isn't it Angelina?" She was stirring her fork in the pie and ice cream. It was melting, and starting to look like cherry pie soup.

"What? Oh yeah, great pie Katie." She tried to fake a smile, but I could tell she was thinking about Fred, whenever anyone said anything about Fred, she would get like this.

"Kids, I think it's time that you go to bed." Oliver said.

"I'll put them to bed Oliver." I really didn't want to talk about Fred, because that just reminded me of George.

"But we're not tired yet daddy!" Sydney whined.

"It's your bed time, go with aunt Alicia." Oliver persisted.

"Come on, after your shower's I'll read you guys a story." They all nodded and followed me up the stairs. We got to Sydney's room.

"Sydney, your first." I opened the door for her, and she rushed into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard water running. "Don't splash too much okay?" I said through the door. I turned around, and the two twins were sitting on Sydney's pink bed, starring at me expectantly.

"Aunt Alicia-" Shawn started.

"Who is Fred and George?" Davie finished. They were so much like the Wesley twins, it pained me.

"We've heard mum and dad mention their names a couple of times-"

"But they always change the subject right away." So much for not talking about it.

"Listen boys, Fred and George, well, they were two very good friends of ours. They were on the quidditch team with us."

"But why haven't we met them?" Shawn kept asking.

"And why does everyone get upset when they talk about Fred, and you get mad when someone mentions George,"

"And everyone started freaking out this morning, when you said you saw George."

"And why wouldn't you have lunch with him."

"Dad seemed real mad after you hung up, was muttering about nerve or something."

"I'm sure you have over heard your parents talking about Harry Potter?" I asked them.

"Oh yeah, he's the one who saved the world from He who must not be named. We've met him before." Davie said.

"Well, before that, there was a huge fight at Hogwarts. A lot of people stayed, and we all fought. Your mum, and dad, and aunt Angelina, and Fred, and George, and I were there too, we were all fighting to help Harry. And, well, Fred got hurt. And he didn't survive." Both the twins gasped. "Aunt Angelina gets the most upset because she was engaged to Fred, and I was engaged to George. George was really close to Fred, because they were twins, like you guys. Well, George got really upset, and he left. We haven't heard from him in ten years." Davie and Shawn just looked at me, before Shawn finally said.

"So you didn't get married?"

"No, we didn't get married." I smiled. "It'd be best that you don't mention this to your parents, okay?" They both nodded. As if it were on cue, Oliver walked into the room.

"Alicia, Katie needs your help with Angelina. Oh, boys. You haven't taken your baths yet?" Oliver asked.

"No, Sydney's in there already." I said. He went to the door and knocked.

"Syd, almost done? Sydey?"

"I'm almost done dad, sheesh."

"Sorry, sorry." He stepped away from the door.

"Well, I'm just going to go down stairs then." I got up. "Night boys." I kissed both on the head. "Night Sydney."

"Night Aunt Alicia." She called back. I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen. Angelina was crying into Katie's shoulder.

"Angelina." I went and hugged her.

"It, it's been so long. I don't know" Sniffle, "why it still affects me." She said through her tears.

"Honey, it still affects all of us." I hugged her a little tighter. She in haled a little bit, and then stopped crying.

"Do you want to sleep over hon?" Katie asked.

"No, I'm fine, I've got work in the morning."

"Okay, well if you need anything, you know where to find us." I gave her a final hug before she disappareted.

"Well, that was interesting." Katie said.

"Yeah." Oliver came down the stairs.

"I finally got them all to sleep."

"So, are you guys going to the reunion night?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Katie said.

"Of course we're going." Oliver said.

"I'm really excited."

"Ever thought that George was going to be there?" Katie asked.

"Katie, can't you be an optimist?" Oliver joked.

"Why would you say that? I thought you were there for me!" Katie burst out in tears.

"It's okay honey, I was joking!" Oliver panicked.

"Honey, why don't you go lye down." I suggested. She nodded and went upstairs. "Mood swing."

"And she was doing so well today!" Oliver whined.

"Well, I should probably get going, I've got a couple of early meeting tomarrow." I hugged Oliver good night, and apparated to my flat. I went to my bedroom, put on my pajamas, and went to sleep.

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