Chapter 1: A New Life

Raven, sat by the fireplace, gazing into the darkness of her soul. Surfacing from the depths of her mind, she knew that meditation would not bring her the answers that she sought. The young sorceress stared around her new lodgings, eying the ornate furniture and intricate rugs of her new room. While the chamber was far more luxurious than her room at Titan's Tower, it still didn't feel like home.

She was never the kind of person to find attachment in other people, but she had developed a bond with her former teammates, and although she would rarely admit it, she had developed a certain love and sense of companionship during her days as a Teen Titan. Despite the friendship that the five young heroes shared, they had all gone their separate ways. Sure they all had their flaws, but she missed having them around. She even missed Starfire's rambling, and Beast Boy's jokes. Lost in her memories, she indulged in a rare smile.

It had been four years since the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil. After the major threat to the young heroes had been dealt with, they found themselves defeating the same weak villains over and over again. Even Slade had mysteriously vanished. Seeing that the once crime-infested city no longer needed their help, the Titans had slowly begun to drift apart. After all, subduing the incompetent Dr. Light and a small group of bank robbers was something that ordinary law enforcement could handle.

Walking over to the shelf in the corner of her room, Raven began to flip through a book of spells that she had not yet mastered. Her eyes began to scan the book's pages, but she found herself unable to concentrate on the complex incantations. Her thoughts began to return to her friends.

She wasn't too worried about them… after all, she had seen them in combat enough times to know that they could take care of themselves. Starfire had gone back to Tamaran to take her place on the throne, and no one had seen her since. Regardless of this, Raven had regular contact with Beast Boy and Cyborg. The green changeling had rejoined the Doom Patrol, and Cyborg had stayed at the tower to keep guard over the city's minor crime.

However, the most secretive of the group had not been seen in a while. After dropping the name Robin and adopting the alias, Nightwing, Dick Grayson had left to find his own way in the world. Being the last of her teammates, his departure left her feeling all alone.

Despite had come here to search for answers she had found none. But her stay here had not been a complete waste of time. After the splitting up of the Teen Titans, she found herself questioning her reason for living like she had before. Encountering other heroes on her journey to find herself, she learned of a place where she could receive help. Her search led her here, to the home of Doctor Fate. Even knowing her to be the daughter of Trigon, he had welcomed her into his home, offering her shelter in her time of need.

Sitting back in her large armchair, she began studying the ancient text. Since her arrival in his home, she had become Dr. Fate's student, learning many branches of sorcery outside of her own chaos magic. Touching her fingers to her forehead, she realized how tired she was. Sighing in boredom, she placed her books on the table. Rising to her feet, the young sorceress left the room, and headed toward the library.

As she walked down the hallway, her eyes wandered freely, catching glimpses of the many items that were present. From old bottles, to collected antiques, it was apparent that the doctor had an interest in ancient magic. Opening the door, she was not surprised to find a few of Doctor Fate's other guests already present. Aquaman sat at the large table in the middle of the room, playing chess with a large golden android that she recognized as Amazo. Having previously spoken to the android, Raven knew that he too wished to know the meaning of his existence. Despite his great power, the young sorceress could feel the android's emotional pain.

Her eyes finally reached the far corner of the room where a third visitor sat on the largest armchair. Although his face was obscured by a newspaper, the man seemed vaguely familiar. With a polite wave, she walked past Aquaman and the android.

With a flash of light, Raven caught sight of the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh, as Doctor Fate materialized by her side. "There's someone here to see you." He stated, gesturing to them guy in the corner of the room.

"I hate to be rude, but… do I know you?" Raven asked with uncertainty. Watching the stranger's movements, he cast the periodical aside as he got to his feet. She recognized his red hair and Robin-like mask. Upon catching sight of his bow, she knew that it had to be him. Despite the fact that he was taller and more muscular, there was no mistaking it.

"Hey… its been awhile." The man said, dusting off his shirt. "Is that how you greet an old teammate?"

"Speedy… its good to see you." She said in her monotonous voice, a shadow of a smile appearing on her face. "Don't get me wrong… but why are you here?" she asked with uncertainty in her voice.

Her old teammate gave her a small shrug. "Just business…"

"What do you mean?" she inquired, a feeling of curiosity beginning to surface through her veil of indifference.

"Just come with me." He replied, gesturing for her to follow him. Although she looked uneasy, the young sorceress followed him. Reaching the center of the field outside of Doctor Fate's Tower, he stopped.

"What now." Raven asked in a slightly sarcastic tone.

Being a former member of the Titans East, he didn't know her as well as the others had, but he had expected her to respond like this. Speedy gave a reassuring nod to his former teammate. Placing his hand to his ear, he activated his COM link. "Jonn, beam us up." He said into the communicator.

The world spun before her eyes, and before she knew it, they had reappeared in a completely different location. Looking around, Raven observed the futuristic surroundings. She was standing on some sort of transportation device, in a large room. Looking toward the window… her eyes caught sight of the numerous stars that decorated the vast dark void of space. With another flash of light, Doctor Fate appeared by her side.

"Where are we?" She asked, a curious tone in her voice. Speedy only smiled as Doctor Fate gestured towards the ground. Staring down, Raven caught sight of the many super heroes present in this establishment.

The metal doors at the entrance to the room swung upon, as six heroes entered the room. Superman stood at the head of the group, followed by Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and the Shayera Hol. Despite her mental training, even Raven was surprised at the sight of these legendary heroes.

Superman was the first to greet her. "Welcome to the Watchtower." He said, extending a hand in welcome. The young sorceress shook his hand, realizing how powerful his grip was.

Nodding in acknowledgment, Doctor Fate stood in front of his new student. "We are about to give you an excellent opportunity." He said to her. "I recently submitted a resume of sorts to the people here, and they have chosen to extend this offer."

"We welcome you to join the Justice League." Superman said, looking down at Raven with a small smile on his face.