Notes from your authoress: Hello again welcome to the beginning of my second story. I have to give a special thanks to my friend lacie who helped me alot with this story. she is actually the author of the next chapter. I know for a fact that this story is going to be better than my last one well happy reading .

"Kagome it's been a month since you guys broke up." sango sighed as she watched Kagome flip over the picture of her and kouga sitting on the

counter. " I can't forget about him." kagome said softly and mournfully. "i loved him." Sango looked at her and suddenly smiled. "i know! Kagome

i'm taking you out tonight and i wont take no for an answer." sango laughed and walked out of the room with kagome stammering in protest.

Kagome went upstairs to her room and layed on her bed "Sango you just don't understand." kagome thought to herself. She rolled over and

almost instantly fell asleep. She woke up at eight fourty five p.m. to the sound of Sango's music playing. Kagome grunted and put her pillow over

her head. after about five minutes she decided to get up and give into Sango's request. She trudged to the bathroom and took a shower after

she got ready Sango pulled Kagome towards the door. "where are we going?!" Kagome asked fallowing Sango. "you'll see." laughed Sango as

the both got into her car. They arrived in front of a club at around ten thirty p.m. Sango ran inside with Kagome. The club looked great. It was

pretty dark with lots of black lights, and a glowing neon green dance floor. Kagome and Sango headed for the dance floor. They danced for about

fourty five minutes. Then they headed for the Lounge area up stairs on the balcony. "yes! I think i'm getting Kagome's mind off Kouga." Sango

thought as she left Kagome on one of the big circular neon pink couches. Kagome watched as Sango went to get drinks. Kagome noticed a man

coming towards her. He was a little bit taller than Sango and he was wearing a tight underoath t-shirt and tight black ripped jeans. He had white

blonde hair, and his bangs covered one of his eyes he had on dark black eyeliner, and red eyeshadow. He walked over to Kagome and sat down

next to her. "heyy there." he said with a one sided cocky smile. "heyy i'm Kagome." She answered shyly. "cute name." Inuyasha flipped his hair to

one side. "I'm Inuyasha." He stood up and offered his hand. "would you like to dance?" He asked with the same smile as before. "sure." Kagome

took his hand and followed him to the dance floor. After a few songs they headed back to the lounge. When they got there they saw Sango laying

drunkenly across a mans lap. He Was Wearing a black and blue slipknot t-shirt and his black hair was down and about shoulder length. "Hey

Miroku. Whats up?" Inuyasha said as he and Kagome sat down. "Yo." Miroku answered absent mindedly. "You know him?" Kagome asked

Inuyasha. "Yea me and Miroku go back a while." Inuyasha answered. Sango and Miroku started making out. They broke apart after about three

minutes. "Want to go somewhere more comfortable?" Suggested Miroku. "shhhuuuure." Sango managed to slur out. They left. "WHAT THE FUCK

SANGO!" Kagome yelled after her. "Don't worry Kagome relax i'll take you home." Inuyasha said putting his arm around Kagome's shoulders. "I

really don't think Sango is in any shape to drive anyway." Inuyasha said sarcastically. Kagome sipped her drink. "why arn't you drinking

Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. "Oh I don't drink. I smoke weed usually with Miroku and thats about it." "I drink once in a while but not that much.

I've never smoked weed though." Kagome answered. They talked for about another hour, and got to know eachother better. Kagome stared into

Inuyasha's amber eyes and felt like she could get lost in them. Kagome dazed out of reality, And all of a sudden Inuyasha kissed her and broke

her out of her daze. kagome gasped in shock and then kissed him back. They broke apart. "It's getting kinda late do you want me to take you

home now?" Asked Inuyasha. "sure." Answered Kagome. The whole ride home they laughed and joked around. When they got infront of Kagome

and Sango's apartment he kissed her "Good night Kagome." She hugged him and got out. When She got in the house she leaned against the

doorand sighed. "what a great night." she went upstairs, put her pajamas on and went to bed.

Meanwhile at Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's house...

Inuyasha walked through the door of him and sesshomaru's apartment and headed for his room. He threw his shirt on the floor and smirked.

"well that was fun." he said with a smirk. He walked over to his sterio and turned on his my chemical romance CD. Soon the room was filled with

the lyrics. Inuyasha mouthed the words to a song and grabbed his black nail polish off his night stand and started painting his nails. Soon he

heardthe door slam, and the fermillier sound of clunky boot footsteps coming down the hallway. "Oh...Fuck...Me..." Inuyasha said rolling his eyes,

and was instantly annoyed.

Sesshomaru slammed open Inuyashas door. "ever heard of knocking ass hole." Inuyasha said dryly to his brother. "Oh did I interrupt you? Aw

you were painting your nails like a chick. how cute." Sesshomaru said as he pushed inuyasha's head forwards. "And whats this shit?" He asked

pointing towards Inuyasha's sterio. "Oh It's My chemical fag face. Real music to get boned up the ass to." Sesshomaru said half laughing. "don't

you have an animal to sacrifice or something." Inuyasha said completely annoyed. Sesshomaru grabbed Inuyasha's face and said "Oh yea and

then im gonna make you eat the leftovers." He pushed Inuyasha and Walked out. He slammed his door and a little bit after that Inuyasha heard

Mudvayne blasting over his music. About a half an hour later Sesshomaru banged on the other side of Inuyasha's wall "Hey fag boy turn your

music off i'm going to bed. Inuyasha got up and turned his music off and went to bed.