It had been quite the past few years in the life of Benjamin Pierce. Crab Apple Cove seemed restless, or was it his heart? He sat outside on his porch like he did every night, but this night was different. This night the rain fell violently, like it hadn't been able to fall for years. Not often did he long to see his friends from his past, but again this night was different than all the others. It was the three month anniversary of his daughter's disappearance. He was alone. He longed for the days of old when his support was all around him. His wife had passed away at the birth of their child, Jessie, and He raised her best he could, best he knew now.

He watched rain fall and remembered his life, accomplishments and failures. It seemed as if all was lost, nothing left to live for. And for the first time since he'd left Korea he longed to be there again. He longed for any sort of purpose, any reason at all to continue with life.

He closed his eyes tightly and began to weep. "God help me, give me something, anything…you've taken everything…give me something….plea…please." He whimpered now wandering out into the rain.

Just then the mail truck, rolled up slowly, waving his hand and placing the mail in the box. He walked up and retrieved the mail, racing back under shelter. For months he checked the mail every day, hoping for something from his daughter.

Again, tonight was different than any other.

He tore open a letter with no return address,


I'm sorry I left, but I needed to go. Maybe I'll come back one day, but I'm starting a new life now, needed you to know I was okay. I will always love you daddy.


He dried his tears and flipped back to the front of the envelope, no return address but an ink stamp, marked "Hawaii."

He raced inside, and suddenly the rain had stopped.