..A Love Story..

Summary: A SasuIno story. Sasuke came back, but is it happier if Ino fall for Sasuke for second time around if there's Sai whose willing to love her more than anyone can do but she is not in love with Sai? SasuInoSai.. No flames..

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"..." speaking

"..." thinking

Ino's Point of View

I am Yamanaka Ino, 21 years old from Yamanaka Clan.. I have a simple Ninja life like everyone does..

I just can't get over the fact that the guy I ever loved, Uchiha Sasuke gone back in Konoha yesteday..


Sai, Chouji, and I were eating at the Barbeque Restaurant yesterday at lunch time..

"Korean Barbeque is simply the best.." Chouji commented as he eat the piece of barbeque..

"yes, you're right, fa---" Sai said but before he uttered the last word, I cut him by spilling water on his clothes..

"phew.. thank God, i made it in time.. if he said the word fatty, Chouji will go mad and this restaurant will be destroy.. why on earth Sai never learned that never call people a rude names.." I said as I sighed..

"Sorry, Sai, I didn't mean it.. my hand just slipped and my water spill on you.. I am very sorry.." I reasoned..

"It's fine, Ms. Lovely.." he told me..

I pretended that I blushed..

We continued eating the barbeque..

And after awhile.. Shikamaru entered the restaurant..

He seems like running out of his breath.. I can say he's in a hurry..

"I-Ino.." he called me, he's panting..

"Shika, something's wrong? Calm down first so I can understand you clearly.."

He calmed down..

"he's here.." he said and I am confused whose he's talking about..


"he came back.."

"who do you mean?"

While I am asking that question, I am so nervous cause I know it's him..

"Sasuke's back.." he told me..

I don't know what to say.. The tears just streamed down to my face..

I don't know if I will be angry or happy..

My expression is just shock.. I thought he'll never come back..

But he did.. I know this isn't a dream..

"Ino, are you okay?" I heard Chouji questioning me.

I just nod my head slowly..

"aren't you happy?" Sai asked me..

I stared at Sai..

"I don't know what to feel.." I told him honestly..

"I went here because the Hokage wants you to Interrogate him once he woke up and she need you to help Sakura and Shizune-san to heal them.. He's kinda injured because he fought with Naruto.. Both Naruto and Sasuke are in the hospital right now.." he explained to me..

"Fine.. I am gonna go now.." I said with sad tone..

At the Hospital...

I asked the nurse what is HIS room..

"Uh.. may I know what IS Uchiha Sasuke's room.." I asked her..

I am emotionless, I am holding my emotion..

I don't wanna break down..

"he's in the last room at the right hand side in the second floor.." the nurse retorted me..

"thanks.." I gave her a smile..

I went upstairs.. Every step I make the more I become nervous..

This is it.. I am now at the front of his room..

I sighed before entering..

My hand is shaking while I am turning the door knob..

Once I opened the door I stepped in quietly and close it again..

I saw him lying on the bed with some bandages..

He's sleeping peacefully..

I sat on the chair beside his bed..

I look at him..

"Welcome back.." I told him even though he didn't hear it..

Here we go again.. I am crying again..

I hold his hand with my both hands..

"I've missed you.. How long you been gone? 8 years? that's long you know.." I continued.

"Ino.." I heard a feminine voice called me from my back..

I wiped my tears and turned my head.. I saw Sakura standing there..

"When did he came back?" I asked her..

"Around midnight last night.. the ANBU found both Naruto and Sasuke's body lying somewhere at the forest of Takigakure..."

"how's Naruto?"

"he's perfectly fine now.. he's resting.."

"Sakura, honestly, what did you feel when Sasuke came back?"

"well I am glad.. but I have no special feeling for him anymore.. maybe because i've fallen for Naruto as the time goes by.."

"you and Naruto been together for a while now.."

"I know.. we've been together for 2 years now.. I am now sure that I want to be with him forever.."

"I envious you cause you found a guy that will be with you forever.."

"why don't you go out with Sai? and as far as I know, you dumped Shikamaru 2 years ago.." Sakura told me..

"Sai? he's fine.. but I am not sure what I felt about him.. Shikamaru? i dumped him because I know that he'll never be happy to me.. I just love Shika as my brother.. and Shika's happy now with Temari.."

"So pig, don't complain.. it's your choice.."

"shut up forehead!!"

Sakura become serious again..

"Ino, answer me, did you wait for him?"

"I thought he will never be back here again.."

"pig, that doesn't answer my question.."

I didn't answer her.. I turned my head back at sleeping Sasuke..

"pig, I know, you waited him as Naruto and I did.."

"how do you know?"

"I know, you're always crying, but you never showed it, because you don't want people worry about you.. you're pretending that you don't care.. but deep inside.. you're one of the most hurt.. you met him first before Naruto and I did.. You like him before I did.."

I don't say anything.. But what she said is very accurate.. I couldn't deny that...

I just stare at his sleeping face..

"Do you still like him?" Sakura asked me directly..

"Not really, but, Sasuke-kun will always have a special spot in my heart.." I answered her in soft tone..

"I see.." she said as she smiled..

"I can't stay long.. I am gonna go now.. I have to go in Interrogation.. I just went here cause I thought you and Shizune-san need help.. but it seems that everything's fine.." I voiced as I stand up..

Sakura smirked..

"nice try, pig, you went here to see him too, right?"

I walked out the room..

End Of Flashback..

I wonder when will Sasuke regain his consciousness?

I hope it won't take so much time..

Was Sakura's right?

Am I one of the most hurt when he left Konoha?

True, I met him before them, but honestly I am not close to him as them..

Basically because I am not his teammates but I am still his comrades, right?

Is he still the Sasuke I liked?

Is he still the guy that I am all over when I was a kid?

Is he still the guy who will call Sakura and I annoying?

Maybe he won't call Sakura annoying anymore because Sakura isn't all over him anymore because she has Naruto..

But to be honest, he IS hot as ever as always..

But the real question I wanted to know is...

Is he still remembering whose Yamanaka Ino?

maybe no, I don't have special place on his heart like his teammates..

Who am I to him anyway?


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