"Can you teach me how to sew?"

Kakuzu looked up in surprise, before smirking underneath his mask. "No."

Hidan's face contorted in anger, "I asked you nicely, you fucking bastard! This is the first thing I've ever asked you to do for me man! Don't you love me?!"

Kakuzu stood up from the edge of his bed. "I will attempt to teach you." Hidan smirked victoriously. "However, " the smirked almost dropped, "I will not teach you the basics. You need to learn them yourself."


Hidan was throwing a mental tantrum. Yes, he had learned the fucking basics, turned his fingers into pincushions and all he got was a lopsided pillowcase.

Kakuzu, who held up the pathetic material, could barely contain himself.


Hidan narrowed his eyes and Kakuzu sat across from him. "Maybe a pillowcase is too hard. Try stitching up a tear in one of your cloaks and then come and get me."


Hidan let out a frustrated growl and threw the cloak onto Kakuzu's face, who was currently looking at him attempt to sew up a tear with amusement.

"It's too fucking hard, bastard! Help me!"

Hidan sat beside Kakuzu, who was busy picking out the thread. "Shit string."

"AHA! So it's not me! It's the fucking string!"

Hidan heard his partner let out a rumbling laugh. "You also contribute."

Kakuzu turned to his partner slightly, which caused the other to gain attention. "I attack with deadly accuracy. For you, as you impale yourself regularly, you don't particularly need such accuracy, you only need to know where your heart is."

Things began to make sense.

"Do you still want to learn?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Tomorrow we shall continue, " Hidan was about to protest, "it's dark, you need light for concentration." Hidan hugged the other sloser to his body slightly, pressing his lips to the cloth covered cheek. "G'night."


Kakuzu sighed, "okay. You will use my string, because it was cut better."

Hidan raised an eyebrow. "Won't cutting mean… killing it?"

"IDIOT! I control it with chakra!"

Cheeks flushed slightly. "Fuck you!"

Kakuzu grabbed the fabric, weaved the string through the folds and pulled. This continued for a while until Hidan got the point.

Kakuzu's hand guided Hidan's as he weaved the limp string, which had a needle-like point at the end through the black material.

When one side of the material had come together, Hidan smiled happily, kissing his partners cheek as he weaved the tendril through the rest of the fabric.

"Fucking great! Thanks Kakuzu!" with another peck on the cheek, he ripped off the case on his own pillow and covered it with the new one.

"You love it." Kakuzu said with an amused smile, mask around his neck.

"I love you."

"I guess I love you too, zealot."