Yoshizilla: Technically, this shouldn't even be considered a new fanfic, because it's really a resurrection of an old one that I discontinued.

Disclaimer: Pretty obvious.

Yoshizilla: Shut up. So in hopes that me and my good friend (who I collaborated a lot around the time this came out) can sometime in the seeable future collaborate again, here's...the new and improved Milleniumon and Yoshizilla's Randomness Theatre! Enjoy the show! Also note that this isn't in Super Smash Brothers anymore, but X-crossovers instead. Though beware - severe and hilarious randomness lies ahead.

Disclaimer: You have been warned. None of us own Mario, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Final Fantasy, or ANY other charas that may appear in this fic.

Dis: You suck!

Claimer: (Steals story) MINE!

Yoshizilla: NOT AGAIN!

Disclaimer: (Sign) Sheesh…

Yoshizilla: Oh, and in case you guys don't remember or just clicked into the story itself, here's the summary: Me, the great Yoshizilla known for pure humor and randomness, has just teamed up with Milleniumon of Digimon fame. Together, we present the most arkward series the world will ever know. Presenting the Randomness Theatre! Cameos from many different series. So now, I'll leave you with that. ENJOY!!!!

(cue crappy fanfare)





The audience applauds as the introduction ends. The searchlights scatter around the theatre, skimming over the audience before finally settling on the center on the red curtains… And nothing happens. 30 seconds pas by and STILL nothing happens. The audience begins to murmur in complaint.

"Psst!" A voice hisses from behind the curtain. "Hey! Who's ever in charge of the curtains! The show's about to start! Raise 'em!"

Off stage, handling the curtains is a Chansey. A Chansey who is fast asleep.

"Damn it!" A second voice hisses. "Wake up!" A rock is thrown at the Chansey. CONK

"Chansey!" The Chansey wakes up, nursing the bump on its head, only to look at its watch and realize the time. With that it raises the curtains as fast as it can, revealing two boys, one standing 5 feet tall with black hair, and in a blue tuxedo; and the other in a red tuxedo, standing at 6'5 with blond hair.

"Welcome all!" The black haired boy introduces himself. "I'm Yoshizilla."

"I'm Milleniumon." The other introduces himself.

"You may recognize us from such stories as 'Yoshi's First Adventure', 'Dr. Hoshi', 'The Days of Super Smash Brothers', and 'Yoshi Kart'."

"Or Crest of Determination."

"This time, we have joined forces…"

"In order for us to bring you…"

Both of them strike ridiculous super hero poses. "Milleniumon and Yoshizilla's Randomness Theatre!"

The orchestra in the bottom of the stage plays. Tiptup is the lead, with his 40 sons and daughters playing the instruments. As the song ends, the audience cheers. Yoshizilla looks at Milleniumon. Milleniumon smiles at Yoshizilla, and Yoshizilla smiles back. Milleniumon faces the audience. "Now, without further ado, let's meet…" But before he can finish…

"HERE WE GOOOOO!" A deep gruff voice shouts, along with the sound of thundering feet. Out of nowhere, Mario's rival, Wario comes in doing his bull charge and such a speed, that he runs Milleniumon over, flat as a pancake.

Milleniumon groans on the floor, His eyes all swirly. "Guuuuuuhh…." "Popping back to his original shape, he shakes off the daze and turns on Wario. "What's the big idea, you big lummox?"

Wario casts him his usual smirk. "You were wearing so much red that I thought you were Mario, so I thought I'd give him a good old charge."

Milleniumon slaps his forehead. "Mario's not this tall, bone head! Geez, you're not only strong as an ox, you're as dumb as one too!"

A vein bulges on Wario's forehead, as he did not find that funny. "Dumb as an ox am I? Would an ox do this?" He grabs Milleniumon.


Wario charges up for a throw, before throwing Milleniumon so hard, he starts bouncing off the walls like a pinball.

"OW! OOCH! LUIGI! SON OF A PLAYSTATION! MAMMA MIA!" Milleniumon curses as he's bounced up and down the room.

Yoshizilla looks on with a sweat-drop as Wario leaves, looking satisfied. "Um…" He turns back to the audience. "We've managed to round up an all-star cast for you all. The Pokemon gang shall be part of our shows of randomness and-"

Another Interruption…

Pikachu appears dancing around in a little pink dress. "Oh Mah Gawd! I am like SO totally hot in this cute little number. I just…" BAM! He is slapped by Onix's tail.

"Pikachu! Stop acting so gay! If Ash saw you like this he'd be appalled!" Onix gripes.

"O-K…" Yoshizilla says with dumbfounded ness…before turning back to the audience. "Anyway, we also have…"

"AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" A familiar green haired, paled face, purple clad clown speeds by in what looks like the famous bat-mobile. "The great and powerful Joker of Oz has a new ride! WHOOPEE!" He speeds off, being pursued by an enraged Batman.

"DAMN IT JOKER!" Batman shrieks. "GIVE ME BACK MY FREAKING CAR!" He chases after Joker on the bat-cycle, red in the face, and foaming at the mouth with rage.

Yoshizilla slaps his forehead. "Okay…now that we-"

But before he can finish, Spongebob, Patrick, the Flying Dutchman and the Flying Dutchman's ship appears. Yoshizilla sweatdrops and turns into his monster form, a Yoshi head combined with Godzilla's body.

"The things I do around here," He said, as he blasted the trio of sea creatures. He turned to the audience. Yoshizilla signed and said, "Never mind… Just watch the show folks…" He walks, or rather STOMPS, off the stage, switching off the lights.

Pichu appears on the stage, eating cheesecake. "No one can take my cheesecake!" He yelled proudly, as the curtains fell and a big screen appeared in middle of stage.

The audience cheered in anticipation, as the film began.

At that very moment, Milleniumon lands on the ground, battered, bruised, dislocated all over, and in pain. "Ooooohh… Can…someone…help…me…up? Anyone…"

Crickets chirp.

Milleniumon groans. "Oh screw it…"

Tiptup, who is cleaning the orchestra stage, looks at Milleniumon, and says, "Meh."


(cue dramatic chord)