Dear Diary,

I guess this is the start of my diary…but anyways, Hello, my name is Natsuki Kuga. I'm 8 years old… I have a younger sister, Alyssa, but she's only 4. My momma died giving birth to her, but I've gotten over it now. My papa…well..

He's the reason I need someone to talk to. Even though mama died two years ago, Papa has started to act strangely. He sold most of my toys, and a lot of Alyssa's, making her cry. When she cried, I yelled at him…and he punched me and threw me against the wall. It hurt…a lot. He left the house, and came back a long time later.

Alyssa was scared to greet him the morning next, but he was nice to her. But when I said "Ohayo.." all he did was glare at me. It hurt…a lot. I don't know what I did, but I hope things get can get better.

Things got worse when me and Alyssa were getting ready for school…Papa…when I was changing he came in and looked at me strangely, and left. He didn't look mad, but he looked intrigued.

I think maybe he thinks I'm becoming an adult, because took away all my kiddie panties and replaced them with ones that bigger people would wear.

After I went to school, my friends suddenly took me to the nurses' office. Ms.Youko looked at me, and her eyes were widened. When I looked at the mirror I had saw that my eye was purplish-blue.

Yuu-chan said that I got in a fight, and congratulated, but Mai-chan and Mi-chan looked scared.

Anyways, school was boring, except for after school, cuz me and Yuu-chan found a puppy!

Yuu-chan said she couldn't keep it, so I brought him here. He's hiding in the backyard right now, and I gave him a bowl of water and some bread.

Uh-oh, I think my papa's home, till next time then Diary!