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Part III: Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Serena sprinted down the street, sweat dotted across her flesh. Jimena fled beside her, sandals flapping on the ground. The largest and cheesiest of grins was planted on her affectionate and wise face. "You didn't tell me you were getting married!" she cried happily, clapping her hands together. Serena resisted the urge to vomit while running. The shadow trailed closely behind, in hot pursuit.

"I'm not."

The 1,000 years old Goddess grimaced pitifully. "Relationship problems, yes?"

"We're not in a relationship."

"An arranged marriage?" Jimena's eyes brightened. "You are a princess, am I right?"

"… No."

"Ohhhhhhh, I know…" She cocked her head, all-knowing. "You are a slave sent in from across the vast oceans to this strange land as a woman meant only for your newly-formed lover's manly needs? Because I've seen manyof those cases." She wiped her forehead, as if finishing some hard labor. "Good thing I escaped that torture—and all because of my duties."

"He wants to marry me, but I don't like him at all!" Serena shouted. She glanced over her shoulder. "And now he's chasing me."


She promptly rammed into someone, and collided with the painful concrete. Her body ached as her eyes fluttered open, a short moan of pain tearing from her throat. Throbbing beat in her back. Limping to her feet, she found herself staring into the beautiful, crystal-blue orbs with depths as deep as the Pacific Ocean and love belonging only to her and… Yes, this was Stanton, his eyes concerned; clad only in black (because we all know ever other color in the damn crayon box isn't cool enough for this suave man). His shaggy—yes, because no other adjective is worthy of his rocking blonde hair—bangs hung limply over his eyes, a shadow covering some of his face as to form the anguish-filled person that Stanton is.

"Help me!" She leapt behind him, cowering. "I'm being stalked!"

"It's just a fan boy." He flicked his hand, not all concerned by the danger barreling their way or the fact that Jimena sported some white blanket tied around her body. "I have them all the time—" He paused, realizing the meaning of his cocky statement. "I have fan girls, I mean! I swear!"

"It's a Regulator!" She bit her lower lip.

"A Regulator?" Stanton arched an eyebrow, said eyebrow vanishing under a layer of thick bangs. "That can't be—" He was then shoved out of the way, Serena squealing in surprise and terror, and Jimena muttering something akin to, "Somebody needs some Jerry Springer time."

"Hello, my new love." The grotesque Regulator spread his fingers through her curls, causing Serena to cringe and grit her teeth in disgust. Something oozed down her neck, probably slime. Shivering, she clasped his hand and pushed it to his chest. Recoiling, she shook her head at him, ready to protest to his false love, but found him leaning forward. Her scream was gone as his chapped, squishy lips pressed greedily against her. Her eyes widened as she fainted, falling limply to the ground… body twitching.

"I know," the Regulator exclaimed conceitedly, "I'm that good a kisser. I practice with my teddy bear—"


He whipped around, watching as a viciously infuriated Stanton, Prince of the Night—whatever that means—, stormed up to him, fingers curled into tight fists at his sides. Serena, propped up by her elbows, smiled weakly; waiting for her love to protect her and stand up for her and call her his


Stanton cracked his neck,

"…In their right mind…"

His energy built,

"… Does something as foolish…"

Shadow lashed about, mimicking his fury.

"As to PUSH ME! Of all people!"

Serena frowned and sighed, her disappointment falling to the ground. Jimena stared at the spectacle, as if calculating an idea to bring upon peace and sunshine to the odd quarrel.


"Not now Sabrina."

"My name is Serena!"

"I know, Selena." He shook his head, glare trained on the Regulator, who was too busy ogling the poor, curly-headed Daughter. "I don't know who you think you are, man, but you have no right to push me to the ground! I'm the definition of Badass Motherfucker! You, on the other hand, could serve as a double for the slimmer in some Ghostbusters movie!" He punched the Regulator, who reeled back, stunned by the pain-filled blow to his face.

"You hit him," Serena shouted, overjoyed, "you didn't just pussy-out and use your powers! You're becoming a man, Stanton!"

He formed his fingers into letters—P O T N—, spat on the beaten Regulator, and leaned back, crossing his arms… gangster style. "You got served, biatch." Chin raised, he strode away, cape sweeping on the ground—it's perfectly normal to wear a cape. Jimena helped Serena up, whose emerald eyes were glazed over with awe and adoration at her lover's retreating back.

"Isn't he magnificent—?"

"He seems to not even know your name."

"—and beautiful. Oh, I love those blonde bangs. It's like he was trying to copy a broom."



Part IV: Et tu, Brute?

Catty stormed around the pillars, huffing and puffing. Again, she was placed in the wrong time. The sky was dim and the air windy. She appeared to be in some Roman-like time. Her eyes narrowed as she watched a man, wielding a knife, walk down long steps, talking animatedly with another man; both clad in white togas. Two other men stood in front of them.

She frowned, and jabbed a thinning man beside her in the elbow.

"Who's the guy with the flowers on his head."

"Julius Caesar, my lady, our lord—"

"Uh… Not for long."

Her eyebrows pinched together as the man carrying the knife shrieked, his foot landing on a banana peel. He fell forward, hands flaying. The thin man next to her gasped, eyes wide. She, too, found her mouth fall open as the falling man's hand landed on Caesar's back; the knife cutting through the skin. The other man smacked his head, said something like, "Might as well start the plan early."

As if from thin air, hundreds of men crowded on Caesar, each shouting battle cries and stabbing viciously.

She blanched.

"So that's why he had the guts to stab first… he tripped on a banana peel!"

AN: The hundreds of men stabbing Caesar is based off a myth (I think), and the banana peel… imagine if that's how he died. Some guy falls down the steps, happening to hold a knife, and… well, you know. Sorry, no Vanessa or Tianna.