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Nothing Else Matters- Rogue has nothing left at the Institute, except for Logan. But, he pushes her away and she finds herself torn and broken. What's a girl to do? ROGAN

-Nothing Else Matters-

His words were like an arrow into my heart. It sounded so cliche, but it didn't make the aching hurt any less. In fact, if anything, it made it hurt all the more. The moment he'd brushed me aside and said I was still just a kid my whole world had stopped spinning.

For so long I had just stood there watching all of the heartache and need burn inside of him like a smoltering pot of iron ore. For so long I had watched as his eyes wandered and heart wandered to every woman in the Mansion. Every woman but myself.

And I thought that finally the time was right to share it all. To share all of the things that I'd secretly hoped and longed for on the many cold and dark nights while I'd huddled under the blankets and stared blankly at the ceiling. The secret dreams that I'd held dear that had somehow managed to help me through the grueling waking hours that threatened to destroy my resolution.

Without a second's hesitation he had forced me to eat my words with a wave of his hands. His eyes had grown large and his lips had thinned as he shook his head violently and stepped away from me. He had taken my dreams and shattered them; along with my heart. And the poor fool didn't even realize the damage he had done as he swept out of the room and I forced him out of my life.

"If he don't want meh than Ah don't want him," I made the painful decision as I stormed away from the scene of the heartbreak and to my room.

He had been distant since the night I had left to seek my freedom from my curse. He hadn't tried to stop me from taking the one risk that could eventually be the one thing to free me from the binds that held my soul captive. He had only told me that it was my decision to make, and that he knew I'd make the right choice. I had wanted him to tell me the right thing to do, but he said that it wasn't his place.

And the moment things had died down he had glanced upon my smiling figure with a face filled only with disgust and disappointment. I had committed a sin and royally screwed myself up in his eyes. I was a disgrace to him.

"And Ah did it fah him," I refused to let the tears fall as I grabbed a duffel bag out of the closet and quickly began throwing as many clothes as I could fit inside of it. I had very little, so it was easy enough. "Ah don't need this," I kept telling myself over and over again as I slipped out of the room and walked down the darkened hallways toward the door that would lead me to my freedom.

The entire house was quiet and it seemed as though everybody was in bed. Which was a good thing. I wasn't in the mood to say any heartfelt goodbyes, when the truth was that there was only one person that I would actually think about after leaving.

That's a lie. So I would occasionally think about Bobby and his attempt to warm my frigid heart. But, he didn't realize that his own frigid hands would do no good. And when he had turned to Kitty, no tears fell from my eyes. In fact, the only thing I had felt was relief. I hadn't cried a tear over the boy that had tried so hard to make me happy.

And yet I'd cried for days on end about the man that didn't give a rat's ass if I was dead or not.

I took another deep breath as I slid on a thin coat and rested my hand on the doorknob of the front door. Freedom was just on the other side, and the only thing that I could hear was the pounding of my heart ringing in my ears. "It's not uh mistahke," I whispered to myself as I took one last deep breath and opened the door.

I stepped outside and shut the door quickly behind me as I glanced down the drive toward the huge gates that caged the entire household in. It was the last thing caging me inside.

I crossed the drive quickly, my feet barely making a sound on the pavement as I approached the gate with my eyes firmly set upon it. Everything inside of me was torn and aching, and even though I felt like my heart had been ripped in two, I knew that escape was the only option.

So minutes later I found myself outside of the gates and looking in, and everything sank in. I was leaving the School, and there was nothing more to it. The man inside that had promised to protect me was nothing but a liar, and he didn't deserve my goodbyes.

"He doesn't love meh," I sighed as I turned my back on the school, not realizing that the man in question was watching me from a balcony with his emotions torn in two directions. "Ah guess nothin' else really mahtters," a few tears slid down my cheek as I left the only place I'd ever thought of as home.

Alone and empty inside.

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