Sarah Age 8

As Sarah walked along the banks of the river outside the Academy, her and Jareth, since now he was age 12, were giggling about their latest escapade involving slime and frogs.

"Jareth, what are we going to do? You start the next level of School tomorrow. That means that I am stuck with the Three Curls. Can you still walk me home? And buy me little frosted cakes that have the pink and blue frosting?" Sarah asked, jumping infront of Jareth.

"Sarah, please calm down. I'm not going anywhere. I may be moving up a grade level, and going to the next school doesn't mean I can't see you. I will pick you up, buy those cute little cakes and be your best friend. Forever and ever." He said as he gave her a reasurring hug.

Later that day, at Sarah's house

"Sarah Dear, I have something to tell you." Her father, Lord Edmund Williams the third, said with a grim look on his face. Her mother, Lady Linda, was in tears.

"Yes daddy, what is it?" Sarah asked, more scared than confused.

"We, you and I are moving to the Mortal realm. I don't want to hear any rebellious comments about this. Now go start packing. You may say good-bye to everyone later. We are returning when the twilight star shines red." Her father said with a booming voice.

"Yes Sir." Sarah said curtsying, without letting her father see her eyes, which were red and filled with tears of heartbreak.

Then, around twilight, Sarah found Jareth riding around on his horse, White Blaze. "Sarah, whats wrong?" Jareth asked while his best friend cried.

"I am leaving the Underground, until when the twilight star shines red. Thats eight years in mortal time. Jareth, what should I do?" She said, pouring out her whole heart into her best friends gold tunic.

"Wait for me. I shall try to wait for you as long as possible. Just wait." Jareth said as his eyes turned to stone. He then rode off into the glowing sun that was leaving the sky for a peaceful rest.

"Good-bye Jareth." Sarah said as she watched Jareth disappear.

Eight years later

"Come daddy, we have to make the passage before the portal closes." Sarah, now 16, with hair that is to her knees, elegant curves, and glowing eyes that sparkle even in the dark, raced toward the shimmering portal, with her dog, Merlin, and half-brother, Toby, who is now going on 3.

"Slow down Sarah! My goodness child, we are going home to our winter castle." Her father, affected by time in the mortal realm greatly, his face was lite up when he saw his bride of four years, Karen, walking with her ten suitcases full of jewelry and money.

Sarah, Merlin, and Toby reached the portal within her old home. "We're home. Toby, this is my real place. Where I was born. I must introduce you to Jareth, my childhood friend." She said with stars in her eyes. Toby clapped his hands with great joy that was radiating from his sister.

"Father, may I go see Jareth? I remember where his castle is."

"Sarah, don't forget that here it has been 12 years here. He may not recognize you." Her father said with a grim face, just as he had the day they left her mother.

The kingdom's bakery

Sarah looked for her favorite person, along with the little cakes that she had loved as a child. After ordering one for the road, she asked the baker if she had seen Jareth.

"Yes Miss Sarah. King Jareth is at his castle right now."

"Thank you." Sarah said as she raced out the door. She then remembered that she was still dressed in her Earth clothes.

When she got to the dress makers, she bought a light blue dress that resembled the stars in the sky at twilight. She also bought dark blue slippers that had silver threads that embody a stunning design.

She almost ran to the castle, but then remembered the rules her mother taught her so many years ago.

When she reached the gate, she showed the guards the royal symbol of her family, which was a lotus blossom surrounded by a crescent moon. "I wish to see Lord Jareth. Tell him that the star from within the twilight is back." She said with a loving and enchanting smile.

After a few minutes, the golden doors within the library, where she had been waiting, opened. Coming through was tall, slender man with starry blonde hair and mismatched eyes. Around his neck was the Goblin King's insignia. "How are you, your majesty? Have you caught the Three Curls yet, or do I still have to call for the Golden haired prince to come and save me?"

"Sarah, is that you? My god its been twelve years! How are you?" Jareth said with wide eyes.

"Yes. Its me. I am now currently an older sister and a stepdaughter. Also the Heiress to the William house." She said with a catish like grin.

"Come we must talk of your adventures of the Surface world." Jareth said as he placed his metallic blue cape over her sholders.

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