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Dedicated: To my best friend Padfoot who doesn't realise just how good a friend she is. You're my best friend Pads and I don't know what I'd do without you. This is also for you because of our total and complete fangirliness while checking out Ryuichi because he's adorable and Yuki because he's just hott.

The Exact Moment
A Gravitation Fanfic
By Moony-the-Book-Wolf

I can pinpoint the exact moment that I fell in love with Shuichi Shindou.

Somehow we had managed to get onto the roof of NG while playing a game of tag shortly after Shuichi had found out that Hiro was quitting Bad Luck (not that I knew that little tidbit then) and he started asking these questions. Hurtful questions; questions about Nittle Grasper. He asked if Nittle Grasper would have made it without Nikoro or Tohma.

And it hurt.

Nittle Grasper wouldn't have been Nittle Grasper without them. I wouldn't have been the Ryuichi I am today without them…

And here he was asking questions as if he would have preferred that we had been different…As if he would have preferred that I were different.

So I ran. I ran because I couldn't take my friend asking these things. I couldn't believe that my friend would hurt me by asking such questions.

After Hiro returned to Bad Luck during an enlightening press conference(Bad Luck sold 1,000,000 records) Shuichi came to me and apologized for his behavior up on the roof.

Then he looked me in the eyes…and smiled.

And unbelievably my heart skipped a beat. Butterflies flew around in my stomach…Kumagorou giggled in my ear.

In that moment my pink haired rival was changed from a friend that I loved to sing with and compete against to a man that I loved.

But he didn't love me back.

Oh I'm sure he loved me as a friend...and maybe as a role model but he would never love me in the way that he loved the novelist.

So I waited. I watched as Eiri Yuki treated Shuichi like shit. I watched as Shuichi had more stress piled on his shoulders and his temperament ranged between two extremes: absurdly happy and dangerously depressed.

I watched as Yuki tested Shuichi's love for him time and time again and I watched as Yuki finally pushed Shuichi too far.

And then I swooped in. Shuichi and I began a relationship and I began to hope that maybe…just maybe... Shuichi would fall for me in the way that he'd fallen for Eiri Yuki.

But I was proven wrong. For Shuichi still loved Yuki in ways that I could never even begin to understand.

And damn him because the blonde bastard loved Shuichi just as much.

Yuki had the one thing that I could never have even though he didn't realise it.

Yuki had Shuichi's heart.

I can pinpoint the exact moment that I fell in love with Shuichi Shindou.

And sadly I can also pinpoint the exact moment that he broke my heart.