Title: If Things Had Been Different

By: Lady FoxFire

Date: October 8, 2007

Rating: G

Pairing: None

Warning: Character death… kind of

Category: Transformers Movie 2007

Summary: At the end of the movie everyone lived happily ever after at least until the next movie but what if something unexpected happened?

Disclaimer: To try to claim the Transformer universe as my own would be the biggest insult I had ever committed in my life, luckily I'm smart enough not to even try. Do I make any money off this fic… maybe someday if I get my butt in gear and actual write a novel but no at this time I make no money from this fic.

Bad Author Notes: I really hate it when my own bunnie that I try to give away bite me in the butt.

A few blocks from the Witwicky household sat a blue Peterbilt cab semi with red flames painted on it; the driver of the truck sat nearly motionless watching as the two young soldiers entered the house.

"It doesn't have to be this way," the driver said as he continued to watch the house.

"Yes, it does," a voice said from behind him in the sleeping section of the semi.

The truck grew silent once again only to be broken by the voice from the sleeping section saying, "She'll serve them tea."

The dark haired driver turned to look at the shadowy figure in back.

"She spent a year over in Britain as an exchange student. She always serves tea when she has to deal with the unexpected. It lets her control the situation," the figure said with a snort. "Hell she would probably serve tea to Megatron if he showed up."

"Sam," the driver said.

"No Prime," Sam said as he leaned forward into the light.

Instead of the normal appearance one would expect for a native of this planet, Sam's appearance was that of a cyborg, a combination of metal and flesh, but he looked nothing like the cyborg's that had appeared in Earth movies or TV shows.

Sam was an artist's dream of flesh and metal. The bronze colored metal curled and swirled across Sam's flesh and gave the young man's face an unearthly appearance. If someone has seen him on the street they might have thought that Sam was wearing face paint in an almost Celtic design.

"This is the best way," Sam said as he stared at his childhood home. "This way they can grieve for their lost and in time their pain will fade and when it does they're turn their energies to other matters. I'm sure Mikaela will help nudge them into something productive." Turning slightly to look at the hologram of Optimus Prime, Sam continued, "If I had stayed, if they could see me as I am now, they would spend the rest of their lives looking for a cure, looking for a way to return me to what I once was. They would try every suggestion, visit every quack out there to try to fix me. Their lives would become bitter and miserable as they searched for a cure only to continually be disappointed."

Prime turned around to once again watch the Witwicky residence. "It wasn't meant to end like this," Prime said as an apology.

"No sacrifice, no victory," Sam replied from behind the Autobot leader. "You were willing to sacrifice yourself and the future of your people in order to protect my world. This way is better. All we sacrificed was Megatron and the Allspark's old form."

"And your future," Prime commented.

"I'm still alive, Prime," Sam replied. "I haven't sacrificed my life nor my future."

Prime turned once again and looked at Sam. "You did sacrifice your future. You are the Allspark now. The future you had hoped for, planned for now can never be."

Sam shrugged his shoulders. "And you never dreamt of being a soldier, of being the leader of your race, Prime but this is what we were destined for. I could fight it, cry over what I've lost but if I did that then it will only bring pain and misery to everyone involved."

"And you can accept this so easily?" Prime asked with a slight trace of awe for this former human.

Sam let out a bitter laugh. "Hardly," Sam replied. "I expect that there will be some days I'll be a damned bastard. Days in which I'll hide away from everyone until I feel ready to face the world… or I guess it's the universe again."

Optimus looked as Sam for a moment before turning around and settling back into the driver's seat, lost in thought. Prime's hologram jerked in response as the anguished cry that came from the Witwicky residence reached his sensors.

"Even if you were able to save the Allspark in its original form there would have been no way to save Cybertron," Sam stated in a matter of fact tone of voice.

Prime turned suddenly and at looked at Sam, who had leaned back so he was nearly hidden in the shadows once again. Prime's eyes demanding an explanation for the comment.

"Cybertron is dead, Prime," Sam explained as he watched the front door of his old home open. "The Allspark knew that your world was dying, that's why it had you send it away. It wanted to escape the war and Cybertron as your world died. It left Cybertron in the hope of finding a new world to start over on."

"Why?" Optimus asked. This simple word expressing everything he needed to ask, needed to know.

Sam looked at Prime, his eyes expressing the pity, the remorse he felt for destroying the Autobot leader's hopes and dream.

"The beings of this world… when destruction occurs, whether it be natural or from war, they build on the remains of what once was. If you look at Earth's great cities, you'll find cities underneath them but that is something you will never find on Cybertron," Sam stated.

The hologram of Optimus Prime blinked at Sam in confusion. "I don't understand."

Sam leaned forward. "Cybertronians can not do that. They can not build on top of the past; it is not in your nature to do so. You will put all your hopes and dreams into trying to capture the glory that once was Cybertron. You will try to rebuild the past, a past that is long since dead. The children, the sparkling that will come, will want to forge a future of their own but will be forced to rebuild a past that very few can remember."

Sam leaned back into the shadows. "It will lead to war once again."

"A never ending cycle," Optimus said to himself.

"Unfortunately that is true," Sam said. "But remember Prime, Cybertron may be dead but our people still live. We will find a new world, a new Cybertron," Sam stated. "And we will start again."