Okami : Suspension Note

Okay, I'll be honest. I hate it when a story that I've been reading doesn't update for a long time and I admit I'm guilty on doing it to both of my current stories. Unfortunately, current circumstances have made me decide to suspend work on Okami until I can get some fresh ideas. I don't wanna write something without giving it my all and I don't want to upload anything that's under par.

And I do mean SUSPENSION. I do plan on continuing it… eventually. It's just that I've been workin' THREE jobs as of late and I have very little time to think. That and I've been working on a completely original story that popped into my head. It's kinda… like if you mixed Constantine, Spawn, and Silent Hill together… with a little bit of that movie 1408 in it… with a humorous twist.

If you wanna check it out I've posted a little bit about it on my blog at

http://blog. do plan on continuing Inheritage for the time being. I've had ideas for that for a while now.

I'll try and get back to Okami as soon as I can. With the upcoming Christmas Season, I'll have some time to work on it soon… I hope. Gamestop get's kinda hectic around Christmas… (CHILDREN!!! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!)

Anyway, when the next chapter is up, I'll switch out this note for it, so the story will read uninterrupted.


Kyros (Everybeast)