The wedding preparations continued, all of the colors, fabrics, silver, all of it over the top, "Vegas is looking better & better daily!" I murmur to myself "Oh yea, I forgot we're doing this the right way."

When there is something in your future that you are not quite looking forward to, the days all blur into one, after the other, after the next.

But to my surprise, this day already seemed different, instead of the usual complacency that filled my days (I didn't have much to do except show up on the date and say "I do" to the love of my existence) since Alice was planning and taking care of everything!

The phone began to ring; on the other end was someone I hadn't spoken to in a while.

It was Emily, Emily Uly now.

"Hey Bella, it's Emily, its been a while." She said

"Oh Hi Emily yes it has" I replied reluctantly

"Well anyway" she continued" I was wondering if you'd like to come over. There's something I'd like to talk to you about."

Oh no, it must be Jacob. Something has happened to Jake I thought, my heart accelerating in my chest. Please let Jake be okay.

"Bella, are you there?" Emily said

"Um sure that would be great" I hesitated

"This has nothing to do with Jacob, he's fine I think. I wanted to ta-" I cut her off before she completed her thought.

"What do you mean, haven't you seen him?" I questioned

"No, not for a while, he was, well. He left and hasn't been back," she said

"What are you saying? When? How come?" I trailed off.

This cant be I thought, he seemed fine, well, okay not fine be okay, at least-at least that was what I told myself, it was what I wanted to believe anyway….

"Oh, Emily, I had no idea! Is Billy okay? Does Charlie know? Why didn't he say anything? This is bad!" I said

"Bella, don't worry about it, calm down, please. It's just going to take a while for him to come around, after the imprint…well never mind…. anyway"

"What are you saying Emily, did Jacob imprint on someone? That's good, isn't it? I said

"Oh Bella, I'm not supposed to talk about this, it's not my place, please don't ask any more, forget I said anything" she begged

"How can I just forget, you intimate that he's imprinted & then just left her! Who is it Emily?" I asked cautiously

" Why did Jake just leave, that's not like him?" I murmured to myself

" I can't do this over the phone, please come see me. We'll talk, okay?" She said

"Yes-yes of course. I'll be there. When?" I asked

"About an hour, is that alright?" she said

"Okay, see you then. Bye Emily"

"What does Emily want?" a velvety voice came from behind me.

Best to be honest I thought "Emily invited me down to LaPush, she wants to talk to me. I'm meeting her in about an hour." I said

"Bella, love, I'm not sure if that's a good idea." Edward said

"What are you talking about, it's just Emily, she's a friend Edward! Are you telling me I can't go?" I just put it all out there, would he really refuse to let me go, now I wasn't so sure, the look on his beautiful face was masked.

"No! No! I would never forbid you to go, I'm just telling you that I don't think it's a good idea," he said as his arms encircled my waist.

I turned into the embrace and placed my check against his chest. I knew that this was difficult for him to comprehend, but I needed to go, I needed t talk with Emily, to find out about my dearest friend Jake. I needed to know what was happening.

"I wont be gone long, only a few hours. I'll call you as soon as I'm back! Cross my heart hope to die." I spoke the words into chest

"That's not funny Bella," he said as his grip around me tightened minutely

"I promise, that is the point Edward!" I said

Edward started to say something else, but the ringing of his cell interrupted him.

"Alice. Yes. Okay, I will take care of it, don't worry thanks for the heads up!" he said

What had Alice seen now! I thought

"Everything okay Edward?"

"Yes, if you call placating a frantic monster okay! He mused

"What? What do you mean?" I asked

"Nothing to concern yourself with love. Alice said that she "sees" a problem with the DJ that she hired & since music is my forte shall we say, she would like me to handle it." he


"Oh, of course. Edward, please go take care of the music for Alice and I'll see you in a couple of hours okay? I said

"Well, I guess. I'll see you later, & for heavens' sake Bella, be careful!" he said

As Edward held me tight against him, I had an overwhelming need to tell him again

"I love you Edward, Forever, you know that. Right?" I breathed

He released me and looked into my eyes, God he was beautiful,

"I love you too Bella" he said

I'm not sure what expression I had on my face, but worry flashed across Edward's face for the briefest of moments & then it was gone.

I walked to the door, opened it and turned quickly. "Have fun with the music!" I teased

I was out the door and heading to my truck, suddenly he was there, opening my door and helped me into the truck "Thank you kind sir, what a gentleman!" I said as he kissed me lightly on the hand.

"My pleasure, definitely my pleasure!" he said, and like always I blushed

My truck roared to life as I headed down the road, followed directly by Edward in his opulent Volvo.

As I pulled up to the intersection, Edward's car pulled beside mine. He was going left into town, I the opposite direction to La Push. I knew he was looking at me, so I suddenly smiled widely, reached my had to my mouth and blew him a kiss!

Edward smiled his dashing crooked smile, the smile that was his alone. He seemed to enjoy my impromptu gesture of affection! With that done we went our separate ways, life taking us in two different directions. I watched as his car speed down the street & I begun to turn my truck onto the stretch of road that would lead me to my destination. As I turned the truck, I watched Edward's car, it going in the opposite direction. I heard the screech of tires, the crunch of metal, the feel of pain…& then nothing.


At the Intersection, Bella, was smiling brilliantly, she even blew me a kiss, the gesture caught me off guard, it was a tender sweet moment, just a random act to show her feelings to me, she loved me that was clear, and I her!

Earlier she seemed pretty intent on telling me that fact, making sure I realized how much she loved me. Bella's lips, her voice, her body all-testifying to it. "I'll love you forever" resonated in my ears.

As I sped away, to perform my "important task, I took one look back expecting to see my Bella's truck in the distance. I looked just in time to see the horror first hand.

Within seconds, my car was racing back to her, I couldn't have just seen that, happen, no…no…! But, I saw it clearly there was no way to deny the twisted mess that was in front of me. I leaped from my car, "Oh God! Oh God! No.No…No!" I cried out

Of course my cell was ringing, but I already knew who it would be.

Bella had to be okay, she had to be 10 seconds ago she was fine; she'd be fine now! I kept telling myself desperately.

The driver of the logging truck (Oh god, a logging truck hit her!) was out shouting "That the red truck came out of no where, I never saw it!"

Shit, Shit, Shit…I didn't see…I didn't see! Was what he kept thinking

Time meant nothing, had it really been only seconds, I don't know. I couldn't get to her fast enough. Oh God, the truck, mangled & overturned. Logs all over the road from this man's presious cargo, durable wood. But my most precious, my Bella, she was trapped in the wreckage of twisted metal, smoke & broken glass.

As I approached the cab of her truck, the silence was painful to me; there was no movement in the cab. Terror hit me; my angel lay there quite, broken, bleeding.

I reached in to touch her, to feel her. I heard someone shout, "Don't move her! The emergency vehicles are here!"

Someone was pulling me way from my angel, the firemen began working on the metal door to extract her "Dan, hurry up with that we got fuel leaking!" said a worker

I was on my knees watching helplessly I was numb. I couldn't process what had happened. The day went from heaven to hell in an instant.

Suddenly, I saw her as they pulled her out. Her body, the body that belonged to my love, the body she had wanted to give to me freely was lifeless. The EMT's began working to save her. I watched intently, for her responses, for something anything!

What a shame, so young. I hope she was at least an organ donor someone thought

"Is she-Oh my God-is she-" I asked one of the EMT

"Sir, we need you to step back from the scene." a cop said

"I'm her fiancé, she needs me Damn it!" I shouted said

"Oh, sorry sir please wait by the ambulance then, they'll be going shortly." he said

You were her fiancé, you poor bastered. God, I really hope she will be okay. Thought the cop

It took everything I had not to kill him, but I needed to focus on Bella

Bella was on the cart, the EMT's forcing air into her lungs, chest compressions to keep the blood flowing. Her shirt had been undone or cut I'm not sure which to allow CPR to be performed, I saw the sweet, milky white flesh, I saw her tender breasts move with each violent push to the rib cage.

"I've got her!" one of them said, "the pulse is weak but I got it! Let's get to the hospital"

"Lets go! Matt, keep bagging. Lets move it people!"

"You the boyfriend?" the one named Matt asked

"Yes, I'm her fiancé." I sobbed

"Get in if your coming!" he said

I watched her heart on the monitor, slow, out of rhythm, weak but it was there.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? I kept thinking to myself…

This cant be happening. This isn't supposed to happen, not to her, not to me.

I was promised forever, and now forever seemed to be slipping away

My angel, my Bella, so quite, so still, so pale and there was nothing I could do. Not in front of these witnesses. I wanted to grab her and run. But my father would be at the hospital. Everything would be fine. She'd be fine. She had to!

We arrived at the hospital, and it all came at me so fast. The EMT was shouting out her vital signs like she was just another statistic. But she wasn't a statistic; she was somebody's daughter, and soon somebody's wife. My wife, my lover and she was being taken from me.

As I entered the hospital, following after her. I stopped, frozen in place, I saw my father, with a look of extreme worry on his face.

"Trauma 2 is open" Carlisle said

And then they were gone.

I turned to see Charlie & Billy coming thru the doors, Charlie running up to me.

"Where is she Edward? What happened?" Charlie asked

"She was headed down to La Push to see Emily, a logging truck hit her broadside, & her truck rolled. The logs may have hit the truck too. I'm not sure," I mumbled

Charlie & Billy looked at me horrified,

"She'll be alright though, just a few cuts and bruises?" he asked hopeful

"Charlie, I..I…" how could I say it

"Oh, God Edward, tell me please, just tell me!" Charlie demanded

"Its bad, real bad Charlie. She was unresponsive when they brought her in, she wasn't even breathing on her own!" I cried out to him as I watched the realization that she might not make it dawn on his face.

"Charlie, sit down friend." Billy finally spoke "This is a terrible shock, come"

As they went to the waiting room, I continued to pace the halls, waiting for something, anything. I couldn't even "hear" Carlisle; he wouldn't let me in his head right now, which I guess was for the best, I'd be even more frantic now. I heard Alice, and turned to see my family all of them with questioning look on their faces.

"Oh Edward." Alice said, "I didn't see until it was too late! I am so sorry"

"Alice, show me. Show me what you saw please," I begged

When I saw the vision, I fell to my knees.

She had been so happy, she was watching me drive away…she never even looked, never even saw the truck coming! Then there was screeching tires, the truck flipping over, over again. Bella looked like a rag doll being tossed around. Once everything came to a stop I heard my name on the wind, so lightly "Edward I lov-" and then nothing

God, she was calling my name. I can't do this. I can't be here. Not when Carlisle come out and tells me "Oh, Alice. Help me!" I cried

Just then Carlisle came out of the room, he looked a mess, he didn't look at me. It can't be, no Bella No I thought to myself.

He headed to the waiting room, to Charlie. He didn't even want to face, me to tell me!

"Dad" I called He didn't respond, so I quickly followed him into the room

"Chief Swan, Charlie. We have managed to stabilize her for now, she is now breathing on her own and her heart seems to have recovered from the trauma of the shock.

However, Bella has not woken up. Currently I am not too concerned about that, due to the amount of morphine that we have given her. But the next 24 hours will be crucial in determining the extent of her injuries. Charlie, we are doing everything we can for her. Please know that."

"When can I see her?" Charlie asked

"You can see her now if you like. But I just wanted to remind you that she is in an unresponsive state. You can hold her hand, but please limit your contact to that" Carlisle said

"I want to see her now. Thank You Carlisle for taking care of my Isabella." He said

They started off down the hall, suddenly Charlie turned and said " Edward, please, are you coming?"

"Yes Charlie, yes of course," I said