Wrath of the Sith


Summary: Anakin has returned from the Sith. However, now Sidious is out for revenge. So he manipulates whatever he can to bring Anakin to him.

Obi-Wan Kenobi stared at his former friend and Padawan in disbelief. "Anakin! How can you do this to yourself, to Padmé?" Obi-Wan yelled. Anakin Skywalker glared at his former master. "I'm saving her life!" Anakin yelled. "Something you don't care about!" Obi-Wan blinked. "Anakin, Padmé wouldn't want you to sell your soul to the Sith! She loves you, Anakin!" The man in question crossed his arms. "That's why I'm doing this. So she won't die and we can have a future together. No stupid rules tying us down. And no Jedi."

Obi-Wan grimaced. It was only days ago that the Jedi Temple had been standing, with so many Jedi and so much to gain from. Now, corpses littered the fallen Temple, and the other Jedi on missions murdered. "Anakin, listen to yourself! This isn't you!!"

Anakin shrugged. "Maybe it is the real me. You were blind like the others, Obi-Wan. You hated me, resented me from the beginning." Obi-Wan shook his head. "You may think that, but that's not true. If I really hated you, I never would have TRAINED you!!" Anakin snarled back, "Becuase you were FORCED to!!!" Obi-Wan flicked hair out of his eyes. "Nobody forced me. I could have told Qui-Gon NO, but I didn't. When I started training you, I saw what Qui-Gon did. I saw your potential, and that you'd make a great Jedi."

Anakin blinked. Then he yelled, "SHUT UP!!" Then Anakin lunged at the older man, activating his lightsaber and fought against his former master. Anakin's parries carried darkness behind them, making the weilder slightly stronger then the other, making Obi-Wan back up slightly so not to get scorched from the boiling Mustafar lava.

I can't believe this is what it's come to. The Republic has been overthrown and my best friend has been turned into a monster. Oh, Anakin. Obi-Wan could feel tears coming to his eyes, but not from steam. "You're tiring, Master, I can see it," Anakin sneered, the expression twisting the young man's face into a horrible and ugly mask. "I'm not tired. I'm disappointed that this happened." Obi-Wan said softly, stepping away from Anakin's furious blows.

Obi-Wan couldn't look at Anakin anymore. If this was what his Padawan chose to be, then... so be it. "I was sent to kill you, but... I can't..." Obi-Wan said, then he deactivated his lightsaber and threw it away. "Wha--?" Anakin's eyes widened with shock. Then they narrowed. "That was foolish. You'll just die sooner then you would if you had lost the duel." Then Anakin's lightsaber headed straight for his heart. Obi-Wan closed his eyes, praying that Anakin would know what he was doing.

After a few minutes had passed and nothing happened, Obi-Wan hesitantly opened his eyes. Anakin was struggling with himself, trying to kill and not kill Obi-Wan at the same time. "Anakin?" Kenobi questioned. The young man did nothing, although his hand started shaking, loosening the lightsaber held within his iron grip. Obi-Wan met the slightly glazed expression of his former Padawan with compassion. "If you want to kill me-- then go ahead. But know this, Anakin-- I have always loved you, and always will, no matter what." Then Obi-Wan waited.

The Sith regained control and screamed, "LIAR!!!" And Obi-Wan was hurled against a rock, causing a few bones to crack. Obi-Wan, sprawled on the rocky terrain, looked up at his Padawan for what he assumed would be the last time. "Anakin... I thought you trusted me," he said. "I knew about your wedding. But the Council didn't. But I wanted to hear about it from you." Anakin's eyes widened with disbelief. "That's not true." Obi-Wan shook his head. "It is. I knew, Anakin. I didn't tell the Council becuase you are my friend-- I didn't want to see you get into any trouble. But... Anakin, even if you stay a sith, and save Padmé's life becuase of it, I will always still see you as you were, a friend, a Jedi-- and someone who I could always trust with my life."

Obi-Wan's vision blurred and then he passed out.


Obi-Wan muttered, "turn off that infernal machine, it's driving me crazy!!" Then his eyes shot open. He was in a white room, on a soft feather bed, with two windows. Obi-Wan blinked. A droid entered the room and looked at the patient. "You're up." It stated. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes at the stupidity of the statement. "Yes. But how did I get here?" He asked. "A young man brought you in here. Along with a young woman." The droid stated. Anakin? Obi-Wan thought. Bafflement clouded his thoughts for a minute. Then he got up. "May I see them?" He asked politely. "Oh, I'm afraid the young sir left. But you may see the lady," the droid said, exiting the room, signaling for Obi-Wan to follow.

Senator Padmé Amidala's body was covered by a white sheet. "She went into labor not too long ago," the droid told Obi-Wan. "We had to operate to save the children." Obi-Wan stared at the droid for a moment. "Children?" He asked. The droid replied, a little exsasperated if Obi-Wan wasn't mistaken, "Yes. Twins." "Hm," A voice from behind Obi-Wan stated, "Hide them, we will have to." Obi-Wan turned around, startled, to meet the gaze of Jedi Master Yoda.

"But... does Padmé know about this?" Obi-Wan asked, sitting across from the only remaining Jedi left. "Yes. Gives her permission, she does." Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. He found that hard to believe. "What about Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked, hesitating slightly on Anakin's name. Yoda sighed. "Brought you and Senator Amidala here, young Skywalker did. Kept watch over the both of you, he did. But, went back to Sidious, he did." Heartbreak fluttered across Kenobi's handsome features. Yoda sighed. "But he can't be completly evil if he spared my life," Obi-Wan said, seeing the doubt on Yoda's face. "I know he went back to Sidious, but... you don't know Anakin like I do, Master!" Obi-Wan protested. Yoda sighed. "See, we shall. But doubt it, I do."

A few days later, Padmé had healed, and the trio decided that if they were being looked for, they'd have to go into hiding. Padmé was reluctant about seperating her children, but saw the logic of it, and let Obi-Wan take Luke, and she took Leia. It was then settled. Obi-Wan and Luke would go to Tattooine, Padmé and Leia to Naboo, and Yoda to Dagobah. They could now only hope that they wouldn't be found.


Obi-Wan watched Luke from a distance, smiling slightly. He was never to have contact with the child, for the child's guardian feared that Luke would become like his father and go off to do dangerous things. Obi-Wan shook his head. He hadn't give up hope of Anakin returning, but that hope was slowly diminishing. Every minute, every day, every hour, every year Anakin was with Sidious he was being corruped even more. I still think of you as my friend, Anakin, even if you don't think the reverse of me. Obi-Wan sat in his little hut and made some food to eat. Supplies were somewhat scarce on Tattooine, but he managed to get by. Obi-Wan sat down on his couch and ate slowly. He saw a datapad lying on the table and picked it up. He hadn't read it yet, but he knew who it was from.

Leia's still as cute as she was when she was born, maybe even cuter. Just kidding. But she's a wonderful child, she sleeps, never makes a fuss or a mess. She's a quiet baby, and she listens to anything people say to her. I think she'll make a great diplomat someday. Everyone coos over her, but I don't think she likes that very much. She doesn't like strangers. How will she take to her father, I wonder? But she's a good kid, Obi. You'd like her.

Speaking of kids, how is Luke? Is he like Leia? Or is he different? But, I wanted to send you this to let you know that I miss talking with you. Hiding like this stinks, but I know the reasons, so I can't really complain. But I'll let you go, as I'm sure you have other things to do. But write me back, OK? Or I'll come and hunt you down myself, Obi-Wan Kenobi! Just kidding again.

Obi-Wan chuckled softly. Leia sounded a lot like her mother, which wasn't a surprise. She probably looked like Padmé, too. Obi-Wan started typing back, and smiled. He missed talking with old friends, as well.
The night air was cold to the tall figure limping around Tattooine. He glanced around his surroundings. He had been walking around a long time, so he didn't feel when she stopped and collapsed at someone's doorway.

Obi-Wan awakened the next morning with a fresh spirit and started to his door. He had to go to the market today, and so he was going to head out. But someone was in his doorway. A familiar figure. Obi-Wan studied the male with a hard look, then gasped. "ANAKIN!"

Obi-Wan dabbed a wet rag over the younger man's face. Anakin's face was cut up rather badly, and there were bruises as well. Obi-Wan sighed. He had expected Anakin to come back, but not like this. Anakin shifted, groaning. Obi-Wan froze for a moment, for his eyes met bue-green. Then lips parted and croaked, "Obi-Wan..."

Obi-Wan pulled away, staring at the younger man. "Anakin, are you feeling alright?" Anakin was sitting now and nodded. "I'm fine." Obi-Wan got up and got two bowls out. "What are you doing?" Anakin asked. "Getting you something to eat. You look famished," Obi-Wan said, giving his friend a look. Anakin didn't say anything. Obi-Wan poured the rest of some liquidy stuff into the bowl and got out some bread, then headed back to Anakin. "Something's bothering you, Anakin. Do you want to tell me what's wrong?" Obi-Wan asked. "Not... not right now. Only that I'm not Vader anymore," Anakin said, grabbing his food and eating greedily.

Yoda felt a disturbance shift in the Force. Yoda's psyche was disturbed. The Chosen One had come back to the Light. Yoda's eyes opened warily. Of course, he knew that the Sith did not take betrayal lightly and would seek revenge. Yoda could only hope that Anakin was prepared to fight against his former Master.

Obi-Wan sat down beside his former apprentice and said nothing. The two just stared anywhere but each other, waiting for the other to say something. Finally, one of them decided they had to break the silence.

"Why did you come back?" Obi-Wan asked at the same time as Anakin asked,
"Why don't you kick me out?"

The two stared at each other for a moment before laughing. Then they settled down. Obi-Wan sighed and then said, "Why do you think I'd kick you out?"
"You know the answer, Master. I tried to kill you."

Obi-Wan shook his head. "That may be, but you are still my friend. And you are welcome here anytime," Obi-Wan said with a smile. Anakin grinned back, looking like the cocky teenager Obi-Wan had known years before. Then the smile vanished. "Master... I'm in trouble," Anakin whispered. Obi-Wan gently took the bowl of food out of Anakin's hands. Anakin kept on, seeming relieved to get the tale off of his chest.

"I brought you back to the med-center on Mustafar, as you probably know," Anakin said, going on after Obi-Wan nodded. "Then I went back to Sidious-- and lied to him. I told him you were dead. He seemed satisfied and of course, told me that Padmé was now safe from harm. I at the time, believed him. But then, a year later, I was on a mission to Ventress, for something or other, I can't quite remember, when I found out that Sidious had information containting the Jedi that remained alive. Master Yoda and-- you." Anakin paused, taking in a deep breath.

"Well, Palpatine was NOT happy when he found out that I had lied to him. So he had me come back and tortured me, demanding that I tell him where you and Yoda went. Well, I had no clue. So I made up two planets, and shielded myself, hoping that, you know, he'd leave me alone. But Palpatine was too smart for that, he sensed my lie and atually almost killed me. He said that if I disobeyed him one more time, I would regret it. Well, after that..." Anakin trailed off. Obi-Wan put a hand on Anakin's shoulder. Anakin smiled briefly, then continued with his tale.

"Two years passed since that episode and I was on a ship, in front of Alderran. Palpatine had been trying to get something from them, I wasn't really in on the details. Sidious told me to destroy the planet. He had a weapon built that can destroy planets, Master. I've seen it done." Anakin closed his eyes.

"I told him no. That I wouldn't do it. Well, as you can probably imagine, Sidious was furious that I was disobeying him again and said to destroy the planet-- or else. So I did something really dumb. I told him that I was sick of being told what to do and that he could shove his orders. Then I killed any soldiers that were there in front of him and told him I wasn't his apprentice anymore."

Anakin once more took his food and ate it, then looked at Obi-Wan silently. Obi-Wan was silent for a minute, then laughed. Anakin looked confused. "What?" Obi-Wan grinned. "Only you could tell a Sith to shove his orders." Anakin's face brightened and they laughed together, easing up the tension in the room, and silently letting both men to rejoice as they became friends again.

On Coruscant, a pale hand shot force lightning out the window, shattering the glass. Darth Sidious scowled for a moment at the darkness and then stood up. He had a lot to focus on... and one was finding Anakin Skywalker... and making him pay.

The boy was not as smart as he thought he was, for spies had told Sidious that the boy was on a planet in the Out Rim. Tattooine. But Anakin wasn't the only Jedi there. Sidious contemplated the information he had gotten from an associate. According to them, there was another Jedi living there, one human male. And since I KNOW Yoda is NOT human, there's only one person that Jedi could be. Kenobi.

Sidious wasn't stupid. If not for Anakin, he wouldn't have even known Obi-Wan was there. But now he did. And Sidious planned to take advantage of that. Anakin wouldn't come to him willingly, but... if his best friend was in danger... then it would be different.

Palpatine walked out of his office, still thinking. Anakin and Obi-Wan's friendship was strong, there wasn't a doubt about that. However, if Anakin could doubt his friend, then the same could be said about Kenobi. Sidious smiled. He would use everything about the two's relationship to his advantage. After all, you wouldn't be a Sith if you didn't use your resources.

Anakin awoke, feeling something in the Force, almost... an evil pleasure. Palpatine knows I'm here, Anakin thought. That was it. Anakin didn't want to put Obi-Wan in danger, and so he knew he had to leave. Anakin grabbed his clothes and wrote a hurried note, leaving it on the table. I'm sorry, Obi-Wan. But I don't want to put you in danger, Anakin thought, quickly leaving without looking behind.

Obi-Wan sat up in bed, stretching and yawning. "Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked. There was no answer. Frowning, Obi-Wan got out of bed and looked all over the house for his friend. "Anakin?" Obi-Wan called, worried now. Still no answer. That's when Obi-Wan noticed the paper on the living room table. Obi-Wan picked it up.

I'm truly sorry for leaving with no explanation, but there isn't time. Palpatine knows I'm here. Hopefully, he doesn't know that you're here. That's why I'm leaving, so you stay safe. I don't want you to be in the middle of my mess. I am so sorry for all of the trouble I caused you and I hope you can forgive me.

Obi-Wan immediately reached out to sense where Anakin was. The air-port. Instantly, Obi-Wan left his house and into his speeder, going after his padawan, hoping that he'd get there in time. Obi-Wan luckily managed to get to the port in a few minutes. Sometimes, it took much longer. Obi-Wan once again reached into the Force.
Anakin wasn't that far ahead of him.

Obi-Wan ran faster, and finally managed to collide with Anakin, sending both of them flying. Anakin turned around to snap at the person who had bumped into him, then stopped when he saw Obi-Wan. "Obi-Wan..." was all he said. "Anakin, I know you think running will make things better, but believe me, it won't. Palpatine will find you no matter where you go. You don't need to leave. I didn't ask you to." Anakin was shifting. "I know, but... I just feel uncomftorable here."

Because of his childhood, Obi-Wan finally realized. Anakin had had a rough child hood growing up as a slave on Tattooine, but... Obi-Wan thought he had gotten over that. Apparently not. "I'll go with you," Obi-Wan said. Anakin shook his head. "Master, I don't want you to be in danger because of me! Please... stay here. I'll come back when I can," Anakin said, then leapt onto the nearest ship taking off. "NO! ANAKIN!!" Obi-Wan yelled, watching with frustration as his friend disappeared into the blue Tattooine sky. Obi-Wan scowled. He had to go see Master Yoda about this. Maybe the older Jedi Master could give him some answers.

Hours later, Obi-Wan was lying down on his bed when he heard pounding on his door. "Alright, alright," Obi-Wan grouched, getting up. Obi-Wan answered the door and froze when he saw who was standing there. Imperial soliders all had their blasters pointing at him. "You are under arrest, by orders of the Emperor," one solider said. Obi-Wan grimaced.

So Palpatine did know he was here after all. If only Anakin had been alerted of that before he had left. "You are to come with us. Now," the soldier said. Obi-Wan raised a hand. "Sure," He said. Then his lightsaber jumped into his hand and he started fighting against the soldiers. Obi-Wan deflected the shots aimed at him, until one caught him in the leg. Obi-Wan fell, his lightsaber thrown across the room. A blaster was shoved into the fallen Jedi's face. "No more foolishness," the solider snapped, and Obi-Wan passed out.

Yoda felt alarm flood through the Force. A brilliant force signature was suddenly clouded in darkness. There was only one person with a signature like that. Yoda closed his eyes and concentrated. Then his eyes flew open. He knew what happened. Obi-Wan had been captured and was now on his way to the Emperor. Yoda slowly walked-er- hobbled back to his little house to think about the current situation.

Obi-Wan's eyes slowly fluttered open. He met a dark gaze. It was a female. She scowled at him. "C'mon, get your butt up. You're being taken to the Emperor." Obi-Wan felt a small panic seize him at those words. Then he calmed down. The girl grabbed his arm and pulled him up, then marched him in front of her, down the ship and straight to the offices of the Empire. Obi-Wan tried to access the Force, but he couldn't. Of course. I have a force collar on. What else now? Obi-Wan thought with disgust. Obi-Wan inwardly sighed as he went through the different levels of the building. Nothing had really changed much. Except that now, this is a dictatorship, Obi-Wan thought.

The door slid open for the small group, allowing entrance inside to the lion's den. Obi-Wan saw a figure sitting in the chair turned to the window. This is it, I'm going to die, Kenobi couldn't help thinking.

The chair slowly swiveled around, revealing the one man responsible for bringing down the Republic, crushing the Jedi, and corrupting Obi-Wan's best friend. Obi-Wan straightened, eyes narrowing as Sidious looked him over and then turned his attention to the girl that had brought the Jedi Master before him. "Leave us," Sidious said. Bowing, the girl turned and left. As soon as the door was closed, Sidious turned his attention back to the Jedi before him.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Master Kenobi," Sidious smiled, leaning back in his chair. "I'm sure," Obi-Wan drawled with slight sarcasm. Sidious frowned at the tone of voice. "Now, now... you need to show proper respect for your Emperor, Jedi," Sidious said, and Obi-Wan scoffed. "Show respect to a murderer? I don't think so. But maybe in a few years, we can talk about it after you've restored the Republic." Sidious cackled. "I can see where my apprentice gets his wit from. However," Sidious stood up. "I'm afraid you won't be going anywhere for a long, long time."

Padmé Amidala Skywalker sat in a rocking chair, holding her baby and singing softly. Leia was sound asleep, a small smile on her chubby face. Padmé looked out the window at the Alderran skyline. She was visiting Bail temporarily, and then she and her baby girl would be heading back to Naboo. The young mother frowned slightly. It was different, now, then it had been before. Sure, it looked like nothing had changed, but Padmé knew better. Palpatine's regime was overtaking the galaxy, crushing any rebellion. Padmé knew that if Palpatine discovered what she'd been up to the last three years, she would be arrested and killed, not to mention Bail and Senator Mon Mothma.

Padmé sighed with resignation. Anakin was... no longer the boy she'd come to love. Palpatine had turned her husband into a monster. Padmé looked down at her sleeping child once more and gently hugged Leia close. The jappor necklace Anakin had made for her was held in Leia's hand. Padmé had given it to Leia after the little girl had stolen it from her mother's dresser. Padmé shook her head with a small smile. Leia was more like her father then she'd know. But hiding the children was better this way. But better for whom?

Obi-Wan lost his train of thought only for a mere moment or two before he regained his composure. "What did you want, Palpatine?" He asked, not bothering with the proper title. Sidious didn't deserve it. Now Palpatine was scowling. "Didn't I just tell you to talk to me with respect?" The Sith Lord threw out his hands and blue lightning flew fast and furiously towards the Jedi. With no way to block it, Obi-Wan fell to the floor as the lightning rained all over his body. In agony, the Jedi Master could barely hear the Dark Lord's response. "You're only bait."

The lightning stopped. Gasping for breath, Obi-Wan fought against unconsciousness. "I want Vader. Where did he go?" Palpatine demanded, posture tense with anger. Obi-Wan refused to say anything. The Emperor's scowl deepened and more Sith lightning hit the Jedi Master. Obi-Wan felt blood pouring down his face, but didn't care. Even if he didn't know where Anakin went, he'd never say so to Sidious. It could give him some leverage.

"There's another way to accomplish getting what I want," Sidious smirked and stood up. Leaving his chair, the Sith Lord made his way down to Obi-Wan. Using the Force, Obi-Wan's body was pulled up, like a puppet being pulled up after falling down. Sidious sneered at the Jedi. "Now, I will ask this ONE more time... where is Anakin Skywalker?" Obi-Wan's head raised and a defiant glare shone in the aquamarine eyes. Then he spat at the Emperor, who froze. "Go to hell," Obi-Wan grinned sadistically before allowing his head to fall back down. Rage consumed the Emperor's features.

"IF YOU INSIST!" Palpatine cried, using the Force to enter Obi-Wan's mind forcefully (a/n: no pun intened..) and look for the whereabouts of Vader. Obi-Wan managed to heavily shield one part of his mind, the part that Sidious would want the location of Anakin from. So, naturally, when a mind is in grave danger, Obi-Wan's mind heavily cloaked itself, allowing Palpatine to bypass this certain section of the Jedi's mind to go about undetected. Sidious pulled out of Obi-Wan's mind.

Furious, the Sith Lord released his hold on the Jedi, who collapsed once more. "No matter," He said softly. "As long as I have you, Anakin will come to me... and he shall pay for his treachery." The Sith Lord headed back to his chair and Obi-Wan could resist no longer as his mind was swamped in darkness.

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

Padme stood up, holding baby Leia to her chest. She walked to the window and stared hard out at the sky. She could almost still see Anakin's face, sense his love, see his smile, feel his arms around her... Padme sighed with agitation. Her three year old seemed to sense her distress as the little girl woke up and started wailing. Padme turned her attention to Leia, thoughts of Anakin shortly defused.

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

Anakin closed his eyes, dreaming of Padme, longing to go to her, but knowing he could not.

"Are you an angel?" A nine year old boy asked.
"What?" The young girl asked the young boy.
"An angel," the boy replied with seriousness. "They come from the moons of Iego, I think."
(a/n: it's been a while since I've seen TPM, so I can't remember where Anakin said angels came from.)
"You're a funny little boy," The fourteen year old smiled.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

Padme sat down on her bed. Leia had fallen asleep again, and now Padme was attacked viciously by thoughts of Anakin. Her husband, the one she loved, was lost forever, sworn to serve Palpatine and his twisted empire. Padme put her head in her hands and cried for her lost love.

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

Anakin took out a datapad R2 "accidentally" took from one of the other flight's passengers. He turned it on. The former Jedi-turned Sith Apprentice-turned-traitor sighed and gently sat down the 'pad. Contacting Padme now would be too dangerous... especially for her. She had Leia. Anakin knew Padme would want to be with her children, and in seperating them, she'd want at least one to be with her. Anakin grinned. She was always stubborn.

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

Padme felt tears dripping down her face and she shuddered, before wiping them away. The former Senator sat up on her bed and pulled her datapad in front of her. She had one missed message. Who...? Padme thought, opening the message to see who the sender was. Anakin Skywalker.



It was all Obi-Wan's mind could register as he slowly came to. He noticed that he wasn't in the throne room anymore. Obi-Wan shifted, which was a mistake. Agony tore through the Jedi Master's sore and cramped muscles, sending little shocks to Obi-Wan's brain. The Jedi closed his eyes and sighed with discomfort. At least he was lying on a bed... for now. How long would that last?

Obi-Wan awoke later to a damp cloth being applied to his face. He groaned, eyes slowly opening. "Sh," a female voice said softly. "You've been through a lot. Stay still." Obi-Wan did as he was told, and after a few moments, something slimy was applied to his legs. Bacta, Obi-Wan thought, shuddering. The stuff could heal you quickly, that was for sure, but it was still an uncomftorable substance! Obi-Wan let his eyes slide open to study his healer. It was a human teenager, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She was studying him with narrowed eyes. "What?" Obi-Wan asked.

The girl shook her head. "You were in pretty bad shape when the Emperor dumped you in here. What did you do to make him so angry?" Obi-Wan shrugged. "I rebelled." The girl's mouth twitched, trying to hide a grin, but Obi-Wan saw it anyway. "You need a few more hours of rest, Mr. Rebel," the girl said. "I'll be back to check on you in a little while." With that, the girl turned and left the room. Obi-Wan blinked after her and then shook his head. That was weird. Obi-Wan laid back. He should be trying to find a way out of here, but... he was so sleepy... Obi-Wan's eyes felt incredibly heavy. She drugged me! Obi-Wan thought with a bolt of indignation before falling asleep.

The girl came back a few minutes later. She applied more water to the Jedi Master's sweaty face, whispered into his ear, and once more left the room.

Yoda opened his eyes. Something was wrong. He had felt Anakin's return to the light side, but balance wasn't restored yet. Sidious's anger would be vented upon someone... Yoda knew who. It had only been a couple of days, but Obi-Wan's force prsence had seemingly just... vanished. The Dark Side had taken root of so much, it was hard for the Jedi Master to get a sense of where the younger Jedi was.

Worried, I am, for him, Yoda thought with concern.

/Master, my Padawan is strong. Sidious cannot break him no matter how much he'll try,/ Qui-Gon spoke through the Force to his former Master.

/Stubborn, Obi-Wan certainly is,/ Yoda thought with a chuckle. /Gets that from you, he does./

/He's always been stubborn./ Came the former Jedi's reply. /Argue with you, I will not. But rescued, Obi-Wan must be. Angry Sidious is with the Chosen One./

/I know,/ Qui-Gon replied, with a small sound that may or may not have been a sigh. /I have tried reaching out to Anakin, but he blocks me, unconsciously. He feels guilty for all that he has done./

Yoda sighed softly and agreed. He knew that Anakin's feelings were never far beneath the surface, which was why the Council hadn't deemed him ready for Mastership, despite all of his talents. Anakin was emotionally unstable. And he still was, although Yoda could feel in the Force something shift, almost as if Anakin was locking away his emotions.

/Help him you must, Qui-Gon,/ Yoda said softly. /Obi-Wan's hope, Anakin is./

Anakin tossed and turned in his sleep. He hadn't been getting very much at all since the... purge. Anakin's brows furrowed together and sweat gleamed upon the sun-kissed face.

"Vader," The Sith Master replied in his oily voice. "What did you do with Obi-Wan?" Anakin asked. "Nothing. Yet. If you continue to resist me, your friend will die. And then I shall have to turn my attention to your beautiful wife." Anakin felt his anger spark. "Stay away from her!!"

Anakin jerked up, sweat running down his face. That wasn't just a dream. It wasn't, with him. Anakin stood up. He needed help. Obi-Wan and Padme needed him. But who could help him? Who?

Obi-Wan's eyes felt very heavy. Groaning inaudibly, the Jedi opened his eyes to meet a pair of startling yellow eyes. "AH!" Obi-Wan yelped involuntarily. "Did I startle you? I'm sorry," The Emperor drawled sarcastically. "No, I was just dying to see your hidious face this morning," Obi-Wan retorted with venom. The Emperor glared at Obi-Wan for a minute then sneered. "I'd be careful with what I'd say, Master Kenobi... one wrong word from you, and..." Sidious opened a door and pulled a figure in front of him. Obi-Wan's eyes widened. It couldn't be. She had gone into hiding. It just wasn't possible that Sidious had found her.


Obi-Wan couldn't believe it. Siri was right in front of him, although unconscious and a bit battered, she was still as beautiful as Obi-Wan remembered her. Obi-Wan glared at Sidious. "Let her go." The Sith Lord laughed-- or more accurately,--cackled-- at his prisoner. "You're in no position to demand anything, Master Jedi," He said. "I, on the other hand, am in a position to grant...nothing."

"What do you want?" Obi-Wan asked wearily. Sidious pushed Siri out of his arms like she was a disease. Obi-Wan stayed frozen, although his body screamed that he run over to her and make sure she was okay. Sidious seemed to know what he was thinking, for the Sith Lord chuckled and said, "Don't worry, Kenobi. She's fine...for now." Sidious walked over Siri's limp body and moved towards Obi-Wan.

"You may think you saved Anakin from me, Kenobi, but you're wrong," The Emperor hissed. "Oh, really? Then why isn't he standing next to you?" Obi-Wan sneered back. "Anakin belongs to me, and he knows it. He had... a moment of weakness. Which I will prove to you," Sidious said, pulling out a small com-link and activating it. Anakin was kneeling on the ground.

"I've tricked him successfully, Master," Anakin said. "He truly believes that I betrayed you." Obi-Wan's heart stopped for an instant. Angered by Sidious's lies, the Jedi glared at his tormentor. "You lie," Obi-Wan glared. "Anakin wouldn't do that!" Sidious smirked. "You also never thought he wouldn't turn, and look how that turned out. The Order is gone, because of your mistakes."

A small cough resounded on the floor. "Don't listen to him," Siri's voice said, weakly from the ground. Sidious scowled and turned to glower at the blonde Jedi. "I told you to stay silent, Jedi." Siri's eyes opened partway and she stared at the Sith Lord with hard determination. "And I told you, no." Sidious was furious and he let a stream of blue lightning swarm down upon the helpless Jedi. "NO!" Obi-Wan cried, leaping up, but a force push from Sidious sent Obi-Wan crashing into the wall.

Siri's body was convulsing from the lightning, and suddenly stilled. /Siri?/ Obi-Wan muttered through their bond. When they were younger, Siri and Obi-Wan had bonded, thinking that they would be together forever, and when their masters found out, they had been punished severerly. Sidious stopped the lightning and turned to meet Obi-Wan's steely-eyed glare.

There was anger in Obi-Wan, more so then expected in a Jedi Master. Sidious was struck by a sudden realization. He had heard from Anakin rumors that Obi-Wan was in some kind of secret relationship, Anakin had thought nothing of it, Obi-Wan was too much the perfect Jedi to do something like that. But now, looking at the expression on the man's face, it made the Emperor ponder something.

Love was what made Anakin weak, in Sidious's opinion. He had used the young man's visions of his wife dying to his advantage. Sidious had never loved anyone before, and he had vowed to never let himself grow weak, so falling in love was not an option. But, like Anakin's visions, maybe Obi-Wan's feelings for the almost dead Jedi at Sidious's feet could be used against him. He just needed to figure out how.

"I'll let you think for now, Kenobi... but when I come back, you will be more cooperative or... the one you love dies. And then I shall just bring in another person you care about... like a certain Senator..."

Obi-Wan's eyes flashed with rage. "NO!" Sidious sneered. "Don't "no" me, Jedi... after all, you don't know if she's safe, or if I have her... I'd be careful if I were you." With that, Sidious went out the door, letting the dark consume Obi-Wan once more.

Obi-Wan moved towards Siri after the door closed behind the retreating Emperor. "Siri?" Obi-Wan asked softly, moving her head into his lap. Soft blue eyes fluttered open for a second or two then closed again. A smile passed across the pink lips, "Obi-Wan." Relieved that she was doing okay, Obi-Wan picked Siri's alarmingly motionless body up and put her on the bed that Obi-Wan had awakened on only a few short hours before. Siri's chest was still rising and falling; she was still hanging on, if only barely.

Fury rose in the Jedi Master. He knew he shouldn't give into his darker emotions, but where Siri was concerned... Obi-Wan still loved her, and would not let the Sith get away with harming the woman he loved. Obi-Wan fell to the floor on his knees and closed his eyes. What hope was there now? Padmé? What did Sidious mean, "I may already have her?" He couldn't have--no, she can't be--- even as his mind went into denial, Obi-Wan knew it was very possible that Padmé had been captured by Sidious.

Padmé groaned as her eyes slid open. She had been on Alderaan, and then someone covered her mouth and knocked her out. That was the last thing she remembered. Thank goodness Leia hadn't been with her. Bail had taken Leia for a picnic with his wife; they adored the little girl and understood that Padmé needed time to herself. Padmé's eyes flew around wildly, trying to assess where she might be. But no luck. Padmé had no idea where she was, or who had kidnapped her.

Sighing, the former Senator laid her head against the stone wall. Her arms wrapped around her knees tightly. She had a feeling who would kidnap her, but for what reason? What could the Sith possibly gain from my capture? she thought to herself. Especially Anakin. She was still in love with the boy that she'd meet 13 years ago. Padmé could not be around him presently for the safety of their children. Luke. Padmé wondered how he was doing. She hadn't heard from Obi-Wan for a while, which was unusual. Although busy with watching Luke, the Jedi Master always made time to contact her and tell her how her son was doing.

Something happened to him. I know it, Padmé thought. She had a gut instinct, and she always trusted her instincts. Just like Naboo, just like Musta--NO! Don't even think the name, Padmé told herself.

Anakin sat deep in meditation. He had to focus. He had felt pain and rage emitting from Obi-Wan, and was concerned. So, Anakin's decision was to meditate, trying to find his focus and maybe find out what was bothering his Master on Tatooine.

/Anakin... Anakin.../

A familiar voice called out to him, but it wasn't Obi-Wan's. Anakin's brows furrowed, even in meditation. Yoda's voice wasn't as clear as this voice speaking to him was, and it wasn't as deep. The only voice that sounded like this was--

/Qui-Gon?/ Anakin asked mentally, suddenly feeling like he was nine again.

Qui-Gon chuckled. /It's good to see that you remember me, Ani./

/How could I NOT?/ Anakin asked mentally.

/True... but I'm not here, unfortunately, to chat of the past. You have finally accepted me in, and now I must tell you urgent news./

Anakin felt the urgency in the words and let Qui-Gon know he was listening. /What's wrong?/

Qui-Gon paused. /Obi-Wan, Siri, and your wife have been captured by the Emperor./

Anakin felt his heart freeze. /What?/ Qui-Gon didn't repeat himself--he didn't need to.

/How long ago?/

/Obi-Wan was arrested right after you left Tatooine, the Emperor claims that he's a traitor to the Empire and will be executed within the week. Siri's been Sidious's prisoner ever since the purge./

Mentally, Anakin flinched. /And your wife went missing only a day ago. You must rescue them, Anakin./

Anakin felt incredulous.

/I can't! I want to help them, I do, but the Emperor will give them up, if I don't come to him./

There was a long pause.

/You don't really believe that, do you, Anakin? Sidious will just torture them, he's using Siri to get to Obi-Wan, to break him, and I fear that something more terrible may happen to him if you don't go now./

Qui-Gon's voice thundered like an angry god. Anger flooded through Anakin.

/Don't tell me what I can and can't do, Qui-Gon. I'm trying to keep my friend and family SAFE!/

/And how safe have they been?/

Qui-Gon's logic cut through Anakin's spirit like a spear.

/They have been captured, tortured, and if you continue to do nothing, they will slowly, but surely, DIE./

Anakin's body shook with emotions alien to him.

/I know what I'm doing, Qui-Gon. Good-bye./

Abruptly, Anakin cut off his meditation. With a gasp, his blue eyes flew open. Falling to the floor of the dark house he had built for himself, Anakin felt tears come to his eyes. He truly regretted what he'd said to Qui-Gon, really, he had, but there was nothing he could do. Anakin put his head in his hands and cried.

Obi-Wan slowly got to his feet, movements slugglish. The Jedi Master stared at Siri; the sight was breathtaking. Siri's golden hair lay around her face like a halo. Her eyes were closed, giving the impression of sleeping. But he would be wrong there. Siri was barely alive, and if Obi-Wan didn't get out soon, he and Siri would both die here.

The door to the room opened. The girl who had taken care of him hours stepped into the room. "The Emperor wishes to talk to you," she said dully. "Well, tell his Royal Pain that I'm staying here." Obi-Wan crossed his arms. The girl walked forward. "This is not a request," her voice said, distorting. She's under some kind of mind control, Obi-Wan thought.

Then the girl turned her attention to Siri. "If you refuse to cooperate, however... I know what will..." Panic rose in Obi-Wan's mouth. Sure he was a Jedi, sure, he was not supposed to love... but Siri Tachi changed that. She was an exception to him. And there was no way Obi-Wan would allow her to be killed. The Jedi's shoulders slumped with defeat. "Alright," Obi-Wan sighed.

The hallways of the Imperial Palace were dark, only lit by small torches.Obi-Wan studied the hallway as he was lead through. Trying to imprint the image into his mind, the Jedi Master felt a wave if anxiety. If he tried to escape once and failed, the consequences would be severe.

The servant girl stopped, forcing Obi-Wan to stop behind her. The doors in front of the two slowly opened, alolowing the Jedi and his "guide" to enter the room Obi-Wan's eyes moved around, taking in his surroundings before settling on the Emperor who was facing the dark skyline of Coruscant.

The Emperor's chair slowly rotated around so that the man was facing his prisoner. "Leave us," Palpatine commanded the servant girl. She bowed and walked out, the doors swinging shut behind her. The Sith and the Jedi stared at each other for a few moments.

Palpatine was the first to break the silence. Leaning back comfortably in his chair, the corrupt man said mockingly, "And how is your dear friend? I'm told she's in bad condition." Obi-Wan felt rage surge in his veins but regined the anger in. Emotions would not help him right now.

"That's not an answer, Jedi," The Emperor said with a warning note in the tone. Obi-Wan simply gave the Sith an impassive stare. Palpatine's lips twitched with obvious emotion. But whether annoyance, anger, or another emotion, the Jedi couldn't tell.

"I have information regarding your former friend, Anakin Skywalker." Obi-Wan's eyes widened. Palpatine caught the expression on the younger man's face and chuckled. "Yes, I thought that would grab your attention. I have chosen my apprentice well, it seems... Anakin has just stopped a public transport-- and killed everyone on it. Maybe I was wrong about his betrayal."

Obi-Wan felt desperation surge in him. "You're lying," The Jedi said, trying to regain his composure.
"I assure you, I am not. I felt the deaths in the Force-- strange that you have not." Obi-Wan felt Force fingers trying to force their way into his mind. With a desperation he had not felt before, Obi-Wan forced the intruder from his mind.

Enraged yellow eyes met calm hazel orbs. Slowly the Emperor stood. Obi-Wan couldn't help but think, he'd be more intimidating if he wasn't so short. But the Emperor's height was the last thing he had to worry about. Force lightning flashed from the old man's fingers. Having remembered from last time, Obi-Wan ducked out of the way.

Force lightning was sent once more in the Jedi's direction. This time, Obi-Wan wasn't so lucky. The lightning sent the Master crashing to the ground in pain, but not screaming. Tears of agony threatened to fall down Obi-Wan's face. He could hear the Emperor jeer, "Maybe next time you'll have learned your lesson."

Obi-Wan's vision blurred and as his world started to darken, his mind did the only thing it could. It called out. /ANAKIN!!!!!/

/ANAKIN!!!!!/ The young man jerked up in bed, eyes wide. Something was wrong. Closing his eyes, Anakin used the Force. He could feel a familiar presence. It was barely distiguishable, but it was there. "Obi-Wan..." Anakin breathed. He knew what he had to do.

Anakin got up and put on a shirt. The young man grabbed his lightsaber then ran out of the room he had been staying in. The former Jedi left the small house that he had been allowed to stay in. Anakin made his way down dark streets coming to the hangar bay. There weren't many ships taking off or landing at two in the morning, but hopefully Anakin could find someone to fly him to where he needed to go.

Anakin's eyes narrowed slightly when he saw a slightly overweight pilot eating away in front of a sleek silver ship. The man wouldn't be easy to ask for a ride, Anakin decided. Unfortunately, there would have to be other alternatives if the man didn't cooperate with him.

The young Jedi made his way over, catching the pilot's attention. "What do you want?" The man asked with hard eyes. "I'm looking for transport,"(new paragraph for new speaker) the younger man in front of him said. "Well don't look at me," the older man said. "I'm done for the night."

Exsasperation surged in Anakin. /Anakin./ A calm voice whispered within his mind. /Look for what the man's weaknesses are. He's greedy. Promise him something that he'll want./

Anakin blinked at the somewhat odd advice. /Ok./ Anakin thought back and then turned his attention to the man on the ground. "How about a trade, then?" Anakin asked. Greed sparked in the man's eyes.
"What do you have in mind?" With a smile, Anakin told him.

Anakin sat in meditation as the ship raced through space. Anakin was trying to pinpoint Obi-Wan's location, but his former Master's Force signature was murky, almost as if Obi-Wan's Force signature had been drowned in tar.

/They are on Coruscant, Anakin./ A familiar voice said to the young man.

/Qui-Gon.../ Anakin's mind breathed.

The Jedi Master chuckled. /Are you going to keep having the same reaction when I talk to you, Anakin?/

Anakin chuckled as well. /No. I... before, I didn't mean what I said./

Qui-Gon stayed silent for a moment. /Yes, you did, Anakin. You thought by staying away, Obi-Wan and Padme would be safe. It was a good thought, but unfortunately, the Emperor knows you too well. I'm afraid the only way the ones you care about will be safe is when the Emperor dies./

/You mean, if I kill him./ Anakin said.
/Maybe. But be careful when you face Sidious, Anakin. He's still very angry. And the wrath of Sidious is something you shouldn't take lightly./

/I know,/ Anakin said quietly. /I'll be careful, Master Qui-Gon./

Qui-Gon smiled. /I know you will, Ani. May the Force be with you./

/And with you, Master,/ Anakin said in the same soft tone. The meditation ended.

On Coruscant, Palpatine's eyes were closed as he focused on the Chosen One. The boy's signature was moving closer. The Emperor opened his eyes and cackled softly. He knew Anakin couldn't stay away. The time was coming closer for Palpatine to regain what he had lost.

The Emperor heard his door hiss open and slowly turned around. "I'm sorry we didn't have much time to talk," Palpatine said with an evil grin. "But I'm afraid you're going to go on a permanent vacation." Palpatine threw his hands out at the unfortunate soul in front of him, sending out Force Lightning. The victim of the lightning collapsed, writhing in agony. Relishing in the person's agony, Palpatine licked his lips.

It's almost time...

Anakin collapsed to the ground. He had never felt so much pain in his life. He could hardly breathe when he felt the person's death. /No. No. It couldn't be. No./ Anakin's eyes shut and he closed his eyes and screamed out in agony, "PADMÉ!!!!!"

Part 2 will be completed soon, I hope. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed part 1!