Bella Noche (Beautiful Night)

Chapter IX

Zoro stood in the middle of the room wearing nothing but a towel while Sanji gawked and Robin chuckled nervously. All of a sudden Sanji snapped out of his shock-induced frozen state. "If I find out you've taken advantage of Robin-chan I will make minced meat out of you" he threatened Zoro taking a step into the room. Zoro just laughed at him and turned to find his clothes which happened to be strewn across the room. That's when Sanji noticed the scratches on his back and not wanting to believe that Robin could have chosen to sleep with Zoro, accused him some more. "You did, didn't you? She tried to defend herself the proof is on your back."

Robin felt her face heat up and she cleared her throat in an attempt to get Sanji's attention. Sanji turned to her and his features immediately softened. "I'll avenge your honour Robin-chan" he cooed at her. Robin sighed; he sure wasn't making this any easier. She glanced back at Zoro who now had his pants back on. "Err… Mr Cook it's not like that, Mr Swordsman and I are going out now." She explained softly resting a hand on his shoulder. The words must have sunk in since he stopped offering to avenge her. "Why that shitty swordsman?" he asked through tears.

"Hey stupid love cook, back off" Zoro said walking over; he didn't want that pervert so close to Robin when all she had on was a thin housecoat. Robin shot him a look telling him to calm down but he continued to glare at Sanji anyways. "Mr Cook why don't you get cleaned up for dinner. We are all meeting downstairs soon." Robin suggested gently and after what seemed like hours of more crying to Zoro Sanji finally calmed down and left. Robin closed the door with a sigh. "Well that was fun" Zoro said dryly, pulling her into his arms. She leaned into him heavily and he realized the whole ordeal had upset her more than he had realized. "Hey don't worry, Sanji will be fine. In fact he has probably already ran into some poor new girl to fawn over." He tried to reassure her. After a minute or two she sighed again and straightened up.

"I guess the hardest part is over then" Robin said cheering up some. "Damn straight" Zoro acknowledged and lightly kissed her. "I guess I should get dressed then." Zoro looked her over taking in her dishevelled hair and robe. "Why? I think this look suits you." He smirked and she laughed feeling the tension leave her. "You would" She walked over to her clothes shrugging out of the housecoat, Zoro greedily took in the sight as her hips swayed provocatively. He bit back a groan as she bent over to scoop up her clothes. "You might want to put a shirt on" she tossed lightly over her shoulder as she laced up her own. Zoro sighed and wished that Sanji hadn't come and that they could stay locked in here for several more hours. He wasn't looking forward to telling the others, who knows how they'd handle it. Maybe they wouldn't have to straight out say it if he and Robin just didn't censor themselves. They'd figure it out, right?

The Strawhats once again met downstairs in the lobby. Zoro draped his arm across Robin's shoulders and drew her in close to his side. Robin smiled as she realized what he had in mind. She pressed a kiss into his cheek and whispered "cop-out". She saw his jaw clench and she knew the comment had stung. "Do you remember who we are dealing with here?" he countered after a moment and Robin chuckled. Just then she noticed Usopp coming in with Luffy and Chopper "I guess we'll see."

Luffy asked where they were eating and if anyone had seen anywhere good in town. They discussed it for awhile and the whole time Zoro kept his arm around her, hugging her close. Robin was beginning to think that Zoro had been right when she heard Usopp gasp. "Zoro why is your arm around Robin?" he asked and Robin laughed to herself. "That's what couples do." Zoro answered simply and Usopp looked confused. "I know that but why is your arm around Robin?" he asked again. Robin couldn't help but laugh out loud this time. Zoro just stared at him and watched as realization slowly dawned on his face. His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged. "You and Robin are a couple!? Zoro and Robin. Robin and Zoro. When did this happen?" he exclaimed.

"Officially since lunch." Robin answered then turned to look at Chopper who had kept quiet the whole time. She was surprised to see the furry doctor on the verge of tears. "Mr Doctor. What's wrong?" she asked worried. "This means you won't have time for me now…" Chopper said quietly in between sniffles. Robin's heart swelled for the tiny reindeer "Of course I will still have time for you. I wouldn't trade that away for the world." She said kneeling down beside him. Chopper stopped sniffling and asked hesitantly "Really?" Robin smiled brightly "of course, I'll need lots of breaks from Mr Swordsman" she replied and Zoro grunted indignantly behind her. Hearing her answer Chopper began to dance around with a huge smile on his face saying "you jerk that doesn't make me happy at all!"

"Can we eat now?" Luffy whined and they headed out following Sanji who looked a fair bit better than he had when he left Robin's room. Zoro slipped Robin's hand into his own and she turned and smiled at him before continuing the conversation she was having with Chopper. Zoro thought back to that night he had been on watch when this had all started, truthfully though it had started a long time before that. Zoro had started to fall for her right when she had first joined the crew. That time when she had commented on the crew's rowdiness and then flashed him that full out smile. He had been hooked ever since, even if he hadn't trusted her yet. Robin had earned her trust though and he couldn't imagine her not being a part of the crew. Or of his life.

Once they were seated in the restaurant Usopp started to hound Zoro with question about him and Robin. Zoro grew more and more frustrated as the questions kept coming. "Enough Usopp! I'm trying to eat here" he snapped. Usopp had the decency to look a little sorry before asking him another question. "When did you start to like Robin?" Zoro nearly choked on his food and he shifted uncomfortably. He could tell Robin was listening for his answer but he didn't exactly want the rest of the crew to know how long he had been harbouring feelings for the older woman. "None of your business, and if you ask me any more you can permanently be my sword got it?" he said gruffly and Usopp gratefully surrendered.

Robin leaned over and whispered softly into his ear "How long Zoro?" She saw a small smile tug at the corner of his mouth and she placed a kiss there, hoping he's answer her. "This morning" he smirked and she rolled her eyes. Robin turned back to her food; accepting that he didn't want to tell her" She felt his breath on her neck before she heard the whispered "since the day that you joined the crew" Robin gasped and turned to see if he still wore that mocking smirk but instead of the smirk she had expected there was a small smile full of sincerity. Robin hadn't expected it to be anywhere near that long, maybe around the end of their adventure on Sky Island after all Nami had told her about his reaction to Enel's attack on her. She smiled at him lovingly and went back to eating. For the first time in her life Robin felt 100 loved and like she was finally where she belonged. It felt good.

Well that is all. I am done that story, sorry for the crappy ending. I hope you enjoyed it.