Ok, I have permission, so I'm RUNNING WITH THIS! OMG! I love it. So, yeah, the first part of this story and the lovely little plot bunny belong to: Saesama! They come from her/his/ that thing over there's story glances into a spark, which I think is great! AWWWWW. Disclaimer. I don't own transformers or a bull mastiff... I use to have a little yappy thing... She died. So sad. I KNOW! Maybe I should get a bull mastiff and name it Ironhide! YES! No. I live in a little two bedroom apartment. No giant dogs named Ironhide. Le-sigh. Ok, so, I've been wanting to write a Fanfic in honor of Mouse Dragon's Baby Mine series for a while now but I couldn't seem to get my muse kick started in that direction until now... A combonation of two three Plot Bunnies, Saesama's Glances Into A Spark, My Plot Bunny from WTF Dozo ikanai-yo, koi shiteru AND Mouse Dragon's fic Baby Mine.


Chapter Six- The end... Or is it the beginning?

When Annabelle awoke, a familiar dark brown Mastiff lay by her side. She reached out slowly, running her hand across his head. His deep blue eyes opened and he snuggled closer.

"How ya feelin baby girl?"

"I don't wanna go back there..." Tears brimmed in her eyes, sliding sloppily down her cheeks and he nuzzled them away.

"You don't have to. You can stay here with me."

She wrapped her little arms around him and he curled his massive form around her. "Promise?"

"Swear it on my spark kiddo..."

Across town, the twins had a problem. Not only were the fire trucks parked in front of Annabelle's foster home blocking any chance of planting the charred organic "corpse" Ratchet had made, but sitting there next to two other police cruisers, was Barricade. Before they had a chance to act, his gruff voice echoed through their coms.

"The little girl. How is she?"

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe hesitated for a moment, then Sunstreaker spoke.

"Ratchet says she'll be alright. How did you know about it?"

His question was answered by Frenzy's smug voice. "We've had a b-b-bug on your communications sys-sys-system since a call went out requesting back-up for the removal of a 7 year old ch-ch-child from th-th-the Lennox house."

"Hush Frenzy. How can we be of assistance?"

"Why?" Sideswipe narrowed his optics, certain the former decepticon was up to something. But Sunstreaker remembered, long ago, when Barricade had been something other then decepticon. A time in the youth sectors when he and Prowl had saved him and his brother from certain death. A time before war had torn the universe apart and turned good bots bad.

"She's a sparkling Sides..." He said softly, understanding.

"I would have killed that pit-spawn of a human myself, had Ironhide not beat me to it. Now, do you want our help or not?"

Without hesitation, Sunstreaker explained the plan. He almost jumped out of his chassis as there was a knock on his driver-side window and he found a somewhat grumpy looking middle aged man with slicked back black hair and piercing black eyes looking at him with a raised eyebrow, leaning against the sleek police cruiser that was Barricade.

"Give me the pseudo form. We'll handle things from here."

"Like slag..." Sideswipe quipped, then quieted in surprise as Sunstreaker opened his door, allowing Frenzy access to the form laying across his back seat.

"Sunny have you lost your logic processor?! HE'S A CON"

"Before he was a Con, he was a Youth Sector Enforcer Sides. If he was going to slag us, he would have done it a long time ago."

Barricade's hologram raised both eyebrows now, a soft smile crossing his face as Frenzy headed sneakily towards the house with the pseudo Annabelle in his arms, slipping into through a window which had flames flickering out of it. No one noticed a thing.

"Oh don't get too excited boys. I'll still kick your rust ridden aft's any day of the week. But that little girl is not part of our war. See that she is taken care of."

"Will do 'Cade. Thanks..." With that, Sunstreaker bumped his brother slightly, then tore off down the road. With one last bewildered look at Barricade, Sideswipe turned tail and followed.

Two days later, the news reported a tragic fire, in which two lives had been lost. Doug Hanson and his 7 year old foster daughter, Annabelle Grace Lennox. A funeral was held. Now three stones stood where once there had been two.

William James Lennox

Beloved Hero

Sarah Kathrine Lennox

Beloved Wife and Mother

Annabelle Grace Lennox

Beloved Daughter

Across town, a now dark blue 1959 Cadillac Eldorado was cruising down the highway, a little girl, formerly known as Annabelle, was curled up in his passenger seat. Not minding his new form at all, Ironhide continued on his endless journey into the future with the daughter of his best friend curled up close to his spark. Right where she belonged.

"Hey Hide?"

"Yeah baby girl"

"Can we get some ice cream?"



Will there be a Sequel? YOU BETCHA! The bug has bit! Stay tuned for Bless The Child: Man's Best Friend 2! Thanks for reading!