..A Love Story..

Summary: A SasuIno story. Sasuke came back, but is it happier if Ino fall for Sasuke for second time around if there's Sai whose willing to love her more than anyone can do but she is not in love with Sai? SasuInoSai.. No flames..

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"..." speaking

Ino's POV

Sigh. It'sa nice morning again to go to Ichiraku!!

Wait!! I wanna check out Sakura fisrt cause I am gonna ak her if she'll go with me.

I bet she will.

I went to Sakura's house.

Sakura's house...

"Forehead, open up!!" I said as I banged her door.

She opened the door with her hands on her hip..

"What pig? Can you stop banging my door cause it's so disturbing!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Whatever. Go with me in Ichiraku since you're all dressed up and ready."

"Pig, you really are crazy, aren't you?"

"I am?"

"Pig, I am pretty sure you are. I am sure Hinata and Naruto are together in Ichiraku."


"What do you mean 'so'? Do you really want me to get hurt so bad?"

I rolled my eyes.

"I mean c'mon, the last time I checked you are friend, so i don't want you to get hurt. But the thing is.. How are you gonne get him back if you're not fucking moving!! You should've fucking guts to do it!!"

"Ino-pig, I get it, just chill and don't swear too much, it makes you look like an criminal assasin ninja."

"Whatever. Let's go, forehead."

We head on Ichiraku.

At Ichiraku..

We saw Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke-kun and Sai.

Sakura and I took a seat.

I can feel the tension between Sakura, Naruto and Hinata.

I just rolled my eyes and ordered my ramen.

"Ayame-san, can I order a Miso?"

"Sure thing, Ino-san."

Long awkward silence.

I broke the silence..

"Guys, the tension is killing me. Can you guys talk?"

Wow. Naruto is so quiet even the two other women that all over Naruto are in silence too.

Ayame gave me my ramen.

"Thanks, Ayame."

"No prob." she smiled.

"Itadaikimasu!" I responded as a respect for the foods.

Silence again, even Sai is not speaking.

Well Sasuke-kun, I won't assume that he would brake the silence cause that is just impossible.

"Well, you guys are not planning to keep quiet all day long, are you?"

No one responded.

"Am I talking to ghosts or just a jacked up people?"

No replied. I looked at Sai.

"Sai? even you are not talking to me? Is there a prob? aren't we pals?"

There's a long paused.

"Ino-san." Sai called me.


"Are you and.."

"Go on Sai.."

"Are you and Sasuke-kun.."

"Me and Sasuke-kun are what?"

"...dating." Sai called out the last word.

I become shocked.

I looked at Sasuke-kun whom still emotionless.

"Sai are you nuts? We're not."

"But, Ino-san, if you're not with Sasuke-kun...why do you guys... kissed... yesterday.."

Now I am shocked and all my friends' are looking at me.

"Sai, excuse me?"

"I saw you and Sasuke-kun kissing yesterday at the middle of the rode.."

"Pig, is that true?!" Sakura asked with excitement in her voice.

"Forehead, it's not what you think, I swear."

"So tell me about it, pig."

I blushed hard.

"Sasuke.. you tell.. them.."

"..why would I?" Sasuke inquired me me with I-don't-care-at-all tone.

"Sasuke, you really are a jackass, aren't you?!!! well fucker, you're the one who kissed me in the public yesterday!!!!" I said furiously.

"..they asked you, not me."

"Well Sasuke, too bad, I passed the question to you so answer it.."

"..I told you I was just proving something when we kissed yesterday.."

I stood up.

"Well, I am not a prostitute that you can kiss or touch whenever you wanted, asshole... and don't you dare say 'we' cause I didn't kiss you back yesterday, you're the only one who kissed me purposely.. Just fuck off, coward."

I said and pulled out a money and put it in the table for the ramen.

I run off and Sakura is kind enough to follow me.

I went directly to riverside where Sasuke and I WERE meeting up, and Sakura kinda tagged along.

I am not crying, but I am really mad that I wanna cry.

I mean c'mon! Why's he bloody coward?

What the fuck is wrong with him?

"Pig, what really happened?" Sakura asked me.

"Nothing, he just fucking kissed me at the public yesterday and people were looking at us like we were are fucking shameless people.."

"Ino, chill, it's just a kissed, it's not like that he raped you or something worse."

"Sakura, he accidentally kissed me the other day which is my first kiss and yesterday he kissed me purposely... it's just weird that Sasuke had my first kiss and we're not even dating. I was saving that kiss for my first boyfriend but it was all gone."

"Ino, breath, and look, it's not like you lost your virginity or something, well, for the record you're turning 22, it's not that bad cause you're not like a 13 years old teenager. Ino, it's all about time to settle."

"What do you mean it's not that bad, huh, forehead?"

"I mean, when we were teens, I really thought that you will lost your everything first, but look what happened, I lost ev'rything to my first boyfriend."

"Forehead, when we were a teen, did you really think that I am slut or a man-whore?"

Sakura sweatdropped.

"Well, just a little.. I mean.. quite.. well not really.." She said nervously.

"Go to hell then. You're so supposed to be my friend, you should be in my side."

"I am your friend, pig! And I am completely in your side."

"Oh yeah?"

"Pig, you're not trusting me, are you?"

"Did I say I am not?"

"Shut up, pig. So what plans are you going to do?"

"I don't know. My mind is all messed up right now and I can't think properly."

"Your mind is messed up because..."

"Maybe because of... Sasuke-kun. I mean Sasuke... Do you know that we're arguing so often."

"You guys are arguing so often and you're not even dating?"

"Yeah. I don't know. He's so hard.. I can't understand him at all.."

"But pig, seriously, what do you feel about him?"

"Who knows? I don't know what to feel about him. I told you, my mind is all messed up... right now.."

"You guys are hanging out too often.."

"Yeah. Having him again as my friend is just cool and..."

"And what, pig?"


"What do you mean complicated?"



"Nevermind, forehead."

Sakura looked at her watch.

"Pig, oh hell no!"

"What do you mean 'hell no'?"

"It's 10:21 and we're so late."

"Oh God! You're kidding!"

"I wish I am, let's go!!"

We head on our ways and we parted.

At Interrogation...

I sat back on my chair.

Someone knocked the door.

"Please come in.."

Ibiki-sensei entered.

"You are late, Yamanaka."

"My bad."

"You're the head, how many times I need to tell you that being late is a crime."


"Ibiki-sensei, why?"

I don't need to tell him what I feel because he can read what's on my mind.

"Because that is life, Yamanaka."

"Sensei, that's the point, why life can be so hard and complicated.."

"It's simple, Yamanaka, life is hard and complicated for you to be stronger and smarter."

"Ibiki-sensei, thanks, you're the best!"

I stood up and hugged him.

"Yamanaka, I'm here as your 2nd father."

I pulled out.

"I know, that's why I am relying on you."

He walked out.

I sat back again.

Ibiki-sensei is surely weird but sue me, he's really willing to protect me and make me feel better every time.

He's really creepy in others' point of view but for me, he's really the best.

I heard someone knocked.. again.

"Come in."

Sai opened the door and entered.

"Oh Sai, what do you want?"

"Are you mad at me?"

"A little."

"I just asked you a question."

"Yeah, you should asked me privately is the case is like that."

"Sorry. When I saw Sasuke-kun kissing you... I feel.. anger."

"The word is jealousy, Sai."

"It is?"


"But am I forgiven?"


"Do I stand up a chance to you cause I really do love you."

"Do you really love me?"

"I am pretty sure, I am in love with you, Ino-san."

"Pretty sure?"

"I mean I am hundred percent sure."

"Sai.. just what ifs.. okay?"

He nodded.

"What if I dump you?"

"Maybe it will hurt.. a lot.."

"What if I will say 'we can be together right here, right now?'"

"Maybe I will be so happy.. and maybe I will try to be a good man for you.."

"Sai.. Thanks.."

"For what, Ino-san?"

"For loving me this much cause I can feel how much you love me."

"I read to this book, it said that you have to make her feel special to show her how much you love her and how much you care."

"Aw Sai, that's just so sweet."

I stood up again and hugged him so tight.

He hugged me back.

I pulled out and kiss him in his cheek.

He smiled at me.

"Ehemmm!!!!!" I heard someone fake-coughed.

We turned our head and saw Tsunade-sama standing.

"Oh Tsunade-sama, what're you doing here?"

"Don't you remember that I need to pick up some documents about some insane criminals?"

"Oh yeah! I waited for you last night but you didn't come."

"I kinda.. fell asleep."

"Oh okay. I figured that out."

"Shut up, Yamanaka."

"Hang on a second.."

I walked up to my desk and pulled out some documents from the cabinet.

"Here, Tsunade-sama."

"Thanks. And Sai, I am gonna see you later at my office."

"Hai, Hokage-sama."

He reponded as he bowed.

Tsunade-sama walked out.

"Ino-san, I think I need to go now."

"Sure, see you later."

He walked out too.

This is jus what if too...

What if I will say 'yes' to Sai?

There's a lot of quetions in my mind.

Am I gonna be happier?

At least he loves me too much.

Sakura is right, I am turning 22 and I need to settle down.

But if I will be with Sai, the real questions are..

Can I fool myself?

Am I gonna learn to love him?

Is it hard to be with someone you don't really love?

Is he gonna be happy?

Am I gonna be a good girlfriend to him?

Did I deserve his love?

Are we gonna last forever?


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