For those who have read my previous story be the same name, I wish to inform you that this is a complete rewrite. Although I do like my old story, I wrote myself into a massive dead end and the only ideas I could think of wouldn't work anymore. So, in this story, I'm starting over at the beginning. The first chapter is almost identical to the first chapter of the previous version. It then branches off completely at chapter 2. The characters for the most part remain the same. Rhys is still Rhys and his backstory is still the same. Ryoga is still who he is. The biggest change is how the Amazons fit into the story. Also, Ukyo is drastically different but I wouldn't really expect anyone to notice because I didn't get that far in the original version. Doctor Tofu and Gosonkugi also make appearances and are key roles in the story.

This story is a lot darker and Rhys is a little bit more mellow. He still has his dark side however, which comes out in full force.

Without further or due, let us continue…