Around midnight, a woman fitting Jenny's description knocked on the door of Rick's hotel room. He welcomed her in, ushered her to the bar and began to pour a glass of wine, but as she was engrossed in the conversation, she turned her head quickly to a familiar voice.


The look of shock on her face was met with tears as she embraced her Father. Pierce remembered that months before, he was almost ready to give up on her, but prided himself on being the type of person that never gave up.

Magnum and Rick stood by quietly, and sipped the glasses of wine, that subsequently were 'on the house.' As they watched the reunion unfold, Magnum couldn't help but right back the urge to join in on it, he silently prayed that someday he would embrace his lost daughter in the same way, Pierce was now.

"You'll be coming home now."

"Its not that easy daddy, I've wanted to for so long, but he said if I didn't come with him, he would kill you, I was able to send that letter in secret…how did you find me?"

Pierce pointed to Magnum who was in mid-sip of his glass of wine. Partially spitting it out, he smiled. "I'm glad I could help."

"I am too…but without Silver out of the picture, there's no way he wont come after me."

Magnum paced over and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Lets you and me make some phone calls, I have an idea."

As the two of them, made their respective calls, Rick prepared himself mentally for the sting. It had been years since he had been involved in something like this, and in a odd way, he actually missed it. Just the suspense that you know something, that the perp doesn't, is a rush like few things he's ever experienced.

The sting was set up in the hotel room. Silver was to meet Rick to exchange the goods and pick up Jennifer. She had also told Silver that Rick had been inappropriate towards her and to come rather quickly. It was that detail that caused Rick to pray earnestly to end this situation without a black eye or worse.

When Silver entered, all teams were in place, and it was just a matter of time before this case of Magnum, could fully come to a close.

"Business before pleasure, it appears you laid out some cash for us earlier this afternoon…the Vicodin you requested, is right here…" He pulled out a few small boxes, filled to the brim with bottles of the drug.

Rick took a few bottles and inspected the contents. "Looks like the business end can close…but what is this pleasure part you're talking about…cuz if it's the dame, I can offer you half of what I gave you for her."

Silver laughed a bit. "Double what you gave me and she's yours."

Rick followed with his own laughter. "She's not that pretty sweetheart…you can have her back."

Jennifer paced over until she was in his grasp. "Suit yourself…but if you ever come do business here again, and lay a hand on any of my ladies, you will be leaving here with a lot less than what you came here with."

Rick nodded in understanding. "I got it, I got it."

That of course, was the catch phrase. Within seconds, the police and other authorities were able to apprehend Silver. They had been hoping a lead would come soon, and had multiple cases up and ready to try him under. It was then, that Jennifer said her final goodbye to him, with a nice swift kick in the—well, you know.

The smile on Pierce's face, hadn't left yet, and Magnum knew it wouldn't for a long time. Rick felt rather accomplished and the smile he had plastered on his face probably wouldn't leave for a long time either.

After a day filled with statements and interrogations for Jennifer, it was time for some rest. Higgins offered them both some time on the estate before they headed back to Maine.

Magnum was satisfied, it was another case for the record books. He was actually paid in full, which was something that for whatever reason rarely happened to him. He was able to accompany Higgins to take the Pierces to the airport, for the final goodbye.

"I can't thank you enough Thomas, you have given me my family back." He took his hand and shook it strongly.

"It was actually kind of encouraging to me; I hope to have my own reunion with my daughter one day."

Pierce looked at him with smile and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You will."

Higgins and Magnum watched as the two boarded the plane hand in hand and couldn't help but grin.

"Nice to bring family members together isn't it Higgins?"

He turned to walk towards the exit. "I would have to agree with you Magnum, it is something that is, how shall I say it…something that is…?"

Magnum smiled and finished his friend's thoughts. "Heavenly."




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