Ch 2- Revealed past #1 with Sasuke

After his defeat at the hands of Godhand (Zing!), Sasuke thought about what he was going to do now with his employer, Red Scorpion, eliminated. As he walked around that weird Japanese toy store-looking place you fight him in, his mind began warping. The ninja held his head and was about to take out his Tylenol when the world before him began spinning in illogical ways. It then started melting into a white plane and Sasuke was sent into a trance.

???: Sasuke, get up!

The said ninja got up off the dirty floor from where he was laying. The room he was in appeared to be a small restaurant kitchen, lights dimmed and walls splattered with grease.

Standing at the stove making a soup of some kind was Inoba, the sumo challenger that hosted the Ehrgeiz tournament in the stadium dome. He was dressed in a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black slacks that looked rather funny with his huge shoes. He wore a stained chef's apron.

Sasuke then looked down on himself to see that he wore the same thing but with normal-people's shoes. His samurai-helmet thing was off, revealing his black Caribbean dreads. (Made that up)

Inoba: Wow, maybe I shouldn't have made you taste test this

Sasuke: What's going on?

Inoba: (Makes a hearty laugh) We got in a fight out at the tables so we have to cook for the restaurant for awhile.

Sasuke: We?

Inoba: Yeah, both you and I couldn't take her down.

Sasuke: Her!?

Inoba: Don't be sexist, my boy. If she could beat me, she must be well respected!

Sasuke: ….what are we cooking?

Inoba: My famous fish soup!

Sasuke: (Looks in the pot to see a live fish jumping in cold water) ….

Inoba: Hahaha! Hope they like it! (Actually believes he invented a new recipe)

Sasuke: How'd we end up as partners?

Inoba: (Looks at Sasuke) You don't remember? You saved me from that rolling truck.

Sasuke: Rolling…truck?

Inoba: Yeah in China. Stupid drunk kung-fu master kicked off the tire stopper. I was crossing the crosswalk when it was coming down the street. Out of nowhere, you shove me out of the way to take the hit.

Sasuke: Wow…how heavy was the truck?

Inoba: A sperm whale. You were out for a month.

Sasuke: I seriously don't remember this.

Inoba: Bah! You flew 25 feet onto your skull. Wouldn't be surprised.

Sasuke: (To himself) Is that the reason I lost my memory? Then why didn't I remember all this with Inoba?

Inoba: Soups almost done! (All he did was drop a rock of salt the size of HIS fist into the stuff. At least he killed the fish.)

Suddenly, the world collected back the way it was and the weird Japanese toy store-looking place you fight him in was returning to sense. As he stood on his head on the crate that was somehow on the highest ledge with his sandals on his hands and gloves on his feet, the "Secret" door opened and out walked Django holding Tifa's body in his jaws. As Sasuke wondered if he was still in some drugged up coma, Django leapt through the exit from the place.