You give me that hummingbird heartbeat
Spread my wings and make me fly
The taste of your honey is so sweet
When you give me the hummingbird heartbeat
Hummingbird heartbeat

Katy Perry, Hummingbird Heartbeat

I opened the door a few centimeters and peered into the room, it was silent with a faint glow of light coming from the small lamp Healers always left open in case the patient grew anxious. I opened the door a bit wider until I saw him. He was facing the opposite way his hair growing more tousled. I sneaked into the room and carefully closed the door without making any noise. I turned around and made my way towards the bed.

I carefully grabbed his file that was located in the front of his bed and looked for the time they gave him his sleeping potion, it was given to him an hour ago. Normally the potion does take it's time to kick in unless we were giving the sleeping draught which knocked the patient out cold immediately. I closed his file and placed it back. I couldn't help to just stare at him. My medical trained brain was making me examine him. He wasn't pale anymore but he skin looked rather dry which meant that he hasn't being hydrated. Hmm. I walked a little bit closer to him and stared at the bandaged shoulder, there were clean bandages and around the corners there was some oily residue from his ointment which would explain why his skin looked so dry. The ointment was trying to heal and close the gash. I was sure he had broken his collarbone which he hasn't but it was still heavily bandaged. I looked down towards his right ribs and saw different bandages they were thicker and even though there was no ointment treating that I knew it was holding his two fractured ribs in place. As my mind finally calmed down and confirmed that he was indeed okay and on the way to the mend the heaviness of anxiety that I was feeling in my stomach was now creeping up towards my chest making me feel relieved. In that moment he moved his head to face the door, the quick movement made him flinch a little bit his breathing did get a little heavier but it only lasted a few moments until his breathing calmed down.

Now that I knew he was okay I told myself it was time for me to leave and go home and get some good sleep. But I just stayed in place. Even though I was having issues with Potter that doesn't mean I was glad that he was hurt. No. That wasn't even the case. I wanted to keep my distance mainly because I just couldn't imagine James Potter being injured is such a drastic way. I was scared to face the reality of it. I felt the tears sting my eyes. I'm such a bloody coward. I can't even justify my absence in any redeemable way. I wiped the tears out of my face and tore my gaze from the sleeping Potter and turned to the window. It was a silent night and the security guards still were outside patrolling the entrance. The night was hosting some unfriendly looking clouds that seemed to be getting more opaque.

I huddled closer to my white robe, there was a storm coming. How cliché. Everything right now was being completely turned upside down. I really should be getting ready to leave. I was due back in here in six hours. As I made my decision to finally be at peace to leave and get some sleep I turned to the door and without lancing at Potter I opened the door.

"Are you really leaving without checking my bandages?"

I might've jumped a foot. I turned around to see Potter awake and watching me.

"You're awake!" I glanced at my watch. He should definitely be deeply asleep by now. The potion is strong enough that would make any light sleeper go into a deep slumber.

"The potion doesn't really make me sleep it just makes me feel smashed," he admitted as he gingerly tried to lift his body to a more comfortable sitting position. I approached him carefully keeping an eye on his ribs and shoulder, making sure he didn't move too fast.

"Are you alright? Do you feel the gash opening up?" I stood right in front of him as he gingerly found a comfortable spot and reclined his head on the bed post.

"The only pain I feel is just being stiff. Lying on this clinical bed just makes me uneasy," he said as he tried to sit up.

I looked at his face and noticed that his face did have color on them, faint pink cheeks, his lips looked dry, his eyes were not dilated, his irises seemed impact there was no sign of further deterred eye vision.

"You look better,' I commented as I handed him his glasses.

He gingerly lifted his right arm and I placed his glasses to his outstretched hand. He expertly placed his glasses to his eyes.

"Finally! Seeing clearly! I have no idea how my Healer looks like. They had wanted to keep my glasses off so they could monitor all of the 'key signals'," he complained.

Finally looking at his face-to-face made me feel so complete. Here he is. He may be wounded but his spirit was intact. All of my insides were fluttering and I was just grateful he didn't know that.

"Wendy says you're recovering well."

"Well enough to go home tomorrow?" he asked skeptically

I smiled, "Unfortunately, no. You're still being kept here until the gash has closed."

He looked to his left shoulder, "Seems like it's nice and shut now. Compared to how it was when I arrived," he reasoned as he gingerly lifted his left arm. "Doesn't really hurt," he flinched.

"You were attacked by a unregistered spell so we have to be highly cautious," I told him as he switched his attention to his injure rib.

"You would've expected I might've fractured something while I was playing Quidditch. A concussion or a broken something! Even amnesia!" he muttered.

"True as that may be you were out on a mission and doing things that you really couldn't do at a Quidditch match," I conceded as I sat on the chair next to his bed.

His face brightened up, "That's an idea! I should suggest it to Mad-Eye."

I shook my head, "I really doubt he would let you carry a Quidditch set with you on highly secretive operations."

"He might let me carry around a broom you never know. He is Mad-Eye," he teased.

"He may be Mad but not an idiot," I said smiling

He was smiling as he pondered the idea in his head. I could see this thought become highly amusing. I on the other hand was feeling rather calm. I turn to look at the floor, I was still a little uneasy about being here and talking to him but I didn't feel the awkwardness I thought would be inevitable.

"How long have you been interning here?" He asked, watching me

"I got the internship right after Hogwarts. They don't let you do a lot once you enter here you have to do a lot to gain more responsibilities," I was in the last three months in my internship and afterwards I was up for revision to see if I could be hired as a Healer.

I was feeling a little uncomfortable having him watching me. There was nothing intimidating about his gaze, it was simply the fact that he could still look at me the same way he did a few years back. At that moment I saw him squirm and move his legs.

"Legs stiff?" I asked, glad for a reason to get on my feet and walk away from his scrutiny.

He made a face and lifted his legs, "This bed is great, really, but being on it for majority of the day isn't something I'm used to."

I walked towards his chart and opened it to the section of appointed time where he was allowed to get off his bed. It had been over a day ago at that time it was also the last time he was given a field test. Even though I already knew he was fine and he was fine I still wanted something to do. I didn't want to leave the room just yet but the conversations although light, were a little short.

"Well Mr. Potter it seems it's time to run some test," I announced as I walked to stand in front of him.

He made another face, "Another serum?" I shook my head.

"Field test," I answered

"Oh, well, are you even allowed to give those hmmm? He asked, teasingly.

I rolled my eyes, "Yes, Mr. Potter."

I took out my wand from within my robes and saw Potter eye it warily.

"Lil-Evans no disrespect but due to past and even present experience I am a bit concerned what you could do with that wand," he said warily as he continue to look at my wand.

I rolled my eyes, "Mr. Potter I promised that I will not jinx you or further harm you while running some simple field test," I told him. He relaxed a little. "That's saved for when you're out of here," I replied sweetly.

He shook his head, smiling.

"Threatening me while I'm disabled, I tell ya," he muttered.

"Okay, please remove your glasses," I asked.

With his good hand he reached for his glasses and withdrew them and placed it next to him. I placed his file on the bed and withdrew a latex glove from my robe and inserted my hand and adjusted the glove to my hand and turned around and I snapped the edges of my glove.

"Ready?" I asked innocently.

James swallowed, "Um, sure."

I stood right in front of him and withdrew my wand from within my coat, "Lijer Lumos," I muttered. With my gloved hand I lifted his eyelid and brought my wand closer to his eye. The whites of his eyes looked healthy.

"Look to your left," his gaze shifted. Some of his veins looked a tiny bit too thin which signified dryness of the eyes. Considering he just said he had not been wearing his glasses since he's been here it doesn't sound too off that he's been forcing his vision and not blinking enough.

"Look to your right," his veins did look thin and small so that meant that he would have to relax and not force his vision.

"Look at me," I instructed. His pupil wasn't dilated like I noted earlier. His irises were a rich color of honey. His hazel eyes always had me so captivated not only were they a honey color they were so expressive. The color would always change from honey, light brown and at times they looked yellow and even rarer it was when they turned a light shade of green….

I shook my head; I changed my attention to his right eye. I did the same thing and the diagnose was identical. I took a step back and lifted my wand to his face.

"Follow my wand."

"No need to tell me twice."

I chuckled. The look in his face was just priceless. I moved my wand right, and then left then up and down and his gaze followed. I really shouldn't have done this but I couldn't resist. I placed my hand in the middle and he continued to look at it I then moved my hand towards his face and his eyes came inwards…

He flinched and blinked a few times. I bursted out laughing.

"Hey!" he laughed as he rubbed his eye.

"Sorry! It was just that look in your face, I couldn't resist!" I defended myself as I twirled my wand.

He was glaring at me but with a smile he was trying to hold back.

"Okay here, you could hold my wand. This next test I don't need it," I said as I handed him my wand.

He took my wand and placed it right next to his glasses.

"What's the next test?"

"Heart rate."

"Oh. Well I'm alive so that means it's good right?" he teased.

I rolled my eyes. I placed two of my fingers to his wrist and found his pulse I checked my watch his heart was going a little bit too quickly. His heart was fluttering, I frowned and I looked at him he was looking at his hand and I noticed something that wasn't there about thirty seconds ago; he was blushing.

"You're Red."

"You're Black," he retaliated.

This made both of us laugh.

"You remember!" he said as he smiled.

It was an inside joke between us. Whenever we were really annoyed with one another we would call each other by the deep color of our hair. It was suitable that I was a red head and he was raven haired. Sirius always got confused when we got into it because he was always called by his last name. I mean of course, everyone thinks of him when someone says black.

"Of course! That adjective meant so many things that no other words could ever represent." I grabbed the file and grabbed a quill from my pocket and wrote down the results of the field test.

"So I'm good?" he asked as I closed his file.

I nodded, "The only thing is that your eyes are really strained you have to wear your glasses and not force your vision. I'm going to suggest they give you some artificial tears."

"What is that?"

"They're eye drops that moisture your eyes," I explained, "There is one more thing that I think you should do. I think it's best if you tried to stretch your muscles."

"I would really like that," He said relieved. As I offered my hand to help him, he took it and then immediately withdrew it.

"Uh, I have one little problem," he said nervously, "I'm wearing a robe but it doesn't necessarily umm" he looked loss for words.

I knew immediately to what he was referring to and as a Healer I knew that it was a normal problem but individually I found it quite funny.

"Can I have my wand please?" I asked as I stretched out my hand.

He looked even more concerned.

"Potter? How about a deal? While I'm wearing these white robes I promise not to curse you to oblivion Healers honor."

He didn't look as worried but he was hesitant to return my wand.

"Thank you." And with a flick of my wand he was wearing light, white, lounging pants.


"Yes, thank you," he looked relieved and he gave me his hand and little by little and gingerly I helped him out of the bed. He faltered a little once he was out of bed so gingerly I placed my hands on his waist and steadied him. Once he was steady I walked to stand a little further from him.

"Walk to me," I instructed.

There was a look in his eye that I couldn't recognize. He took a step towards and then another. He didn't flinch but his body was adjusting to his weight so he swayed a little but continued, the closer he got to me I took a step back we did this until we had reached the door. He stood in front of me looking quite happy.

"This felt so good," he expressed as he would switch his weight to one foot to another.

"Just be careful because we don't want to make any further damage to that rib," I warned

He took a confident step closer to me his proximity was making me clammy. The loose side ponytail I had came loose and my hair spilled around my face. Before I could shove my hair aside his good hand grabbed a few strands and tucked it behind my ear. He knelt towards me resting his forehead to mine. I don't know exactly how this happened. But here he was, wounded and catching me off guard.

"I don't want to further damage anything that is essential for me to exist," he breathed into my ear. I shivered I knew he wasn't talking about his rib. My heart swelled. I knew I had to take a step back but I was cornered to the door. There were so many emotions going through me I didn't know which ones they were.

"Walk back to your bed," my voice was shaky.

"Feel my pulse," he whispered as he offered me up his good arm.

Relieved that he had given me some space I felt his wrist for his pulse. His pulse was racing. It wasn't just fast, it was fluttering even more than before. I looked up at him and saw him watching my fondly.

"Back to bed," I said once more, confidently.

He held my hand and intertwined our fingers. He took a step back and slowly turned towards his bed; he walked confidently and stopped right next to his bed. I dropped his hand and placed my hands on his waist to help him sit and lay back in bed. He kept his eyes on me the whole time as I covered him with the blankets. I grabbed my wand and placed it back in my robes his file was back in front of his bed, I turned to look at him.

"It's time for you to sleep," I told him gently.

I nodded a good night. I really wanted to get out of here as fast as I could.

"Red, can we extend this immunity outside the hospital?" he asked.

I turned to look at him, smiling, "Not a chance, Black."