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Previously on More Than Just Friends: After settling Geoff down and having Jane ask me a hundred times if I was warm enough, settled into my new home, hoping for the better of my first day at Forks High School…….

Beep Beep Beep... That is all I heard when I woke up in my old twin bed. (Which by the way had a spring in the middle of it….talk about back aches?) I turned to see what time it was, hoping to catch some more sleep.

7:50 it read. All the sudden panic rushed through me! The bus was going to come in five minutes and I hadn't taken a shower the night before. I rushed out of the bed to the small bathroom the Armstrong's home. I felt so cramped trying to shampoo my hair but I learned to ignore it for Jane was calling my name to come down stairs. After barely blow drying my drenched hair, I rushed down stairs to grab by book bag.

"Isabella! Slow down! Don't you want some breakfast? There is no need to miss the most important meal of the day!" Jane said while trying to catch up with me.

"Not hungry! The bus is here and I don't want to be late! Thanks anyway!" I ran out the door trying to catch the moving bus. Apparently bus driver finally caught on that I was wanting on because he stopped to a abrupt halt.

Thank God! I thought as I stepped onto the cold bus. The bus driver looked cold and dreary. He obviously was ticked at me for stopping his scheduled "train ride" by the expression he gave me. I then looked at my new fellow students. They were exactly the same except they were either chattering amongst themselves or trying to finish their late homework. Great! There isn't even an open seat! What a great first day!

Apparently the bus driver had had enough of me because once I got on he speed up before I could take a step. The jolt startled me and made me trip on a strangers backpack.

"Hey! Watch where you're going newbie!" My faced turned up and viewed the stranger. It wasn't a tall, gorgeous woman that I thought I heard of, only a short brown haired girl. She had curls down to her shoulders and busting out boobs making her look like a really cheap slut.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-"

"You beat you're a— you're sorry!" The look that she had could kill me instantly. I turned my face down and rushed to the back of the bus. At the back of the bus there was one open seat that I gladly took.

Some day I'm having! It hasn't even started yet! I stared out the window. For the rest of the ride I tried to avoid contact with everyone, especially the curly haired girl.

The bus finally came to a stop and everyone got out. I stepped out of the bus and looked around at my new school. I major disappointment. My old school was of no comparison to this. My old school was in a great high rise in middle of downtown London. The classrooms were state of the art and al the teachers gave A's if you put some effort onto your school work.

This school looked more like a prison with mobile units everywhere and only a little awning for the lockers outside. It had no color on the outside except for numbers on the outside of the units. The more I looked around, the more I distasted this place! I couldn't believe people actually survive in this environment! It was so plain, too boring, and nothing bringing any cheer to the place.

I found the school office but to my luck it was starting to rain. I hurried inside and shut the door, breathing in pure exhaustion.

The office was small and stuffy. Every corner had at least one dead plant that had water overflowing from their pots. I could tell they were trying to cover up some sort of strange smell but it was not working.

"Are you Isabella Swan?" said a lady behind the secretary desk and my a lady she was. Having make up covered on every pore on her face, she may have been mistaken for a clown!

"Yes, can I have my schedule please?" I said trying to stifle my laughter.

I left the small office almost in tears for what I had seen. Maybe this place won't be so bad…

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