Bella's POV

I was taken to the mortuary at my father's request. At least I could leave Charlie with some closure & peace. Edward, well I just hope he could understand. I was booked into this fine establishment when they tagged me & put me in the "freezer" Once alone, I got the hell out of the bag. It really was creepy in here, not Voltara creepy but creepy enough.

I switched the tags on the bags and opened the door. I had to get out of here before anyone found me. I headed back to the woods. Where I was going? No idea. I just needed to run

Once in the forest, the rain began. Cleansing the forest, bringing life to it. I walked and slowly made my way to our meadow. I needed to rest, I needed to eat. This was the only place I could go.

I stood in the meadow, and concentrated. Several animals came out of the trees. I looked into the eyes of a large buck. It knelt down and as it did I felt as though I was being watched. I bent down to the majestic animal but I couldn't do it. I didn't have the spirit to drink. Other animals where around me and I picked up a little fox and stroked it's fur. I turned around "Hello Jacob"

Looking into the confused eyes of my friend the wolf he tilted his head and I sat down on the ground still holding my fox that seemed to now be sleeping. Jacob ran to the trees and moments later he reappeared as my human friend Jacob.

He just looked at me then finally spoke. "How did you do that?"

"What did I do Jacob?" I said smiling at him

"I was drawn here like I was being called"

"I called for food. Are you food Jacob?" I joked

"But you didn't-" he stammered, "you let that deer go."

"Yes, Jake. My heart may not beat, but I'm not heartless."

"Why are you out here alone?"

"Well if you must know I left the Cullen's. It appears even in this form I am a danger magnet for them. I needed to leave before anyone gets hurt."

"But, I thought you were getting married today"

"No, it's been cancelled. Didn't Billy talk to Charlie yet?"

"I'm not sure. Been out patrolling. Why?"

"Well, then let me be the first to inform you that poor little Isabella Swan died unexpectedly this morning. The day of her wedding. Succumbed to cancer."

"What did you do?" he asked angrily "Did you hurt Charlie?"

"No Jake! I never could"

"Your one of them, you could do anything" he spat

"Jake I gave my father peace and love. I gave him an acceptable resolution to a hopeless set of circumstances. Nothing more."

"How? What are you-"?

"Jacob, please. I needed to make Charlie safe. With me gone he will be. This is hard on me, I have to leave the ones I love in order to save them"

"Your not making sense Bella, are you okay?" he asked concerned

"Please Jake, don't concern yourself with a leech like me" I attempted to tease

"Bella, you know I should kill you. You are my sworn enemy"

I walked to Jacob and touched his hot arm. He didn't flinch away at my cool touch.

"Oh, Jacob" I said looking into his eyes "All I want for you is to have happiness and serenity in your life. You of all people are entitled to it my friend" I felt the energy pass between us and I walked away

I walked into the woods away from Jacob, in the distance I heard the howl, from behind me I heard the voice "Bella! Where are you going without me?"

I turned to see Edward. I couldn't help my self as I ran into his arms

"How did you find me?"

"Bella, this day of all days, where else would I be but our meadow!" He breathed as he kissed the top of my head.

"Oh Edward! I love you so very much!" I said looking down at his hands holding me tightly to him." I see you got my letter!" I noticed he had his ring on and he lifted my chin so he could look into my eyes.

"How could you leave Bella? Now that you are one of us there is nothing they can do to you. You haven't broken any rules, there is no reason to fear Aro or the others."

"Edward-I'm afraid"

'Bella, there is nothing to fear. I promise. Everything will be fine. We will all be perfectly fine! Trust me"

"I do trust you"

"Thank you love. Now lets get back home, I have a surprise for you" he smiled

"I don't think my heart can take anymore surprises" I teased

"Funny Bella…real funny!" he smirked

We raced back home. Edward let me win, actually I think he was afraid to be ahead of me incase I decided to run again but I didn't mind. It just reminded me of how much he really did care.

The family was waiting on the porch when we arrived. Relief seemed to be the expression on their faces. I could only imagine the pain I had put them through during my absence. But they all embraced me as if nothing had happened.

I was quickly being taken by the hand by Alice as she began dragging my upstairs before I could protest. She gazed back to Edward, I could only assume communicating with him in their special way.

We got to the room Edward and I now shared. As I walked in I immediately turned around to leave "Alice? What is all this?"

"It's your wedding dress of course"

"What do you mean, we cant."

"Don't argue, just sit down and let me fix your hair"

I was shocked so I sat down and let her do her thing. I was used to it by now. A well-trained doll at the mercy of Alice.

Soon I had my dress on and I looked at myself in the mirror. The reflection looking back at me was so beautiful so elegant. I wasn't sure if it was me.

Alice was at my side; she of course was now all dressed in her bridesmaid dress. "I'll go first then you follow. Got it?" she smiled making sure I understood

I shook my head and as we left the room I could hear music playing downstairs Pachelbel-Cannon in Dresonated through the house. I followed Alice towards the stairs. Oh crap the stair, I only could pray I wouldn't fall as I thought that an arm gently took mine. I looked over to see Carlisle.

"I know it's not the same has having your own father. But I would be honored if you would allow me to escort you down the isle."

"Oh Carlisle!" I reached up and hugged him "This means so much to me. Thank You!" kissing him lightly on the cheek

"I think it's time!" he said as we proceeded down the stairs

I kept looking over at Carlisle, not really sure what to expect at the bottom of the stairs. When I looked, my family was there all dressed for the wedding. I saw Edward standing next to Jasper. Then I saw Emmett and I smiled wide, this was perfect! Emmett was going to officiate. This should be good fun!

Carlisle walked me toward Edward and then turned to me. "For a long time now Bella, I've thought of you as a daughter. Now today, when you marry my dear son Edward our family will be complete." He said kissing my cheek

"Thank you!" I whispered. Then he took Edward's hand and joined it to mine

Edward looked at me. I could see him perfectly even through the veil.

Emmett began the ceremony with a joke of course, but then he got serious. In less than 30 minutes my favorite part came. Edward lifted my veil, he took me by the waist and dipped me backward kissing me with such passion if I had to breath I would have been breathless.

I was filled with such happiness, such joy. I closed my eyes for the kiss when I opened them I was looking directly into the eyes of my husband. I saw an odd expression on his face, but I heard the clapping and cheering behind us and I quickly looked away to see my family!

When I looked back to Edward, he still had that surprised look on his face

'What Edward? What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing love, I'll tell you later. Promise" he smiled

Alice danced up and hugged me "Oh Bella, I am so happy for you. This is just great! Now I have another sister to go shopping with. Bella what happened to your eyes!"

"What do you mean Alice? What's wrong with my eyes?" As I looked to Edward

"God Bella! Your eyes, their…violet!" she said

I pulled away from Edward and raced upstairs to look in the mirror. He followed quickly behind me as I slammed the door shut and ran to the mirror. Sure enough my eyes were now a violet color. No longer crimson. What the hell is wrong with me I thought?

"Bella! Please let me in love."

I was so flustered so aggravated…why couldn't I just be normal…ever…I looked at my reflection in the mirror once again. I punched it, breaking it into thousands of tiny pieces.

Edward burst through the door, running to me "Bella! What have you done? Are you alright?"

"Edward what's wrong with me?" as I fell to my knees

"Nothing's wrong with you Bella. Please lets talk to Carlisle he may be able to help!"

"No one can help me. I'm just a freak!"

"Bella! Calm down please! I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this"

I looked at Edward, worry on his face. I needed to pull myself back together. Get some composure, eye color was a trivial issue compared to what as ahead. Alice came through the door "They're here." Was all she said

I started to head towards Alice, but Edward pulled me back "No! Bella stay here"

"Edward, we have to go down. You know that as well as I"

I grabbed his hand and we headed down stair. At the bottom there was a knock at the door. Everyone's eyes darted to Carlisle. After all he was the head of our family, he would be the calm one.

Carlisle opened the door "Welcome Aro, Jane please, come in friends!"

"It has been a long time my friend. You have been missed." Aro spoke to Carlisle

Carlisle did something that I didn't expect. He reached his hand out to Aro. Offering his thoughts to his old friend. Aro took it, smiled wickedly and looked into Carlisle' eyes.

Immediately Aro focused on me "My dearest Bella! How lovely you've turned out! I knew you would be special. We must speak!"

I took from his tone that this wasn't optional. It was an order.

I felt everyone's eyes on me, to see how I would respond. For a moment I froze, not sure how to proceed.

"Please Aro continue. We have no secrets here. We are family after all!"

"I would prefer to do this alone, but as you wish."

"Thank You" I replied

"Bella, I have come to offer you a place with us, the Volturi. We feel you would be an 'asset' to us and are requesting that you come voluntarily with us."

I noticed Jane looking uneasy as Aro spoke; the guard that surrounded the pair was shrouded in cloaks.

"Aro, what you offer is truly tempting. But, I will need to decline."

"Bella, that is quite unfortunate that you feel that way. I had hoped to make this an easy acquisition."

Jane held Edwards gaze and he dropped to the floor writhing in pain, agony on his face.

The others looked on horrified as Jane tortured Edward.

"Aro, please I think-" Carlisle began but Jane just turned to him Carlisle was wincing in pain.

"Enough!" I yelled. Jane was taken back and looked at me

Jane began to try her talent on me. I walked over to her lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes "Little Jane, you should know better by now than to try that with me"

I continued to stare into her. Her eyes tried to break the connection but I wouldn't let her. She had caused pain to my husband, my father and my family she would not get away from my this time.

With all the power I could gather, I 'reflected' the pain meant for me back to her she fell to the ground writhing in pain

I looked to Edward and he was wincing. He knew what I was doing and with that I stopped.

Poor Jane just laid on the floor her guards helping her to stand

"Bella! We must have you. That was an impressive display!"

"Aro, that was not a display of my powers. You couldn't have the slightest comprehension of what I'm capable of. This was nothing!"

Aro stepped forward reaching for me. He wanted to know my thoughts. He wanted to see if he would be able to read them now. I stepped away from him.

"Jane, how are you feeling now?" I asked her but she just growled in response "Please Carlisle, check on Jane. I think she's going to need some help."

Carlisle moved toward the little girl and she growled and gazed at him trying to pain him but to no effect. Carlisle just looked back to me. Jane kept trying, but nothing came" What the Hell have you done to me bitch!" she screamed and lunged for me.

"Please Jane, calm yourself." I said stopping her "You aren't being very nice!"

"What have you done to me?"

"I've done nothing to you dear. I've just removed your anger and sadistic tendencies. Is there a problem?"

"You- you…" she stammered

"Why don't you run along little one? I need to speak with Aro and I wont have you harming my family." I said looking to Aro "Please, come we will speak as you have requested."

I reached out to take Aro's hand and Edward pulled me back "What are you doing?" he hissed

"Aro, please you wouldn't mind my husband coming with us. He will need to be considered in your request."

"Of course. Please dear Edward"

I looked over to Edward, he seemed cautious but was happy that I included him in the conversation

I looked to Alice, she was worried and shaking her head at me. Then Edward looked at me he had read her mind. He saw what was going to happen. Once again his face looked pained but we continued to Carlisle's office

"Please Aro, you may speak freely now."

"Bella, this will be hard for you to accept, but you must come back with me. You only have two options, and the other one isn't pleasant."

"Aro, truthfully neither option appeals to me. I do not wish to go with you nor do I choose to die. There has to be a compromise to this situation."

"No, I can see no reason to compromise. You will be coming with me."

I looked to Edward, he was growling at Aro as he spoke those words.

"Edward and I have just been married. We have not broken any rules. You have no right to make this request of me. I cannot go with you. I will not."

"I am sorry that you feel that way. Such a waste"

"Aro, I have a proposition for you."

"And what would that be Bella. There is nothing you can offer-"

"Oh but there is. Would you like to read my thoughts Aro? No one has ever seen them. They are mine alone and I am offering them to you. All of them!"

"Now. That would be something. But I can't just let you go"

"Aro, you can and you will & you will leave knowing that I will be considering your offer for the future."


"No, Bella! You don't have to do this" Edward said

"Yes, Edward I do. It is the only way. The only way for us to be together"

I reached out, offering my thoughts to Aro. I knew that once they were his they would be Edward's as well since he would be listening to Aro.

He took my hand and smiled at me. Once he did, everything shot thru him he released me quickly. He couldn't hold on

"The pain is so excruciating," he cried," How could you ever deal with?"

I reached for him now, giving him more. "Stop please! I've felt enough."

I released him and looked at Edward. He was staring at me. He knew my deep thoughts, my hidden thoughts and now I was worried. What if he was angry with me? What if he no longer could love me?