'Hermione, wait up!' Ron's voice rang loud and clear as Hermione disappeared in a flash of brown hair and her robes.

Hermione continued running, not caring if others were sniggering at her; she was a dreadful sight. Her hair was mussed from running for so long, her clothes under her robes were drenched with sweat, her robes were dirty form running among the garden bushes, her shoes were positively above the state that Scourgify could help.

But she didn't care. She continued running, ignoring the pain that was growing in her chest.


Wasn't that what Ron had intended for her to feel? When he was oh-so-brazenly snogging with Lavender Brown? Did he see her pain, when he caught her eye while snogging his newly found beloved? How he kept his eyes fixed on her... Did he intend for her to feel hurt? Was that his way of telling her, 'Back off, Hermione, you lost your chance.'?

She cried even harder, running as fast as her legs could carry her now. She was running among the trees of the Forbidden Forest, not caring if a centaur came and shot an arrow though her chest. She doubted it would hurt more than what she was feeling now.

Then he had tried to talk to her, talk her out of the horrible bitch she was acting like the past few days. And he even went as far to call her a 'grimalkin', saying that Crookshanks would be delighted to have her as a fuck-buddy.

He actually said that aloud. Said all those words. Right to her face. Any self-control was lost as tears started streaking down her face. Ron realized that he had gone too far.

'Hermione...' he croaked, reaching out for her. But she had started running.

She tripped over a twig, falling down, but not bothering to get up. Her track-and-field days were long over since she had joined Hogwarts and she could only train her running speed and stamina when she went back on the holidays, thus, the run had tired her.

She fell back onto the grass, surprised at how comforting it felt. She suddenly felt rain.

Drip drop, drip drop.

It had started as an intermittent drizzle, before it turned into weighty, mighty raindrops, now hurtling down on her face, but she still made no attempt to move.

'Fall on me, won't you!' She screamed to no one in particular. Or so she thought.

She had attracted the attention of a boy her age, who was just slipping out of a tree trunk. His lustrous eyes caught movement when she fell and he had been watching her since. He looked on, with mild interest but huge curiosity. What is she doing here? He thought to himself. Then she yelled. He almost jumped but no, his father had taught him to keep his emotions in check and learn how to control shock since he could speak. Her voice, it carried so much anger, even he was affected. He gripped the tree trunk tightly, now wondering who could have caused her so much anger.

The answer came easily, Weasley.

Who else could affect her so greatly none other than that red-haired weasel? If that weasel would just pull his head out from the bottom of his pants and stop his wanking for just for a moment, he might actually realize that Granger had been in love with him from the moment at the Yule Ball. But no, Weasley, being the oblivious freak he was, had no clue, despite the utterly pathetic longing looks Granger had been shooting him everytime she thought nobody was looking. Well, nobody but himself.

And now she was there, all alone, crying and hurling obscenities at the sky, when he could just pull her to from where he had just left, and warm her up. In more than one way, he added silently with that patent smirk of his. He ran his fingers through his blond hair, and as he felt it, he cringed. Rainwater was not one of the best things his hair could handle. He couldn't bear to see her like this anymore. It was almost heart wrenching.

Did he just say that? He brought a hand to his cheek, feeling flushed. He? Draco Malfoy? Feeling for something such as a Mudblood like her? Unbelievable. This day has just gotten weirder.

He took a brave step forward, knowing fully well that Granger could just blast him to oblivion as she still had her wand and was already exceptionally good with hexes and as the saying goes, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. But he waltzed up to her anyway, before looking down at her, not bothering to mask his curiosity.

She looked up, looking up at an exquisite face. She'd seen this face before, she squinted, trying to recall where she saw him. His long slender nose was dripping water, along with his gorgeous blond hair, which was now a tinge darker due to the rain. But what took her breath away most was his eyes. Those intense, silver eyes that she had never been able to decipher.

'What are you doing here?' He asked, his voice almost sounding concerned.

Hermione shook the feeling away, and laughed, not being able to stop. She laughed, almost hysterically. Draco Malfoy? Hater of all Mudbloods? Hater of Hermione Granger? Concerned about her? She spat silently.

'Laugh all you want, Malfoy. Just leave me alone.' She stopped laughing before curling up to her side, turning away from Malfoy, starting to wallow in self-pity. No, she refused to. At least, not in front of Malfoy. She had plenty of time to cry in her bed. Later. If she could only just find the strength to leave this place—wait, where was she again?

She felt a pair of arms slink under her and lift her up, but she made no attempt to struggle. Draco lifted her effortlessly, she was lighter than he had expected. She felt helpless, hurt and betrayed. And tired. Fatigue took over her and she fell asleep in Draco arms as he slowly navigated his way through the slur of mud and leaves alike to his secret hideout. Not so secret anymore, if he let her in.

Nevertheless, he tapped the trunk at the specific spot and just stepped into it, stepping into a hidden room, which was huge, and adorned with the furniture he would have chosen for his own room in the Malfoy Manor. He conjured new clothes for the both of them before performing a simple cleansing spell on the both of them and left the sleeping Granger on his bed.

He stripped and changed, only wearing his jeans, though, while keeping his eye on her the entire time. If she were to awake now, and see him completely naked from head-to-toe, God knows what she might do to him. Hex him? Scream? Drag him on bed and shag him senseless?

Draco chuckled slightly at the last suggestion. He knew she hated his guts inside out, and he made sure it stayed that way. When he finally realized he loved her, he was in too deep to get out. Being in the same classes with her already drove him nuts, to try to resist the urge of gazing at her was insanity, he wanted to drink in her beauty, to count the number of eyelashes she had, admire the annoyingly cute way her nose wrinkled when she was annoyed, the way her eyes lit up when she smiled... It was all too hard for him to bear, to stay away, but if his father ever found out...

He had to keep a distance. And he made sure she kept hers by constantly sneering at her, making jabs at her and her stupid friends. Especially Potter. If there was anything Draco had hated more than Weasley, it would be Potter. The two were constantly at her side, not giving him a full chance to kidnap her and kiss her senseless, as what he had been considering to do for a while now...

Oh well, at least he could then restrain himself from doing so, seeing as she was still incredibly un-inept with her wand, and was even able to do a few hexes without it, and he would be putting himself in mortal peril, from his father, Hermione and her two ever-protective friends, Potter and Weasley.

He looked at her, and noted that she was still sleeping—soundly. He observed her from afar many times, but now he trudged casually up to her and sat down beside her, before perusing her face.

He almost died with shock when he realized how she really looked like. Could those eyelashes get any longer? Could they have curled even further? Her nose still looked annoyingly cute even when it wasn't wrinkled, being tiny, and her high-cheekbones also added to her beauty. Her chin had a soft, angular feel to it and her lips... They were full and pink, but looked oh-so-soft, so kissable... Damn, he had almost touched hers with his, only managing to catch himself in time. He ran a hand through her hair, which was soft and fell perfectly back into place. He caught his breath as she inhaled sharply, before moving her lips a tad bit before sleeping again.

His heart ached. She was so beautiful, and yet he couldn't have her. Why? She wasn't a pureblood. He started to get frustrated with himself. Does it really matter? He asked himself furiously. He knew his answer was no, but what about his friends? His family? What about her? Would she want to get involved with a Death Eater's son?

Probably not. Draco removed her cloak and set it aside gently. There, she should sleep better. Draco looked at her again, suddenly feeling tired from looking at her, tired from hiding behind the tree, tired from carrying her. He lay down beside her, pulled the covers tightly over the both of them and held her tightly, before falling asleep.


Hermione stirred and felt her back move against something. She felt a warm puff of breath on her neck. No, someone.

She opened her eyes, adjusting to her surroundings. She had never been here before, but the decorations were mostly silver and green. Slytherin.

She felt an arm draped almost possessively over her slender waist. She brought the arm gently up ,examining the fingers. They were long and slender, and yet had a faint rough feeling to it. She brushed her own finger along all five fingers. She had a faint idea of who it was behind her now but she had no intention of leaving. His chest heaved slightly as he breathed and she loved the way his breath fell on her neck. She wanted to stay here forever, away from Ron. Away from anything else.

'You're awake.' His voice jolted her back to reality.

'Yes, I am, Malfoy.' Her voice was as cold as his was. She turned, to see a half-naked Draco with her in bed. Holy shit.

Her eyes widened and she felt herself flush with embarrassment, but she caught the amused glint in that silver eye of his and knew she couldn't turn back. She was a Gryffindor, for God's sake, she'd braved a troll with Harry and Ron in her First year, for crying out loud! She could brave Malfoy and whatever jabs he had in stored for her. She'd have to be the cold-blooded woman she had often read about in books where the heroine was bad-assed and still had loads of men fawning over her. She would not let Malfoy get to her.

Ron—his name triggered the memory. A lone tear fell down her cheek.

'Now, now, I didn't mean to shock you to crying.' Draco said, sounding surprisingly gentle and loving. He brought Hermione to his chest and she started crying again, and he felt her tears against his chest.

Hermione didn't know what made her, but she felt herself relax completely as his strong arms wrapped around her and the floodgates opened and she cried into Draco Malfoy's chest. Holy Mother, Draco Malfoy? Embracing her? His one and only nemesis? She chuckled through her tears.

'Tell me who did it, I'll beat the bastard up. No wait, I already know who. I just have to lure him away from that scar head friend of yours, probably with a weasel bait...' Malfoy muttered to himself.

Hermione looked up at him, and despite her tear-streaked cheeks and snot running free from her nostrils, Draco still thought she was the most beautiful thing ever.

'Malfoy, you're not making sense... I... You... You hate me... How did I get here? Why are you hugging me? Why do I...' she caught herself before she actually finished her sentence. She knew Malfoy would never let her live it down if she actually said she enjoyed the feeling of his arms around her, hugging her tight.

'Don't worry, I enjoyed it too.' Malfoy winked as he used a thumb to wipe away her tears. He spelled her snot away.

'I didn't...'

'Your look gave you away, Hermione.'

'Did you just...?'

'Yes, I called you Hermione, and can you start finishing your sentences?' Draco asked, looking down at her, smiling slightly.

'Why did you bring me here?' Hermione asked, sitting up. Then she was conscious of herself. Her cloak was set at the side and she was only wearing a thin sweater with a pair of shorts. She wished she had more clothes on.

'You were crying, I couldn't possibly leave you out there all alone could I?' Draco asked, smirking, before leaning over and whispering in her ear, 'I wanted to finish you off myself.'

She shivered involuntarily. Did her heart just flip at that? Did she just feel something other than hatred towards Malfoy? She looked at him, and found herself gazing at his body, a body that would make Adonis sick with envy. His hair flopped to the side, on the account of sleeping on his side for so long, but his eyes were still as intense. His mouth was turned a slight smirk. She would rather die than admit this to anybody, but Draco was beyond hot.

'Well, do it then.' She simply said, although she was struggling inside. He looked shocked, before regaining his composure.

'What? No fight? No struggle? No 'Malfoy-I'm-going-to-hex-your-bits-off'?' he asked, sneering.

'Yes, none of that. Go on, finish me off.' Hermione closed her eyes and looked pointedly at the ceiling, revealing the flesh under her neck. He wanted to just close his mouth over at that very spot and devour her.


She didn't look at him. She continued looking at the ceiling.

'Hermione.' He said with a bit more force.

She still didn't respond.

This time he just grabbed her chin, none too gently, while locking his lips over hers, starting a struggle. At first she tried to push him away but with a swift moment, he held her wrists and continued his assault on her lips.

His tongue, demanding and brutal, swept over every corner of her mouth that he could reach, and he traced every bit of her mouth before hearing her moan with pleasure and she relaxed. She freed her hands but placed them around his neck, before roaming up and down greedily, feeling whatever she could touch. Her fingers were so soft, it sent a fiery feeling down his spine. Her fingers were now undoing his jean zippers. He stopped kissing her for a while, to tug himself out of them, before continuing. His hands were roaming about her entire body. Her chest, her flat stomach, her back, her arse...

He cupped it, and in a flash, he stripped her. He literally ripped the sweater when pulling it off of her, and he tore the shorts off violently. He wanted to take off his boxers, but Hermione stopped him.

'Draco, what we're doing...' her breath was ragged, just like his.

'Is completely wrong, I know.' Draco replied, before plunging his lips over her neckline. 'But feels so right, now, doesn't it?' he murmured against her neck, getting a moan of consent.

She pushed him down onto the bed, trailing kisses down his neck, his abdomen and that cute navel of his. She dipped her tongue into the indent and swirled her tongue, looking at him. His breathing hitched. He looked at her, in pained pleasure.

'Hermione...' he pleaded. Hermione was shocked. Malfoys never pleaded. She tugged the boxers down slowly, as she kissed lower and lower. Finally the boxers revealed a huge, throbbing part of Draco, which was now standing in full attention, waiting to be kissed by Hermione.

'Oh Draco...' She sang softly, blowing against his dick.

'Hermione...' He started, aggressively digging his fingers in her hair.

'Do you want me to?' she asked suggestively, holding it gently, kissing its head for a bit. She sucked forcefully, gaining a pleasured groan from Draco, but then she suddenly stopped.

'Yes. Fuck, yes.' He said.

'Say the magic word.' She ordered.

'Please, Hermione. Fucking please, I beg of you.' He said, pleading now.

She took the entire thing in her mouth and started expertly sucked and licked it, sometimes even biting it gently. Draco arched his back, while thrusting his hips into her mouth, wanting more.

She toyed with his loins, happy to know she could subdue him just like this. Taking the entire length of it in her hands, she started moving it rapidly, up and down, while planting her lips on Draco's again. He kissed her blindly, but fierce with passion. The faster Hermione rubbed, the fiercer he kissed. The final straw came when Hermione tugged lightly on it. He convulsed under her, the feeling of being the luckiest boy on earth did not evaporate. Hell, he could face Lord Voldermort right now, going to his face and shouting, 'GET LOST YOU SNAKE-LOOKING BAT!' without so much as flinching. He was just happy enough to have Hermione with him.

Hermione, with her breath steadying as well, she fell onto Draco's chest.

'Are you going to just chuck me aside, now Draco?' she asked.

'What? No. That was never my intention.' Draco said, looking down at her, from his sweaty chest. Her hair was tangled, from his assault of fingers, and she smiled.

'Oh really?' she asked, genuinely surprised.

'Yes, I love you too much to. Besides, I haven't even gotten in you yet.' Draco said.

'Did you just say you--?'

'Shut up, Granger.' Draco teased her nipples in his hand, smirking at her.

'Stop that.' She breathed.

'Stop what?' Draco asked innocently. 'You mean, this?' he pinched it again. He ran his fingers lightly over them.

'Yes. Stop it.' Hermione shivered.

'No, I won't. It's my turn.' Draco simply said before pulling Hermione under him. He kissed her lightly over her neck, trailing to the side, biting her earlobe gently, and smelling her hair.

'You smell good.' He murmured as he nuzzled even deeper to her hair, while his hands still roamed around her body. Her slender body seemed to fit his perfectly. As he continued to nuzzle, he nudged her legs open with his knee, before inserting a finger into her opening.

He heard her sharp intake of breath as her breathing became ragged again.

'You like that don't you?' he licked her ear, before trailing his tongue down all the way to his prize. He kissed her opening softly. She arched her back. 'More,' she breathed. That was the consent he needed. He assaulted her as much as he did with her mouth, licking, slopping up any discharge, biting... She dug her hands deeper into his shoulders as he stuck two fingers at a go while still sucking. She was so lost in the feeling of being licked that she hadn't noticed Draco had inserted his entire hand in it until he made a slight revolution. That almost triggered her.

But he pulled out, slowly, and made sure he tickled her from the inside with a finger before he left her completely.

'Draco!' She cried out. It almost made him lose his sense of reasoning.

'All in good time,' he said, heaving himself up, towards her lips, while fingering her again. She moaned against his mouth. Then, without warning, he thrust himself fully into her, moving his hips at a fast rhythm. He heard her moan with want and he almost came, but he held it back, he had to wait for the perfect moment.

'Faster,' she whimpered, egging him on, arching her beautiful back.

He thrust harder and harder with every swing, until he finally couldn't stand it anymore. He shot his seed into her, for what seemed like the second time that very day. She screamed, not caring if anyone heard, as she let go as well. Incredible, he thought, there was no possible way he could get a boner that quickly, but yet he did.

'So beautiful...' he murmured against her cheek. 'So are you.' She mused, happily. Any thoughts of Ron had gone away. She was happy to know that somebody wanted her. Draco. She didn't mind. She knew he would explain, about everything: his behavior towards her, his feelings towards her... But right now all she wanted to feel was his skin on hers.

And that was what she got.

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