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Line break

Both Jack and Maddie stared in shock at Danny "your Danny Phantom" Jack asked.

Danny shrugged "like I said, I'm the good ghost" he said.

Then he turned to Vlad, his eyes blazing a fierce green "and now to take care of a thorn in my side" Danny growled.

To their surprise Vlad laughed "ah but you wouldn't do that, after all" he snapped his fingers.

Sam appeared in front of him all tied up "I have leverage" he said.

Danny gasped and looked at Sam.

Suddenly he paused "Danny please surrender" Sam pleaded.

Danny crossed his arms "fine, if your really Sam then tell me what my greatest fear is" he said.

Sam looked fearful "being accepted" she said.

Danny looked down and shot a blast at Sam.

She screamed and vanished.

Maddie looked angrily at Danny "what did you do that for!" she demanded.

Danny glared at Plasmious "that wasn't Sam!" he shouted.

Plasmious stared in shock "how did you tell!?" he asked.

Danny smirked "only three people know my worst fear, and that wasn't it" he said calmly.

Vlad snarled and lunged at Danny.

In a smooth motion Danny caught his hands with ecto plasm blocking Vlad from attacking.

Vlad pulled away angrily "how did you get so good" he snarled in rage.

Danny smirked "didn't I tell you I found a teacher that wasn't you" Danny taunted.

Vlad launched and ecto blast that Danny blocked with a shield.

Behind him his parents were inching towards the device behind them "oh yeah? Then who s this teacher" he asked tauntingly.

Danny smirked "Frostbite" he said simply before blowing a frozen breath at Vlad.

Vlad froze as Jack and Maddie reached the device.

They quickly aimed it at Vlad as he broke free.

Danny whirled around at the sound of it charging.

A yellow beam shot out of it that struck Vlad and instantly he fell to the ground, non moving as Vlad Masters.

Danny slowly lowered himself to the ground and took out his Fenton thermos "you know Vlad, you really need to get a cat" Danny teased as he sucked him into the thermos.

His parents stood there in silence as Danny walked over to the portal "are you actually thinking about releasing him?" Maddie asked.

Danny tossed the thermos in the air "trust me, curtsey of Jazz I've been in this thing and there is only one ghost I would keep in it, and he's not him, though I do have an idea, be right back" he said.

Danny vanished into the ghost zone with the thermos.

The two parents exchanged nervous glances and sat down to wait.

After about five minutes Danny flew back out with a satisfied smirk.

He smiled triumphantly at his parents "Vladdie is going to be a little busy" he said.

Line break

Vlad stood in the snow surrounded by the people of the Far Frozen

"how dare you release Pariah Dark!"

"you will face our justice!"

"you tried to harm the Great One and now you'll pay!"

they yelled as their eyes glowed blue.

Vlad's eyes closed "oh butter biscuits" he muttered.