More Than Just Friends- Summary of this Series

Bella is a foreign exchange student from Britain who is trying to gets higher GPA by getting on this program. At first she is a loner, an outsider, and people all the sudden think that she is some tramp who uses boys to get everything, courtesy of Jessica. The only person that pays any remote attention to Bella is Edward, a boy in her art class that can relate to her better than herself. They then start to hangout with each other and start to get closer and closer to each other.

They were all they had for each other, and soon enough they have a deep conversation that changes the perspective of each other. But something happens to each of them. Although they both have had hard and different backgrounds, they learn to look past that and look inside and not on the outside.

And before long a dance comes along, homecoming to be exact, and everyone all the sudden pays attention to Bella. All the guys start to ask her, but to no avail, she said no to all of them. But she knows deep down in side there is one guy that she wants to be asked by. Edward. Little does she know that Edward feels the same way, if fact he has given her hint of the dance and who she will go with.

Something in her past haunts Bella though. Her darkest secrets about herself tell her to not "take the plunge". But what if she doesn't? Will Bella not like her as much as she likes him? Or will Bella go past her fears and becomes more than just friends.

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