Kagome, and Sango smiled at each other as they watched their children play. Little Sanokua was

swinging on the large Jungle gym they had all pitched in to buy for them. She squealed as Kainu snuck

behind her, and hugged her tightly. They were both eight but Sanokua was a couple of months older than

Kainu was. He stuck out his tongue, and licked her cheek. "Your gonna be my girlfriend Sano!" Kainu

giggled as Sanokua screamed out "EWW gross get offa mee!"

"What a ladies man." Sango laughed at the sight before them

"Just like his daddy was." Kagome said looking up at Inuyasha who was lounging with Kouga, and Miroku

on the small patio. Ayame walked out of the back door holding a small blushing girl's hand. "Ayako want

to go play with the others?" She hid behind her mothers leg, before shaking her head. "Come on Ayako we

can play Catch!" Kainu yelled over to her finally letting Sanokua out of his hug. Ayako hesitated for a little

while before letting go of Ayame's hand, and going to the other children. She was only five, and she was

very shy.

Ayame sat down on the chair next to Kouga. "Wow they're growing up so fast Kainu is already out of his

cootie faze." Ayame sighed happily, and leaned her head on Kouga's shoulder. Kagome smiled, and

handed Ayame a soda from the small cooler. "Yes but they're all getting to be such good friends." Their

thoughts we're interrupted by the sound of whining. "NO ITS MY BALL!" Kainu yelled pulling one of

Ayako's long dark red pigtails. "Oh boy.." Kouga said sighing, and going to get his daughter. "Looks like

he got his daddy's temper to." Miroku laughed.

Inuyasha scoffed. "Lets hope Sanokua takes after her mother!" They all laughed as Mirokku's grin faded

into a pout. Life was good!

………….THE END…………………..

Notes from your authoress: (-.-) Phew I've been working on this forever! Its finally done! It was hard to blend the parents names for their kids especially Inuyasha and Kagome's son's name. I hape you all enjoyed it! I know I had fun writing it. Reviews make me SMILE! (=

Thanks again for reading! Tune in to my next story "the Princess" It should be done a lot sooner than this one was. Okay well I'm done rambling now -.-